Chapter 24
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Shroom town, as the mushrooms had named it, had a water slide, two fountains and a functioning road. Adam was happy to note that the mushrooms didn't try to chase him away anymore.

Aurelius, as Adam called him, was named chieftain of the tribe and that had settled the matter of leadership. Adam was lazing, staring at Shroom town. Just to be on the safe side, he had given all of the remaining growth/sentient potion to Constantine to dispose of. Adam decided that he would check and recheck the instructions from now on. Just so that he wouldn't end up with something with multiple heads or something.

He heard footsteps and saw Constantine lingering in the cavern's entryway.

"How are your little friends?" The necromancer pointed at the mushrooms.

"Quite good. I was thinking. Since Samuel is rank B and I am pants at fighting, can you teach me magic? It would be nice if I can summon a giant dragon," Constantine sighed.

"Necromancers are born, not made," he walked to Adam and sat down next to him. "Besides, you wouldn't like the price to be paid."

"What price?" Adam was suddenly alarmed. Was it taking a lot out of Constantine to protect him?

"Nothing much. Just, certain urges. But I can keep them under wraps," Constantine laid down and used Adam's tail for a pillow. Adam curled the tip of his tail around Constantine, and went back to watching the mushrooms go about their daily life.

"If those spread, it would be a problem," said Constantine, staring at the town. "You don't have the space for that many mobs."

"What if I let them spread into the forest? Wouldn't that spread my dungeon grounds?" Adam became thoughtful. He clapped his hands, and that got the mushroom's attention.

"Everyone, it is time you moved out," gasps followed and Aurelius picked up his stick and ran up to Adam. The mushroom waved it, threateningly, but Adam didn't pay him any attention.

"The thing is, there is not enough space for both you and your cousins," Adam used the preferred way of addressing the normal mushrooms. "And it is much more pleasant in the forest. I can get you fountains in there, and you can get a new town, next to the pond. And this one can be left for a vacation spot."

The mushrooms huddled close together and began to argue. Finally, Aurelius reluctantly came forward.

"We expect an even bigger town," demanded the mushroom. "And enough water for everyone."

"No problem. Now, follow me," Adam gently unwind his tail from around Constantine and the necromancer got up reluctantly. They moved out of the fungal cavern and reached the entrance of the dungeon. Adam pointed out and, when the first mushroom made a step outside, he followed.

The Naga was excited. This was the first time he could potentially go out of the dungeon. He had tried to spread his dungeon grounds many times, but had never been successful.

They passed the furthest spot that Adam had ever reached, and Adam let Constantine guide them to the pond. Adam had seen it on a photo, but, close by, the pond looked even better. There were plants inside. That must be the water hyacinth that Nathaniel had brought him.

Because there had been no connection between the pond and the dungeon, Adam hadn't been able to go see it before. Now, he was going to have fun taking naps inside and planting sage and kelp.

The mushrooms spanned around and Adam pulled out his menu.

"Ok, gather twigs and stone. I will make you the best mushroom town there is," granted, it would probably be the only mushroom town in existence, but the mushrooms didn't need to know that.

As the mushrooms worked, Adam went and picked bigger stones that the fungi wouldn't be able to, and began to pile them around the pond. At some point, Samuel, Nathaniel and Constantine began helping him.

Adam knew that Samuel must have felt it when Adam left the dungeon, the menu would have also told him. But he wondered how Nathaniel knew to find him. Maybe Samuel had told him? Could be.

When the ground before the pond was littered with materials, Adam began clicking on the schemas of his dungeon upgrade tabs in the menu. 

First, the stone roads appeared. Adam made them wide enough for three mushrooms. With one giant road for himself and any humans who would happen to be visiting, leading to the water.

Then, he made the pond deeper and connected pipes that would drip water from the air so that New Shroom, as Adam had named it, would have rain effects all the time and his mushrooms would be healthy.

That exhausted his iron ore supply. He should have the stone golem dig near the ore vein and break up some chunks.  Then, he made stone and wood houses, making sure the foundations were sturdy and could withstand strong winds.

Finally, he finished by making a fountain for each neighborhood, with stone animals and fungi figurines over each fountain. Most of the animals Adam had only seen in picture books.

But now, he could dream of the mushrooms expanding his dungeon grounds to new highs. Maybe he could go to a desert, one day? Just the outskirts? Or to a snow-covered mountain?

Adam had on a dreamy smile as the mushrooms cheered and began settling into the New Shroom.

Aurelius approached Adam and poked his tail.

"I wish to apologize for treating you like this, supreme overlord," spoke the mushroom with a bowed cap. "From now on, Aurelishroom will be your staunchest supporter."

Adam felt bad for changing the mushroom's name, then. He sighed and petted Aurelishroom.

"You will always have water in my cities. And Buddy will always cart dung balls to your doorstep," Adam reached out a finger and the mushroom shook it. With a bounce, the mushroom went to claim the only house left. One next to the pond with a view of all the other houses. Adam had the feeling that the mushrooms had left it for Aurelishroom out of deep respect for his protective nature.

"Another crisis averted," said Constantine. He tried to place a hand over Adam's shoulder, but Adam was distracted, and so he couldn't give permission fast enough.

An invisible force bounced Constantine's hand back, and it hit him on the face. Nathaniel smirked. He went to Adam and let his hand hover over the mesmerized Naga's shoulder.

"May I hug you?" Asked Nathaniel, and Adam nodded without really looking at him. Nathaniel hugged him tightly and beckoned the two other men to join in the group hug. After all, the ring didn't differentiate between permissions once someone was already touching the person defended.