92. Meeting Family Again
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Xiao Wu rested a hand on Ru Shenqi's shoulder. "I'm sure you two will figure it out."

Then, the Golden Iron Triangle, Shrek Four Devils, Shrek Six Tyrants, and those from the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda approached them. The master and disciple turned. Ning Fengzhi, Gu Rong, and Chen Xin said their goodbyes and departed for their sect. Ru Shenqi returned to her friends while Xiao Wu returned to Tang San's side. Yu Xiaogang, Liu Erlong, and Flender followed their students back to Tang Sect.

When the seventeen-person group drew close to the entrance, three people stepped forward.

"Aunt Huo Wu!"

In front of Tang Sect, waiting for them, were none other than Huo Wu, Feng Xiaotian, and Feng Changzhi. Ru Shenqi bowed to them.

"Xiao Shen?" Huo Wu began. " Are you really my niece?!"

"Huo Wu," Feng Xiaotian murmured. "She's greatly changed, but don't you think she resembles Ru Zuanshi a lot still?"

Her aunt gauged her before finally saying, "It's been a while."

Feng Xiaotian nodded towards her. "You shocked the Continent back during the Advanced Spirit Master Grand Competition. I wonder how you'll shock the world now?"

Ru Shenqi let a slight smirk tug at the corner of her lip. But she retained her noble countenance nonetheless. Her gaze swept over to her cousin.

"Older Cousin, surely you've also cultivated a lot these past eight or so years. This younger cousin is curious is to see whether you've caught up or not."

The Shrek Six Tyrants snickered. Of course, there was really no way Feng Changzhi could ever hold a candle to their Little God. Even after all these years, they assumed he'd be haughty. But he proved them right.

"Little Cousin, don't jinx yourself. I've worked hard to get where I am."

Ru Shenqi's expression remained the same as she spoke with a gentle but commanding tone, "Then show your spirit."

"You might've been a prodigy when you were younger but don't think your luck can stay the same!" he snapped.

Feng Xiaotian warned, "Changzhi, watch your words."

Huo Wu could sense a force like rolling waves coming from her niece. She took a step back, wary. But Ru Shenqi knew better. With the Power of the Ocean at her command, of course her aunt, who was a Fire Element spirit master, would feel the oppression.

Then, her cousin proclaimed, "Feng Changzhi, spirit Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf, seventy second ranked Power Attack and Agility Attack System Battle Spirit Saint."

His spirit released as cyan blue wings spread from his back. Two yellow, two purple, and five black spirit rings descended around him. The Shrek Six Tyrants were shocked. He had been a Spirit Ancestor eight years before. And now, he was already a Spirit Saint?!

But Ru Shenqi didn't give any indication of surprise. Instead, she summoned her Golden Scepter to her hand. With the power that radiated from it, Huo Wu shook. Feng Xiaotian caught her as she stumbled backwards.

"W- what is that?!" Huo Wu cried as she pointed towards the Scepter.

"This is the Golden Scepter." Without revealing anything else, Ru Shenqi turned on her cousin. "You may be a Spirit Saint, but don't think that's enough to defeat me. If six Titled Douluos of Spirit Empire have died by my hand, what makes you think you'll win this fight?"

"You-!" Feng Changzhi started, but was cut off by her.

"Bo Shenqi, spirit Clear Crystal Eyes, one hundred and fifth ranked Third Class God."

Her eyes flashed silver-white, and she waved her Golden Scepter. The winds suddenly picked up and rain began to pour down around Tang Sect.

"THIRD CLASS GOD?!" Huo Wu shrieked.

Even Feng Xiaotian was stunned.

But then, her spirit rings descended. Upon seeing her truly tyrannical configuration, Feng Changzhi fainted. Ru Shenqi recalled her spirit and turned towards her aunt and uncle. She bowed respectfully.

"Aunt, Uncle. This Golden Scepter can only be wielded by the Head Flamen of Haishen Island. So not only am I officially the Goddess of Nine Stars now, I'm also the Head Flamen of Haishen Island."

They were shocked. Tang San stepped forward and explained, "I sent the Shrek Seven Tyrants there. It helped us Shrek Seven Devils, so I figured it'd do the same for our juniors. Everyone else, show Dean Feng and Vice Dean Huo your spirit rings."

On his instructions, the others did so. Huo Wu and Feng Xiaotian's eyes widened. Feng Changzhi was just waking up when he saw the unbelievable spirit ring configurations around the rest of the Shrek Tyrants.

Deciding to give her cousin a lesson, Ru Shenqi said calmly, "Second Divine Skill, Spiritual Duplication."

Fight fire with fire.

"Fifth spirit skill of the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf: Tornado Blade."

Countless blades of air suddenly formed around her. They flew together to turn into a tornado of blades. Moving straight for Feng Changzhi, he yelped and tried to dive out of the way. But knowing he wasn't used to getting beat up by his own spirit skills, Ru Shenqi decided to lockdown on him. She launched the skill again and sent another tornado his way.

The Shrek Six Tyrants, Shrek Five Devils, Golden Iron Triangle, Huo Wu, and Feng Xiaotian were stupefied. Ru Shenqi's second divine skill really was too much!

She launched the skill for a third and fourth time. Controlling the tornadoes with the Golden Scepter, she made them attack from all four sides. Unable to escape, Feng Changzhi silently bemoaned in his heart. When the four Tornado Blades collided, he was thrown around. Blood spewed from his lips.

"Changzhi!" Huo Wu cried. "Xiao Shen, aren't you bullying him?!"

"Aunt Huo Wu, I mean no disrespect to you. I'm simply teaching my Older Cousin a lesson. Don't be cocky and assume you can win against everyone." Although Ru Shenqi spoke in a knowing manner, there was still a twinge of her former playfulness in her words.

When the four tornadoes dissipated, Feng Changzhi was curled up into a little ball on the ground. Ru Shenqi walked towards him and looked down.

"Have you learned your lesson?"


Completely serious now, she added, "Older Cousin, you have labored to get where you are. But you haven't sacrificed. Only when you have had to fight for your life and for your survival against all odds will you understand the sufferings I and my friends have endured. On Haishen Island, we risked dying during every Trial. In Slaughter City, Xingyun and I risked being killed in Slaughter City Arena. Back in Vast Sea City, I had to kill to not be killed. You have your parents to watch out for you. But I did not. Neither do Fang Youyou or Ming Yong. We have toiled to get where we are. Xingyun grew up fighting with his brothers for the throne. Suffering is the greatest teacher in the world. Can you really say you're better than us when you have led a much more privileged life?" 

Everyone was stunned at her words. But the Seven Children of the Sea God had guided her well. Before she had left Haishen Island, they guided her through diplomacy and when words mattered more than strength. They enlightened her to the fact that suffering was the best teacher in the world. The Seven Sacred Guardians hoped that by telling her these things, she would act as the Head Flamen should. With grace, nobility, and kindness. But if her hand was forced, she could unleash hell to protect those she cared about.

Yu Xiaogang spoke up, "You finally understand, Xiao Shen."

She turned towards him and bowed her head. "The Seven Sea Titled Douluo helped me to see the truth."

Tang San smiled, satisfied. "That's good. They are the most loyal out of everyone on Haishen Island... save for the Head Flamen."

Ru Shenqi nodded and looked at her blood family. "Us Shrek Seven Tyrants will help Heaven Dou Empire drive Spirit Empire back. We won't rest until the Golden Generation is brought to justice."


Liuying1流萤 - "Firefly" (Liuying Gorge does not exist in Soul Land canon. I made it this bc Jialing Pass was already destroyed by Tang San) Gorge, a few days later.

Troops marched in and out of the fortress built into the cliffside. Standing on a balcony overlooking the gorge, was none other than Hu Liena. Xie Yue approached her.

"Nana, we haven't heard anything back from the Elders and troops in Heaven Dou City. They've been gone for weeks now."

"And the Shrek Seven Devils?"

"Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing are fighting near Rising Dragon City. They're too occupied to meet up with the others. As for that Tang San..."

Hu Liena turned around. Her white and gold outfit hugged her body tightly and accented her natural beauty. She tilted her head. "What?"

"We haven't heard anything. Do you think there's a chance he ruined our plan?"

"Tang San is calculative. If he found out about Glowing Feather Douluo, Fifteen Ton Douluo, and Falling Devil Douluo, then perhaps. Damn you, Tang San!" Fury blazed in Hu Liena's eyes.

First, you tricked me as Tang Yin. Second, you chose Heaven Dou Empire and that damn century millennium spirit beast over me. Third, you killed my Teacher. Fourth, you once again stole the championship of the Advanced Spirit Master Grand Competition from Spirit Empire. I won't let you off for all of these!

Just then, Yan ran up, frantic. "Nana! Nana!"

"What is it, Yan?"

"The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Flamens of the Judgement Hall are dead! The troops with them are all dead too! Our scout just got back. They failed to take Heaven Dou Imperial Palace!"

Hu Liena's fists clenched. "TANG SAN!"

But Yan shook his head. "It wasn't Tang San and the other Devils or the Golden Iron Triangle or those from the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Clan or the Heaven Dou Imperials. They nearly lost."

"Then what happened?!"

He lowered his head. "There's a new Goddess of Nine Stars."

"Who?" Hu Liena demanded.

"Xiao Nuhuang."

She and Xie Yue gasped in shock. "WHAT?!"

"Xiao Nuhuang is Ru Shenqi, the daughter of Elder Ru Zuanshi, and the new Goddess of Nine Stars."

Hu Liena stumbled backwards, stunned. Xie Yue caught her in his arms.

"If I had killed her back then instead of helping her, I wouldn't have to deal with such formidable power now. She cannot know the truth of what happened to her parents."

"She's the one who killed Storm Douluo, Gilded Umbrella Douluo, and Peacock Douluo also. Nana, she's a Third Class God. Xie Yue and I are still only Spirit Douluos. You're the only one of the Golden Generation who's a Titled Douluo. How are we going to defeat a God?"