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/ Series / Another Kind of Genius
Another Kind of Genius
Another Kind of Genius
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Ru Shenqi is a young Spirit Master, hoping to shock the world like the Shrek Seven Devils once had. Armed with her powerful spirit, she does just that... and before she even turns ten! At just eight years old, she goes to Heaven Dou City to enroll in the infamous Shrek Academy. Already a Spirit Ancestor, she shocks all of the teachers.

Just as the new battle team from Shrek Academy prepares to enter the Advanced Spirit Master Battle Competition, the reunion of the Shrek Seven Devils stirs the Academy. Ru Shenqi gets the chance of a lifetime to meet her idols, the geniuses of geniuses. When she overhears the Shrek Seven Devils talking about the resurgence of Spirit Empire, a deeply buried hatred reignites within her. She vows to grow stronger to one day go up against Spirit Empire and make them pay.

***Note: This story begins after Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue are killed by the Shrek Seven Devils.***
*Is a fanfic*
*Is originally posted on AO3*

Douluo Dalu (Soul Land)
Academy Battle Competition Charming Protagonist Eye Powers Female Protagonist Friendship Strategic Battles Strategist
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Table of Contents
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