Chapter 18 – Coronation of King William and Queen Tiffany
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In the giant throne room in the Royal Castle of Aylar, noble and foreign dignitaries sat on either side of the red carpet to witness the event

Most nations sent only a representative as they weren't sure how to treat this upstart nation, and only the fallen nation of Lockbane sent their Crown Prince, Prince Casper

The dignataries of the Elven Kingdom of Ashfall and the Dwarven Kingdom of Duramon, who sent their Prince and an advisor came out of curiosity, wondering how they had received an invitation 

The Captain of the Guard, Rancell entered the hall

"Please rise, to welcome the rulers of Ayla, King William and Queen Tiffany!" he announced in a strong voice

"Isn't that the Sword Saint?" Prince Caspar thought

The representative of Petra, Sir Andreas was more shocked, seeing their Sword and Spear Saints walking in to be coronated! Weren't they killed in the battle with the Lich of Morgold?

They walked, hand in hand up the stairs and turned around to smile at the dignitaries, before sitting on their thrones

A person wearing a robe covered in stars walked up, revealing her face

Sir Andreas was shocked again to see Melissa. Wasn't she reported dead as well?

Two extraordinarily beautiful women walked from the side carrying crowns

"Now and forevermore, the Kingdom of Ayla proclaims our rulers King William and Queen Tiffany!" Melissa said in a loud voice

The dignitaries clapped their hands, but Sir Andreas was deep in thought

He needed to get back to report to Petra. Since the sword and spear saint are the rulers of Ayla, and since it was Petra that summoned them, didn't Ayla belong to Petra?

Petra will send their entire army to assert this, even though it didn't fully make sense!

During the banquet, Sir Andreas made excused himself to everyone at the banquet to leave early

He walked out into the courtyard and headed towards the stables where his horse was

Suddenly, out of the beautiful rose bushes lining the courtyard, vines shot out and captured him, entwining him 

Tiffany suddenly appeared with a smile

"Leaving early, Sir Andreas?" she said

"Ti... Tiffany? Let me go! If not, I'll reveal to William that you slept with me. Or all the 10 swords I introduced, from Antherin to Zabuza! The world will know what a slut Queen Tiffany is" he said

Tiffany frowned, then smiled again. 

"Was! And you're not in any position to threaten me" Tiffany said

Originally, their plans was to turn anyone who would have become a problem, into a vampire guard

But upon seeing Sir Andreas, having too many people recognize them will only get worse, as more people in turn would recognize them!

Making a decision, Tiffany waved her hand at him and walked off

The alroune gagged Sir Andreas and pulled him away

Once it digests him, nothing was left as evidence!


"Weren't we good to you Rancell?" Prince Casper said to the Captain of the Guard

He was pleading for Rancell to return and help reestablish the Kingdom of Lockbane

"I was treated very well. But as Lockbane collapsed, I was captured by Roslova and sold as a slave!" Rancell said

"So? I will pay the King and Queen! We need you back" Prince Casper said

"Do you know what they do to enemies in Roslova?" Rancell asked

"You mean..." Prince Casper said, unconsciously looking at Rancell's groin and covering his own groin

"Yes. But the King and Queen got someone to restore me. I would not be a man anymore without them" Rancell said

"Is that possible? Elixirs and potions can cure most wounds. But a severed bodypart?" the prince asked. 

Unknown to Ashley and his classmates, all the other summonings by the other nations never produced a hero of healing!

Ashley seemed to be the only one ever, and even so he was disdained so badly!

"I am pleased to see that you are alright, Prince Casper. But if you want help, you should formally request of the King and Queen" Rancell said

Prince Casper looked dejected. Why would a newly established nation become enemies with their neighbors, just for the sake of a ruined kingdom?

Even his boast of paying the King and Queen for Rancell was an empty boast. He had hoped Rancell could help them reclaim the country, then they would have the gold to pay

The King and Queen started the dance on the dance floor

The dignitaries started dancing too as beautiful women swarmed into the guest hall, all top girls from the famous brothel

But the most popular woman that everyone wanted to dance with was the mysterious owner of the brothel, who flitted in and out, without anyone actually able to get a dance with her

Rancell, who was now standing by himself and leaning his back on the wall with a glass of wine was suddenly approached by and elf

She had golden brown hair, and had introduced herself as part of the Elven Guard who accompanied Prince Beloras of Ashfall

"Greetings" she smiled

"Hello! I am Rancell, Captain of the Guard here" he said

"I am Cassandra. Just call me Cassie. I'm part of the Elven Guard" she said

"I hope you are enjoying the banquet. Cassie?" he asked in return

"Yes. I'm impressed by the meats served! Many of them are from beasts that are hard to kill. I doubt many from the human kingdoms even recognize what they are? she said

"Er yes. Our huntmaster is very good at the job" Rancell smiled

"And I recognize the alroune of the Dark Forest. How did you manage to bring it here, and made it so docile? At one stage. it controlled, no became... a tenth of the Dark Forest" she asked

"You can tell? " Rancell said, realizing that this elf was prying for information about Ayla

"I can't tell you unless you join our nation" Rancell smiled

"What do you mean?" Cassie asked

"We.. are a new nation. We are always recruiting new skilled people. I myself was once the Sword Saint of Lockbane until the collapse. The Royal mage was once a mage from Petra" he said

"Oh?" Cassie blurted

"While you are processing those information, may I have this dance?" he asked

She smiled and nodded, extending her hand to his and they danced 


In another courtyard, far from the banquet hall, a few guards dressed in black appeared in an instant before disappearing into the shadows, disposing dead bodies for the alroune to digest

They were the vampire guards directly under Selene, though they were officially under Rancell

These were the assassins and spies sent to the coronation and banquet

It didn't matter if they were here for King William and Queen Tiffany, or for one of the dignitaries, which will spark a diplomatic incident

But now, they were merely fertilizer for the alroune


The King and Queen excused themselves and headed for the Royal Bedroom

The some of the dignitaries stayed on, but most left their congratulations and left

William slumped in the chair and Tiffany brought Ashley to the bathroom to bathe together

Medusa, Lilith and Selene would be joining him in bed in the daytime, but at night they were the most active, and thus only Tiffany accompanied him to bed

Sometimes Melissa joined too

Today was a long day with all the formalities

Ashley was exhausted 

And he felt a tinge of jealousy as another man claims to be the husband of his sweetheart

But can he be jealous since in actuality he was both Tiffany and William?

He lay on her breasts, confused by his emotions

He controlled both bodies to get up and William removed his clothes

He got behind her and started humping her pussy, his blank groin rubbing on her pussy without a dick

He felt jealous, seeing from Tiffany's view of William humping her

But he felt great from Williams view, between Tiffany's legs and humping her, pretending to fuck

Should he regrow William's penis and really fuck her/himself?

He didn't face this dilemma when they were just riding around in the black carriage, as Tiffany was always by his side, and William was being fucked by Rancell

He didn't face this problem even when they started the town, as nobody visited them in the throne room as William and Tiffany sat there like mannequins

But now, announcing to the world that William was a couple with Tiffany becoming King and Queen? Something didn't sit well with him and his heart felt bitter

But what choice did he have? His real body was... useless


In the early hours, before the sun rose, Cassie was getting dressed

She looked at Rancell in his bed and touched her sore pussy

Rancell was by no means very large, but Elven men generally had very long and thin penises, with a length ranging from 8 to 12 inches, but as thick as a pencil

This made them anatomically incompatible, unless they do it regularly and Rancell stretched her out

She gave a thought to joining him here in Ayla, becoming a part of the growing nation

But she knew she couldn't 

She was betrothed to Prince Beloras from birth

In fact, how will she face him, now that someone else has taken her purity?

But she couldn't get her mind off last night, and the lovemaking with Rancell

He was a warrior indeed. He made love to her like he just discovered his cock

He made love to her with a desperation, as if it was the last time he would have sex

She sighed

She didn't achieve much, barely getting any useful information from Rancell about this new kingdom 

Yet, she gave up her purity, potentially ruining her future with Prince Beloras

Perhaps he won't find out

But how can that be? Rancell has already ruined her physically

Her hole felt loose as she is now able to put two fingers in, and she feels like her hips had been dislocated and popped in again

More importantly to her, how will an elf ever satisfy her again?