The Church Pt. 1
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Finally reaching the area meant to be the church, I was decently surprised to see that the church’s layout did not resemble christian architecture as was often seen in other fantasy settings. The church instead, was composed of three floors that had the appearance of three squares stacked upon one another, in which each floor was smaller than the first as seen in some skyscrapers. At the topmost floor, in what should be the roof of the church, II could see railings surrounding it as well as some plants, which led me to believe that the top floor was a terrace. Right behind the church seemed to be a wide building where a large amount of people could be seen congregating. Looking at their clothes as well as mannerisms, I could tell that these people were most likely the destitute who were looking for aid from the church.


Not sure which building to enter first, I decided to make my way over to where everyone was congregating and passed through the wide open doors of the building. Once inside, I continued to follow the mass of people until I found a man dressed in a simple black robe that was greeting those who entered. Approaching him, I held the letter I had received from the guild  in my hand as I said:


“Uhm excuse me, the two of us were told at the guild that you guys needed help…”


“Ahh, yes, we always need extra hands to help organize and distribute items for the sick, thank you very much for taking time from your day to help the needy, our lady will not forget your actions. Oh, Is that letter for me? Let me see.”


After taking a quick glance at the letter and seeing the guild’s seal on it, the ‘priest’ opened it up and quickly read through its contents as a surprised expression made itself present on his face. Looking at the two of us and then focusing on Ailya, the man put on a large smile on his face as he said:


“It’s rare we actually get anyone capable of using healing magic to help us out. There’s not much in the way of payment we can offer, so those capable of using magic normally work for higher paying clients. Are you two sure about helping out here? There’s not much we can offer, you know?”


“Y-yes that’s fine, we would love to use our skills to help others out, although I’m afraid I don’t possess skills to heal others.”


“Oh that’s fine don’t worry about it. Just having an extra hand to help prepare equipment is enough. Miss Alice is it? Are you fine using your magic to help the ill? I know that it can be quite taxing for the body after a few uses, so you’d only need to offer your services until you start feeling unwell.”


“Yes that’s fine, I’m more than glad to help.”


“Well then, will the two of you please follow me.”


Making ourway inside a large open space, we were able to see a rather large amount of people who appeared to be waiting for treatment. Almost everyone gathered there appeared to have physical injuries to treat, which was not what I wanted to see. However, a smaller group of people gathered on a separate section did not appear to be here due to physical injuries. Instead, seeing the pale or discolored color in the skin of some, as well as other signs that they carried disease made me feel a small amount of relief. Having seen me staring at them so attently, the priest said:


“Although it shames me to say this, there aren’t many who are willing to treat those who have contracted a disease. Using healing magic will rarely cure them, instead it just momentarily takes their symptoms away, and the person applying the magic also runs the risk of contracting their disease. Right now, we only have one brother who gives a helping hand to them, and he has already tired from expending his mana. I’m afraid there’s no one to help them for the time being.”


Hearing this, an excitement rose inside me as I told the man:


“Then, can’t the two of us help them out?”


Turning to look at us with an expression of surprise, the priest answered:


“Oh no, I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t want to deny the faithful from help they could receive, but I don’t think this is a job you two could endure. Not only could you get sick, but there’s also the chance that the person you help will die while receiving treatment. Most of the people who come here because of disease are already in a later stage of it, so there’s a chance not even our potions will help them. So I don’t think it’s a sight appropriate for two young girls of your upbringing.”


Not relenting, I took out the two papers showing our stats as I handed them to the priest before saying:


“I think the two of us are more than capable of handling anything we see. Also, we just want to be of service to those who needed it the most.”


Looking over our stats, the man once again adopted an expression of surprise as he said with a bit of hesitation:


“It seems the two have quite the strong wills, and your younger friend appears to be quite the devout believer with a strong heart. Although I don’t feel right giving such a job to two young ladies when our own brothers should be doing the task… very well, if you are willing, then there’s no reason for me to deny our believers treatment. Please follow me you two.”


Managing to convince him, a smile appeared on my face as we made our way to the other side of the room, making our way past a door and into a small room that contained rather empty shelves as well as a wooden bed. In the right corner of the room, there was a desk that contained scrolls as well as plume and ink for usage. Seeing our eyes looking at the desk, the priest put on a wry smile as he said:


“In these scrolls here we keep records of those who died. It pains me to have to explain this process the two of you, but if you’d like to help out then you must know how to properly record a person’s death.”


After saying that, the priest instructed to the two of us on the procedure for writing down a person's death, which involved writing the day, their name, age, as well as date of death and the cause. For the cause, it was fine to just write down ‘disease’ with a description of the symptoms. Although if possible, it was preferred to copy down what disease did them in if we could identify it. He also explained to us where to put dead bodies before attending the next patients, and to inform him about any deaths when we next saw him so that he could give a short prayer to the defunct. 


Once he had finished explaining this, the priest told me that he would like me to help him arrange different potions and elixirs. Although I could stay in the room with ‘Alice’ for the time being, since he needed to prepare a proper table for me to work with and make time to explain to me the process for producing the potions and elixirs needed. With that said, the man thanked us once more before making his way outside the room and informing the person at the front of the line to go in…