Chapter 27 – Cherry Bomb
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Kill Bill sirens went off in my head. He just had to show up at the worst of times. I had a good day and he simply had to show up and ruin it with his pure presence. The temperature in the room dropped the moment I opened that door. He was standing in the doorway, completely still, his eyes fixated on me. His suit pressed, as if it was never worn until that very second. His hair cut short, greying at the temples. No being in existence could stand as still as he stood, and I was pretty damn sure real living gargoyles existed by now. It didn’t even look like he was breathing. I had to come up with something to get him to leave and hopefully never, ever return. A convincing lie he’d fall for. A reason to kick him out. I was spending too much time thinking. It would be awkward if I didn’t do anything. And changing into human form was not an option. 

Especially considering I had chugged the potion from Katka three days ago during lunch. The changes happened over the span of an hour, and by the end of them my human form had three very generous months of HRT behind it. Something that would take too much effort to hide. The silence was getting oppressive. “Peter is… unavailable, right now. He’s having a meeting with one of his professors.” My internal monologue consisted of chanting ‘Please Leave’ in progressively higher mental volumes. You ever scream so loud you no longer become audible? Bad thing about mental screaming, there is no such ceiling there.

Dad reached within his suit and took out his phone. “Very well then. I shall inform him of my presence and wait here for his return.” His tone was colder than a freezer in Siberia plugged outside. He typed out a message with the uncanny precision and speed of a machine, and within moments my phone buzzed with the text from him. He almost raised his eyebrow in curiosity. Almost. I probably wouldn’t have caught the microsecond twitch of it if it wasn’t for my better senses. Did I consider blocking his number in the past? Yes. Did I think doing so would lead to him showing up unannounced, as he has just done? Yes. “In the meantime, may I inquire who you are and what your business with my son is?” My business with your son, Mister Donnellan, is to try and forget him, as I am said child you’re currently actively misgendering. You know, he was talking the same legalese Gel spoke when we summoned them. But Gel had emotions evident in their speech, even when they were speaking calmly and collectedly. My dad had absolutely none of that. 

“Oh, I’m Lily. I’m… a friend of his, he’s letting me stay here for some time.” I grabbed my phone, to confirm the text from dear old dad. Yup, there it was. I sent a text to May, hoping she’d arrive soon enough. Dad looked around the apartment. A normal shitty dad would be scowling by now, probably. But he was looking it over as if he was a camera in the shape of a person, taking it in without really responding. 

“He’s letting you stay here, when his only sleeping arrangement is a single bed, barely big enough for himself?” Dad had let himself in by that moment, as he now stood in the middle of the apartment. It was as if the room lost all life the moment he was in it. As if the shadows grew thicker and longer. Yet I was certain he wasn’t magic. “Is he meeting with a professor because your presence here has made him slip in his studies?” He turned to me directly. What a dumb question, especially since I was acing all my classes. But his dismissive, cold stare was boring into me like an icepick during a lobotomy. Okay that was a terrifying allegory, but that was the energy that gaze gave off. “Are you, by chance, more than his friend, as you so claimed? Has my son been neglecting his academic pursuits, frivolous as they may be with the degree he is pursuing, by sleeping with you?” He had stepped closer to me by that point. He smelled of cheap cologne that definitely had a hard to pronounce name and was cheaper than a french fry off the sidewalk. Luckily, his intimidation tactic wasn’t as effective now. He used to be much, much bigger than I was. But I wasn’t ten anymore. I was, in fact, somewhat taller than him, even without the boost from my boots. His blunt, direct question whether I was fucking myself helped me relax somewhat. And so I snorted and laughed at the absurdity of it. A sound I was certain he had neither made nor heard in his life before. I never had a reason to laugh when I was living with him, after all.

“Oh that’d give Peter a massive Oedipus Complex, wouldn’t it.” A record scratch sound went off in my head. Shit. Fuck. I screwed up. He hadn’t called it out. But now I brought attention to it. To the fact I looked like mom when she was my age. He gave me a look over, as if he was reading the nutritional values on the side of a cereal box. 

“You do resemble his mother, yes. Uncanningly so. But you haven’t answered my question, Lily. Are you sleeping with my son?” He had his hands behind his back, as if standing at attention. He would have been bending over to make himself look taller, had I been much shorter than him. But he had to look up into my eyes. 

“That question is extremely inappropriate, Mister Donnellan, and I think you should leave.” I started clenching my fist, getting ready to deck him if he refused. He noticed it. 

“I have every right to be here. This is the residence of my son. I believe you should be the one taking your leave. I will not have Peter become a failure due to a woman’s influence. His mother’s death only benefited him.” 

I am fairly certain you can imagine the cracking sound of when I finally accepted that I was a girl. Imagine a similar sound, amplified. Instead of a shell breaking, it was glass shattering. Dad’s words stung deep. Deeper than they had any right to sting. I was going to have to write an apology letter to May for not leaving any dad for her to fuck up. I was not taking his shit any longer.

With my fists clenched, I looked down at the ground, breathing a long, angry, growly breath out my nose. The door had been left open until that very moment. But with a quick extension of my will, it slammed shut, loudly locking itself, as did all the windows. A simple spell, probably existing so the succubus doesn’t have to leave the bed to make sure her and her target have privacy. His response was to stoically look around, as if a scene from a horror movie was the most usual thing in the world. I looked up, and stared directly into his eyes. “I think you will find, Dad, that it is difficult to fuck oneself with their own equipment.” His eyes narrowed at me. Finally, an emotional reaction. “Surprise, my full name is Lily Sadie Donnellan. Although at this rate, I’ll take mom’s maiden name. I’m not your prized son, but your precious daughter. And you should not have talked shit about mom.” He cleared his throat. Really, one sentence and I was getting to him? After years of treating me like a G.I. Joe he could pose and mold into what he wanted?

“I thought I had purged all delusions out of your head, son. I made clear my intentions for your path in life. I swallowed my pride when you, as an adult, chose to pursue a different academic field than what was laid out for you. But I will not have you lie to yourself.” He was almost talking through clenched teeth, almost. There was a detachment in his voice, like someone hovering over the Big Red Button, about to press it in retaliation. His next sentence sounded as if he had just smashed said button “And you WILL address me as Father.” He reached out for me, and I shoved him back, making him fall on the ground. He wasn’t expecting me fighting back. He was too used to having power over me. Not anymore.

“No. I will not address you as father, Daddy Dearest. You don’t deserve it. Not after leaving me so scarred for life it took waking up with tits to realise I’m a girl. I definitely wouldn’t have accepted it without help from dear grandma. And do you know what else I got from her?” I undid my glamour. Slowly, carefully. My skin changing hue to candy red. My horns extending out of my skull inch by inch. My tail snaking out from underneath my skirt. And, just to sell it, my wings bursting from my back, unfurling. There was shock in his eyes. I stepped forward, bending over him. “My true heritage. She only has daughters, you see, and that is something you nor anyone else can undo. Even though I have to say, your attempt had a lot of effort put into it. Locking me in a prison cell of a room, shaving my head, destroying any games or books I got for myself? Treating me like a good grades dispenser?” I grabbed him by the chin, to pull him up somewhat. “You know, I would have just kept pretending to be a friend of mine. I would have bored you out, lied about my deadname taking too long, pretending to text myself to get someone in here to make you leave. Which, to be fair, I did text grandma.” I lifted him off the ground, holding him in the air with ease. “But you just had to mention mom, didn’t you. You couldn’t help your misogynist incel self. You just HAD to insult her.” There was a crackle to my voice, like the sound of a fireplace. I could see sparks fly out of my mouth when I spoke. Like it was a furnace. There was a warmth in my throat, and a subtle smell of smoke. His expression got more and more frightened by the second. “I already sent a Channer to Hell. And I will not have you disrespect my mother, you piece of shit sperm donor.” I punched him, my fist engulfed in the paw shaped gauntlet of hellfire. The impact of the hit was extremely satisfying. The pressure of the hit connecting, the singing on his face from the hellfire, the noise it made. I swear I heard the sound of thunder when the punch landed. The sound of thunder, followed by rapid footsteps on the stairs. Which resulted in loud banging on my door, with a familiar voice calling from the other side of it.

“Lily, Lily are you okay in there?! What’s happening!?” Leonard sounded panicked. Not surprising, considering he was also a target for the beast, by the looks of things. I snapped with my free hand, the door unlocking and swinging open. I left a mental note for myself to look into all the magic I could do now.

“Leonard, may I introduce Arthur Samael Donnellan. My mother’s chosen sperm donor, and the man who abused me for nine miserable years of my life.” I headbutted my dad right in the nose, breaking it in the process, blood flowing out of it right away. The crack was extremely satisfying, as was the complete lack of head pain from doing that. I let go of him and let him drop on the ground, where he sat, holding his nose and hissing through his teeth. “That was for shaving my head. You do not deserve to be the parent of any child, ever again. I’ll make sure you can’t be.” I stomped on his crotch, hard. My steel toed boots coming down on him like a hammer on an anvil. I definitely heard the sound of something popping, like grapes in a hydraulic press. “THAT was for NOT LETTING ME SAY GOODBYE TO THE ONE GOOD THING IN MY LIFE. WHAT KIND OF BASTARD DOESN’T LET A KID SAY BYE TO THEIR DYING PARENT IF THE CHANCE IS THERE.” I kicked him in the ribs. “REFLECT ON YOUR FUCKING ACTIONS, YOU MASSIVE SHIT.”

“You’re gonna be a failure.” He spit some blood out, and pulled the handkerchief from his suit to hold it against his nose. “Just like your uncle, with his delusions of womanhood. I thought keeping you away from him would curb your thoughts. It obviously hasn’t. I should have had you see a counselor.” I shot a quick glance at Leonard, who was watching the scene unfold with awe.

“Good to know I have an aunt out there who might not be shit. Now shut up, Daddy. You’re in my world now. Not your world.” I gave him a wicked grin, excited about my reference. “And I got Friends on the Other Side.”

“She’s got Friends on the Ooooother Siiiiide.” I was so glad Leonard followed up my reference. And damn he had some pipes on him. My eyes felt warm. I remembered a sensation I was getting used to by now. And I remembered where I wanted dear old dad to land. A portal opened behind him, accompanied by a loud roar. Only powerful beings get transportation noises, so hooray for me. Through it, I could see the top of the Ziggurat. The landing spot of Hell. A familiar many-eyed bronze face stood there, looking up, confused. I kicked my father through.

“Early Delivery, Bournie! Fuck him up for me, please!” I yelled through the portal, just before it closed, and I collapsed on the ground right after, exhausted, laughing. Leonard quickly ran up to me and held me comfortingly. “I just sent my dad to Hell. I have just legitimately, for real, one hundred percent sent the man who nutted into a glass so that I could be born, to Hell.” I was laughing in the same hysterical way I had laughed when I first woke up as Lily. 

“He deserved it.” Leonard comforted me with a headpat, and my laughter turned into sobs and tears.

“I sent him to Hell. He can’t hurt me anymore. He can’t hurt anyone anymore...” Leonard pulled me closer, so I’d be crying into his shoulder. “I can’t believe you helped me with the Princess and the Frog reference when I sent him there!”

“I spent a week in New Orleans while training, Master liked the movie enough that he had me watch it. And the song is great.” I could feel him shrug, so I just rolled my eyes at him. We stayed like that for some time, until I was out of tears, and so with a sigh, I pulled back, looking at him through teary eyes.

“That’s one monster dealt with... Now what about the other one...?”

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