Chapter 5.Looking for Money
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In front of a carriage, in front of the Edevan mansion, there was a man in armor, he had brown hair and blue eyes.

““Good day young master, I am Alan, a faithful knight in the service of the Edevan Dukedom.””

After introducing himself, the coachman opened the carriage and we entered it. As the carriage moved forward I could feel how uncomfortable these carriages were, I could feel the vibrations caused by the rough ground, unlike my world in this world, they didn't care so much about paved streets.

Even so, I tried to concentrate, I was already 3 years old, I had practiced magic, I studied the manners of the nobility and within 2 years, they would begin to train me in sword combat.

Before that, I wanted to start doing my experiments to create my inventions, but before that I needed money, in my previous world due to lack of resources I couldn't do several experiments.

Without money, I couldn't finance my inventions and these only remained unfinished dreams, so this time I will make sure I have enough money to make my dreams come true.

Well. I am the son of a Duke and although this should originally make me have money, this was not my money and the amount that my parents give me is barely enough to buy a couple of materials, for my experiments it is still insufficient.

But. Here is the question how a 3 year old gets money, this is where the knowledge of another world comes in, in my previous world there were a lot of inventions that did not require much effort to create them, and that made many people millionaires.

Realizing that, I used the money my parents gave me as an allowance, which was 5 gold coins, to ask an artisan to build certain objects from my world, and after that I could sell the objects to him as a merchant.

In fact, I had already asked the craftsman for plans to make some of the games in my world, I made plans for reversi, mahjong and Tangram I went with the gentleman Alan, and we entered the craftsman's shop.

When I was there, the craftsman told me that it cost him a lot to do what I asked him, I gave him 5 gold coins for the work, all my allowance for the month, but I did not feel bad, because to earn money one has to spend money.

As today is my birthday, I asked my mother to please let me go to the city, since I wanted to know the territory, and also go pick up an object from a craftsman, I wanted to go myself to make sure that the object I ordered was done well, since I had ordered it a long time ago.

““To think that my little boy is growing up.””

That was the last thing my mother said when we said goodbye, when she analyzed things I've already been in this world for 3 years, I still haven't figured out how I got here, why I'm here and exactly what I should do here, but something tells me that with the passing of time I will know.

When I was leaving the store by accident I collided with a man who was quite tall at 2 meters and had tanned skin, gray hair and a suit that looked like a nobleman's.

I dropped the reversi game that I was loading since Alan had mahjong and Tangram the man helped me pick it up but when he was about to give me the chips he stared at them.

Seeing him, Alan was immediately on his guard, after all he was my caretaker and I was worried that he looked suspicious but apparently the man realized that he was acting suspicious.

"Excuse my lack of manners. My name is Elon Rackham, I am a trader, and my soul as a trader tells me this is a great product. May I ask, what is it?

Hearing him say that he was a merchant, I decided to explain what the game consisted of, I explained the rules and I offered to play with him in the carriage.

The merchant starts to think and decides to follow me, I feel like behind me, Alan wants to tell me something, he probably feels that it is dangerous to invite a stranger, normally he would think the same but I decided to take a risk.

After playing a game of reversi, the shopkeeper was delighted with the game, so I proceeded to teach him mahjong and Tangram, he was quite interested in the games so he decided that we should make a contract in his office.

To be honest, I doubt this situation, it is suspicious that this happens normally, but in my previous world for rejecting this type of offer, it is that I end up with nothing, so I decided to accept going to his office and signing a contract.

After arriving in the carriage, to a rather elegant building, we entered and began to agree on how much I would receive for my creation.

““Since this is our first contract, and as a good will, I am willing to give you 50% of the profits I make from these games.””

““You can not offer more I thought 60% of the profits.””

““Unfortunately, I have to make a profit, plus I will take care of the production and also the Product.””

Listening to him I understood that 50% was a good offer so I decided to accept It was when the merchant said something disturbing.

"It's honestly interesting, this new generation of geniuses that have been born."

""What are you talking about.""

You may not know it but in the Svetloba empire it is said that the elf prince is improving crops and creating new reforms with all kinds of inventions, also in the Kingdom of Gram, the first prince is creating a small device that produces fire he calls it lighter.

Listening to him, I notice that these are probably reincarnated like me, it seems that they are also using the knowledge of another world.