Chapter 273: Nimitz
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"Shiki? We do not know a such person."

"Why ask us? Just because that person gave out that alias?"

"If you ask... 'Shiki' has many meanings. It could be a 'ceremony', 'formula', 'morale', 'command', and so on. Is there something wrong?"

In the entire afternoon, they asked several IJN ship girls. First was Kaga, then it was Taihou and Ayanami. In the end, everything led to a dead end. Nothing of substance was found aside from the fact that the person has the power of a dreadnought-class battleship.

"An unknown entity having the power that surpasses Bismarck's and Yamato's firepower... What a mess."

Their commander slumped on his desk as new issues lay on top of the previous ones. He had enough work to keep Azur Lane together—to watch over every faction—and prevent any possible uprisings. His crystal-blue pupils showed a hint of exhaustion. After sighing four times straight, he got into his usual self.



His assigned secretary ship, Z23, snapped out of her daze. 

"You must be feeling tired too. I'm sorry about this."

"No... That's not it." She replied. "I could still help with your work."

"...Thank you."

As she went outside the office, she came across Enterprise. The mature woman gave off an aura of seriousness, just like her usual self. Even so, Z23 could feel something amiss about her.

"Why am I... feeling strange?"

Suddenly, she blacked out. Moments later, her dull purple pupils were replaced by an incomparable brilliance.

"...Shiro. You're finally back."


After checking into a hotel in Fukuoka, Shiro set up his temporary base. The golden cube lit up, showing several holographic screens.

[Sustainability Rate: 28%]


The indicator above demonstrated how badly damaged his world is. If left alone, it would head into ruins itself.

"Damn it. I was too late."

The [Genesis Wisdom Cube] was sealed before it happened. Even with his current power, he could not brute-force his way through it. The requirement of him recalling his everything was fulfilled at a much later date. 

Even two Beyond Creators did not predict the circumstances that the world would go into a thousand years later.

"I predicted it would still have above 40%... Nevermind. I will conform to this world's 'rules' for now."

Fortunately, he has the [Genesis Wisdom Cube]. He could still use most of his power, but it has to be manifested in a certain way—that is, being a KANSEN. Then again, just wearing a robe works since his appearance could confound everyone.

"I need to choose an 'identity'."

It is similar to their mission back in Altair's world. To fit into the world and not have much resistance, they need to let it know that they are a 'part' of it. Until the world recognizes him, an unfathomable entity who suddenly 'invaded', as its former inhabitant, such measures were required.

"A modern warship that still was not summoned forth as a KANSEN at this time..."

Several warships passed through his mind one by one, making him feel that his history studies were only yesterday. 

"A suitable ship... Enty's successor." He murmured in realization. "USS Nimitz."

USS Nimitz, one of the modern-day carriers that the USS Navy utilized during the 21st century. Its name is inspired by Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Fleet Commander who led the battle on Midway. It is a prestigious ship that became a class of its own (Nimitz-class) and has three ships under it. Moreover, it was also Enterprise's successor.

"I'd go with this."

Shiro made up his plans. He viewed this world's situation through the wisdom cube now and then. In conclusion, everything is messed up.

"Aosta fucking made this situation worse. I knew that their rivalry went further back, but for it to culminate in this situation... What's with the Arbiters..? Sigh..."

Right now, his current feelings are synchronized with his other self. 

"Ashes... the remnant of a decrepit timeline."

The decrepit timeline was his home. It is the place where he was born, commanded the KANSENs, and fought for the safety of his world. At that time, he dreaded the thought of their battles being passed on to the other generation, but his predictions were proven worse.

Even now, their remaining comrades of his continued to fight. They did not get the rest that they deserve. Furthermore, all that they have been subjected to is pain and sorrow. 

Shiro could still recall the memories of how it went after his death. Without him, the Commandant, their efficiency dropped by a lot. The burden of his death was placed on Doctor Anzeel, pushing her to work hard into finding the solution that he died for. Back then, Shiro knew that he could not work things out alone. If he was the only one left, all he could do is to mount a desperate resistance before their annihilation.

In fact, his beliefs were proven true. With Anzeel's survival, they unlocked the possibility of infinite timelines. Due to that, they managed to lengthen their resistance and were given time to find the so-called "solution".

Thinking about the lives lost for it, a plan was already formulated in his mind.

'Once this world accepts me...'

Shiro was averse to being a 'hero' of another world, simply because there is already one in it. Madoka's world has Madoka, Romani's world has Ritsuka, Lelouch's world has Lelouch... and so on. 

However, it is his world.

That's why...

"I will become its hero."


Three full days had passed since the unknown person's appearance. Nothing had changed since then, thus everyone went back to their daily lives after the incident. It included their patrols which never changed... until now.

"Wu... What is happening?!"

"Laffy... suggests you calm down."

"Panicking won't do anything, San Diego-san."

The three ships assigned today were Laffey, Ayanami, and San Diego. Two Destroyers and one Light Cruiser are enough for a quick reconnaissance. On the off chance that they encounter an enemy fleet, they could immediately escape.

The three listened intently to the conversation between the hooded KANSEN and an unknown entity. The former is dressed up in a black hood while the latter has something akin to a black jellyfish on top of her head.

"You should not have been here."

"...Incorrect." A cold tone replied. "I should have been here. It is truly a pity that I could only arrive in this world now."

"Your origin... It is impossible that this world has summoned you."

Arbiter: Temperance XV saw through a portion of 'her' specifications'. Just a portion of it was enough to place this KANSEN within the Top 10 KANSEN out of all time. What's more, she sensed something different about the robed person.

"Maybe. Maybe not. What is more important is that... you targeted someone you should not."

The robed person pointed out "her" sniper rifle towards the Arbiter. Arithmetical equations appeared starting from its tip, creating a translucent square that compressed it.  Some of its partitions went forward, creating an illusion similar to a telescope. 

"Try dodging this one."

As soon as Arbiter turned transparent, the shot was fired. 


It left a trail of golden light in its wake as it turned straight at the Arbiter's head. Even though its "concept" disappeared into the material world, the robed person's power was not a joke.

The bullet struck Arbiter's chest, forming an empty hole in it. She was first expressionless until it turned into astonishment.


Her entire body turned ethereal before dispersing as black particles of light.

Surprisingly, the bullet morphed into a fighter jet. It circled the robed person before the person spoke.

"I'm not an enemy."