Dream 3
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Dream of the Revived-Lovers


The Young-Adventurous Man, bold and brave, became a merchant to explore the world once he came of age. He acquired a crew of merry men, all of equal courage, and did include one that did prefer women's dress, which was most abhorrent. Yet, all gathered to his ship and gaiped around the world for treasures and the exotic.

But on one such adventure, a Young Runaway Girl entered the ship and told the men, “Do let me hide here for they want to take me away. Please, I will do anything you wish.” The Young-Adventurous Man saw guards coming for her and he told them she was not on his ship. They wanted to investigate but he told them off which offended the, and a great brawl commenced. The Young-Adventurous Man won the battle and before the guards could call for aid, the ship set sail for the sea.

She was most thankful to him and wanted to return the favor. He made one request: to be his bride, for when she jumped unto his ship, he could not help notice her beauty and fell in love with her right then and there. When he took her hand, he promised the world to her, amazing journeys awaited, and treasures the likes she had ever seen. She fell so madly in love with him that she accepted without question.

Both married and went on to live a romantic adventure as they sailed the seas, explored exotic places, and made much profit.

One day, another ship was crossing their path. They tried to steer away when, just as the ship was near, a black flag with a skull on it was hoisted on the foreign vessel. In no time, pirates invaded the Young-Adventurous Man's ship and a great scuffle commenced. As he fought with all his might, the Young-Bride was taken captive.

He would not give up on the Young-Bride and ordered all the men to chase the ship. With his heart full of passion, they chased them to an deserted island. At the shore, the fighting continued as the Young-Adventurer fought to reclaim his bride.

His vigor and rage had won out as he took the head of the fiendish Captain and all other pirates scurried from fright.

The two lovers hugged and kissed once again but it was not over as a naval ship arrived and arrested everyone, including the Young-Adventurer's crew.

“I am innocent. Innocent I tell you,” the Young-Adventurous Man pleaded. “For it was I who took the Pirate Captain's head and rescued my beloved.”

“Who are you to say such a thing?” proclaimed the Naval Captain. “For you have as your bride the Princess of the Kingdom. You have taken our Princess and we will punish you.”

And it turned out to be true that the girl her rescued was the Young-Princess running away. He was now in serious trouble.

He was tried, the court found him guilty, and he was to be sent to the guillotine. The Princess protested but it was in vain.

The faithful day came and the Young-Adventurous Man's days were over as the blade took his head and that was the end for him. The Princess, so full of grief, took to the highest tower and fell to her demise as well.