Chapter 26 – Conclusion to the Battle of Duramar
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The battle lasted for weeks as without the 3 demonesses, the battle was drawn out to a stalemate

The soldiers and mercenaries pulled out due to them only becoming a burden, not being able to do anything but become new undead after they slayed the lower level undead

Their side, only the 10 Swords, Rancell, Tanya, Ashley and Sasha were left

Apparently, the Kingdom of Petra had hired mercenaries like Tanya because their own heroes had all been wiped out

Tanya was a former Axe Saint of the Kingdom of Elderon, the nation who has supposedly summoned many batches of heroes

Ashley found out that Rancell was her slave that she won in a bet in the illegal gladiator arena in the outskirts of Petra  

Good thing too, because that small city eventually became overrun with undead as the lich built his army to march to the capital Rockhold

The undead too were being destroyed by Ashley and Sasha, and were unable to harm the human forces due to Ashley healing them 

They eventually grew as they slayed the armies of Petra, but when Ashley appeared, this advantage disappeared

Furthermore, Ashley and Sasha had, with Rancell and Tanya, slayed the bone dragon while the 10 Saints battled the lich, Tiffany and William

Now, only the lich, Tiffany and William were left, with them being unable to be killed, the lich due to his phylactery keeping him immortal, and the two former heroes of Petra being zombies

While other normal zombies also had regenerative abilities, Tiffany and William were Sword and Spear Saints respectively and were much harder to damage in the first place by the rest. Only Ashley was capable of damaging them, but he seemed to be unwilling to fight them, especially Tiffany

They completely overpowered the 10 Saints. Tiffany and William seemed to be familiar with Rancell's style as well, with him being familiar with their styles in return. It was as if they knew each other before, although they've never met

Ashley knew what was going on, as he had used Tiffany and William's body to spar with Rancell all the time in Ayla. He himself was familiar with their styles, but was reluctant to injure them, especially Tiffany

As for the lich, they had no idea how to defeat him. Previously, Medusa had petrified him and smashed him to bits, leaving him in a state of not being dead, but unrecoverable from his condition

Now? They didn't have a similar option


"You should return to us..... we are the ones who summoned you, you know" Sir Andreas said to Ashley, after witnessing his battle prowess

Ashley glared at him, refusing to answer

"You have to. You owe us" one of the 10 Swords said

"Really? After summoning me, you left me for dead in the Ancient Dungeon" Ashley replied

"That.. we never meant to harm you. You're an important asset to us" Sir Andreas said

"Is that why you slept with my girlfriend? And passed her around?" Ashley snapped back, looking at him and the other 10 Swords that he's been healing all through the battle

"You're Tiffany's...." a Sword said

"Shut up" Sir Andreas said to him

"Ahem.. that was...we didn't know you were attached to her" Sir Andreas said

"But you gave her a special room for us to sleep together. How realistic is that? You need me now because all the heroes are dead. Petra has no heroes left" Ashley said

Sir Andreas kept quiet

"By the way. What happened to all the people in Duramar that was turned to gold? Where is the mage Mydust who did it?" Ashley asked

"Mydust was finally defeated by Delgoda. our Tower Master. But he lost many accomplice mages, who were turned to gold. Mydust was killed" Sir Andreas answered

"Damn. If we could turn the lich to gold, that might have worked" Ashley thought to himself, doing something similar to Medusa petrifying the lich

"How about the people that were turned to gold?" Ashley asked

Sir Andreas sat silently, without answering

One of the 10 Swords answered instead

"The golden people were brought back to Rockhold. The king is melting them to boost our coffers" he said

"Shut up! That's a national secret" Sir Andreas said

"What?" Ashley shouted

Just then, the lich was preparing to attack again, after raising more undead to attack

"Wait here" Ashley said to Sasha. Rancell and Tanya nodded as well, as they didn't take orders from the Swords but were indebted to him

Ashley flew straight at the lich, who looked at him and prepared a spell to attack

Sir Andreas was miffed, as Ashley was acting outside of his orders

"Hold! I come to offer a truce" Ashley said

"A truce?" the lich repeated in a raspy voice

"I only joined the battle because my friends were involved. I will leave the battlefield, together with my elven woman and you are free to attack Petra, under one condition" he said

"Oh? What may that be?" the lich asked

"I want that body.. as my doll" Ashley pointed to Tiffany

"You may keep the other one and even turn the 10 Swords after that into your dolls, I don't care. But give that to me, otherwise I will continue fighting you forever. I am a Ancient Vampire, and it's not certain which of us will outlast the other, but you won't be able to accomplish your plans if I am here" Ashley said

The lich looked at him and laughed

Tiffany and William came and stood like statues in front of Ashley

"If you stay out of my plans for Petra, you can have them both!" the lich laughed

"I will not interfere with you, but I will defend myself if attacked" Ashley said

"Very well. I've released my print on them" the lich answered

"No tricks" Ashley said, walking up to Tiffany, touching her bald head

Immediately, they were connected

Unlike before, rather that look through Tiffany's eyes, this time she was apparently looking through his, as she was the blinded one, and he could feel it

He was also able to freely control her body now

He did the same to William 

"Wait!" the lich said, just as Ashley was about to return to his side

Ashley turned around to see what the lich was up to


Ashley returned to the other side, with Tiffany and William walking next to him

"What the hell are you doing?" Sir Andreas yelled as everyone gathered around him

"I negotiated a truce. The undead will withdraw to Morgold" Ashley said

"What?" Tanya said in shock

"I'm sure there are conditions" Sir Andreas said

Suddenly Tanya and Rancell felt their faces being covered in blood!

The 10 Swords, including Sir Andreas fell to their knees with their necks slit

They couldn't say anything as they collapsed to the ground, dead

"That's the condition of his withdrawal. He needs to rebuild and recuperate anyway" Ashley said

Rancell and Tanya were still stunned as they watched Ashley start walking off with Sasha on his arm, Tiffany and William walking like robots behind him

"You may follow if you wish. The King is melting the people who have turned to gold. If they have melted... my wife, they won't have to worry about the lich. I will raze Petra to the ground myself." Ashley said

Being indebted to him, Tanya and Rancell nodded and followed along to Rockhold, capital of Petra.