Chapter 28 – Rescuing Medusa again in the Dungeon of the Serpent Queen
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They entered the Dungeon of the Serpent Queen, easily killing their way to the broken bridge

This group was more powerful than even the original summoned heroes. Besides Ashley and Sasha, they had 4 S Rank heroes, though 2 of them were puppets

Carrying Melissa in his arms, Ashley flew into the abyss with Sasha following, holding Rancell and Tanya in each hand

The bottom took several minutes to reach, and Ashley flew at a careful speed, not to accidentally bump to the side and damaging her

Suddenly, in his mind, he sensed through Tiffany and William that there were soldiers entering the dungeon searching for them

Quickly, he ordered Tiffany and William to hide

Even Tiffany and the S Ranks were unable to conquer this dungeon before, so Ashley was sure the soldiers wouldn't reach the bottom level

But there was no place to hide, and Tiffany and William had to crawl down the walls of the crevice

They had to climb low enough that if someone looks into the crevice, they wouldn't be able to spot them

As the soldiers were approaching fast, and they were still climbing down, they let go of the cliff and let themselves fall

Several seconds later, when the top was way out of sight, they jammed their swords into the side wall using aura and the sword sliced through and slowly stopped their descent

At that moment, a soldier looked over the cliff into the ravine

"Do you think they went down in there?" the soldier asked

"Impossible, the rock sides are slippery and it is unknown how far down the ravine goes" the captain of the soldiers said

"Just to be sure..." the soldier said, taking a large rock, barely able to carry it with two hands and threw it down

"See? Told you" the captain said, seeing the rock disappear into the darkness

The rock hurtled down and smashed William's face, snapping his neck and caused him to plunge down the ravine

"Fuck! Watch your head!" Ashley said to Sasha as he saw what was happening

Several moments later, a rock came hurtling down, barely missing Melissa's head, and moments after that, William's body overtook them on the way down

By the time they got down safely, they saw William's smashed body on the ground

His organs were splattered all over, and his limbs were bent the wrong way with bones sticking out all over his body. His head was smashed in and no longer recognizable

Ashley remembered his own body, stuck in the giant snake as they too plummeted down. His body was cushioned by the snake, but he guessed his body had recovered before he was able to gain consciousness. It probably was as bad as this

But to Ashley, William was the least important to him, and it even looked like he was regenerating with his zombie abilities. His clothes would be ruined though, but it wasn't important to him

Sasha put Rancell and Tanya down, flying up to collect Tiffany

Ashley had other matters in his mind, and this was in his mind ever since his life was reset

He was going to free Medusa! But he probably would be have to surrender his own freedom again!

But first, he had to rescue Melissa, turning her back from gold to flesh

In the original timeline, her body was originally cured by the gold bands which negated the gold spell by Mydust

Thus, he took her golden body to free her first, then he would free Medusa

He carried Melissa to the platform where indeed Medusa was bound in gold bonds

When he saw her, he had strong emotions due to having been in the same position

She had golden bonds blinding her eyes, maiming her mouth, a clamp closing up her pussy and spike underneath it, impaling her pussy. Each of these caused her to bleed, showing dried up blood from those places. She also had chains to her gold nipple rings, her golden neck collar, her wrists and ankles. 

These were exactly what he had been trapped in, a combination of all 3 demonesses torture. Now, Medusa had them all, as did both Lilith and Selene. 

He was always on the brink of death with their bonds, now if he freed them, what would happen to him with triple the bonds?

Wouldn't he die? Or would he have to choose who to sacrifice his freedom for, leaving one or two still bound?

Before he could say anything, she sensed him coming and turned her body towards him

"Medusa... do you remember me?" Ashley asked, unsure how she would behave towards him

To his surprise, she nodded

"You... you do? How...?" he asked, but realized that she can't answer him

"But before I free you, I need to rescue Melissa first" he said

She nodded and he hesitantly brought Melissa towards her, cautious as Medusa was very dangerous, if she was pretending to remember him

She opened her arms to Melissa and Ashley cautiously gave her golden body to her

As her body touched Melissa, the golden bonds touched her an immediately started negating the gold spell and turned her back to flesh

Melissa screamed in pain, bleeding from her nipples and pussy, and presumably all over internally

Ashley immediately took her back into his arms and started healing her from the holes that were drilled into her to create the water fountain

It was like being stabbed right through her body from multiple angles, but fortunately Ashley's abilities were able to heal her completely

"Ashley? You're alive! What are you doing here?" she looked up at him, then looked at Tiffany who was standing closeby

But suddenly, Ashley kissed her on the lips and his hand groped her luscious breast

"What.. what has gotten into you?" she pushed his hand away, and started covering up her naked body with her hands

He looked at her and sadly realized that Melissa didn't remember anything after being turned to gold. Their marriage, their time at Ayla all never happened

"Can..can I explain everything to you later? I have another.. task to do" he said, putting her down from his arms

Sasha came and brought Melissa away

Ashley then turned to Medusa, knowing that it was the best thing to do, to reclaim their life. They needed Medusa's power, especially to rescue the other two demonesses

"Ok Medusa. Now it's time to free you" he said, approaching her

Suddenly, Medusa lifted her hands and shook them at him, telling him not to do so

"Don't free you?" Ashley asked

Medusa nodded

"Why?" he asked

Medusa moved towards him, but was bound to the floor

"Let me.. remove this first" Ashley said, breaking the metal parts that weren't magical

Medusa collapsed to the floor as Ashley carried her, covered with the magical gold bonds

But suddenly, when the gold chains touched him, he suddenly felt one again with Medusa!

Their minds converged as he had somehow some connection with the chains!

This was similar to the reason when he freed them he became linked to them, this time in essence they had freed him and the reverse became true!

Indeed, Medusa remembered everything. Powerful beings might be entrapped by Trihader, but they retained all their memories!

Seeing that Medusa didn't want Ashley to release her magic bonds until a solution could be found, he carried her instead to the rest

His plan was to free them and reclaim everything anyway. Even if he didn't free her now, he would keep her with him and get her out of here

Ashley and Sasha started carrying Rancell, Tanya, Tiffany and the recovering William up first

Later on, they would carry Melissa and Medusa as well

Leaving the dungeon, they left in a big group with Ashley gently carrying Medusa, Melissa being carried by William, Sasha, Rancell, Tanya and Tiffany running alongside them as protecting the group

Medusa was the first goal. The next would be Lilith or Selene

Ashley knew that Lilith would be on Talas, where the 7 mages had her trapped

But he didn't know how to get there or where he was

However, he did know where the Tomb of Blood was, near Red Sands. 

And thus, that was their next destination