16/06/2122 – 03:30 – It keeps getting worse.
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Hi diary,

When I thought things couldn’t get worse, everyone was woken up at 5 am for a special notice, they are forcing everyone that is under 25 to start getting trained as a porter.

After the announcement ended the 7 of us that met the criteria were immediately picked up, I feel bad for the kid that is only 15, she was deemed unusable due to a motor deficiency since birth and now they decide to train her? They must be really running low on people.

They made us run for hours, if you stopped they would hit you as ’motivation’, if I even slightly glanced back at them I was treated to even more 'motivation', some questioned the training and were carefully explained in a very painful way that old dogs don't learn new tricks.

The training regime is very different to what they gave us as kids, there are a lot more pain incentives and so far no combat training it’s like they are just training us to be mules, and as mules we keep running,running,running,running,running,running,running until your legs give up... I was so close to collapsing so many times but every time I was about to drop, the sound of someone getting hit in the back would keep moving me forward. 

I am not stupid enough to not understand this is a chance to go up in the family and live a better life, so I stay quit, I listen, I keep it to myself.

I’m somewhat making it through, but it pains me to see all the abuse against my colleagues, specially the kid… she collapsed today, hopefully she is removed from the training.

Oh I almost forgot since my body is aching all over! Tay you lucky bastard, you left at the right moment!

The son’s boss is taking over and he changed the food, we are back to rations like we had 10 years ago during the drought, how am I supposed to keep this training regime with only salted cookies and liver paste?!

That was it for the day, hopefully tomorrow we will be given less physical training.