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742.2k Views 30632 Favorites 375 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2042 Readers 18 Reviews 1.96M Words 10 hours ago Soussouni
Grace Pastel is a young girl who lives a cozy life in Jubilife city with her father, and for her, Pokemon battles are just something that she watches on television or online. Entertainment to be seen at a distance. After turning fifteen, she watched as young people her age got ready for their first journey across Sinnoh, all aiming to become the Champion. She usually scoffed at them, wondering how one could throw away a comfortable life in the city to risk their lives in the wild for an unobtainable goal. And yet when she was asked by her father to deliver a package to her mother living two towns over, something clicked in her... more>>
560.8k Views 6565 Favorites 256 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 873 Readers 12 Reviews 442.3k Words Dec 15, 2022 okmangeez
Due to a mysterious transcendent being, United States Marine Corps First Lieutenant Samuel Kim from the year 2016 is thrown back in time to the year 1775. To make matters worse, he wakes up near Bunker Hill, mere hours before the famed Battle of Bunker Hill is set to begin. Realizing the unique situation he finds himself in, the lieutenant takes the opportunity to change the fate of the battle and ensure an overwhelming American victory. Guided by his "patronizing" "God" and the American revolutionaries, Lieutenant Kim embarks on a journey to help America gain its independence and to ensure the nation uphold its "most promising" ideals from the very beginning.... more>>
462.9k Views 12587 Favorites 157 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 2938 Readers 11 Reviews 346.4k Words Apr 9, 2024 Erios909
In space, isolation is a slow killer. Company quickens the pace... more>>
280.5k Views 4336 Favorites 161 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1093 Readers 9 Reviews 320.2k Words Oct 13, 2021 fullbios
On her last breath, she thought, "it wouldn't matter if I died." But when her eyes opened again, a baby clung onto her out of nowhere. They said it was her twin sister!?-Cross that- She became a baby? -Cross that- A whole bunch of clingy family members popped out of nowhere! After her brain started functioning as- per-normal she realized….... more>>
226.9k Views 4800 Favorites 131 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1817 Readers 13 Reviews 378.5k Words Oct 8, 2023 Aorii
Born into prestige and gifted with talent, Pascal was a promising officer cadet whose deeds caught even the King's gaze. At the mere age of twenty, he had everything a young, ambitious man could need to begin a promising career.... more>>
226k Views 8593 Favorites 138 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 1058 Readers 4 Reviews 219.8k Words 24 hours ago Xcalibur_Xc
[#r18] [#Harem] [Do not translate my work you rulate site bastards.]
Jack, a regular college student, woke up in Marvel as Tony Stark, only to die in the final battle with Thanos despite his all attempts to survive. But to his surprise, he reincarnated again in DC Universe as a newborn baby in the Wayne Manor with his memories intact. He has a new goal... He will create the legend of Batman in his own way, a fusion of Batman and Iron Man. But technology in this world is too primitive compared to the Marvel world...... more>>
210.3k Views 5540 Favorites 43 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 1261 Readers 7 Reviews 96.5k Words Apr 20, 2024 Rogue62
Summary: This will be a fanfic on a person transmigrating to the world of Game of Thrones and taking the body of the worlds biggest twat Joffery. He uses his intimate knowledge of both the plot and the 21st century to avoid danger and keep himself alive as he faces this fantasy worlds many challenges.... more>>
182.6k Views 5167 Favorites 163 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 824 Readers 7 Reviews 314.7k Words Mar 3, 2021 Cogs
Earth is bought and fused with two other alien planets, but before the new overlords take total control, the System decides to grant the original inhabitants one last chance to reclaim their fates. Stuck on an unfamiliar world in the midst of sentient creatures and savage monsters, humanity will struggle to survive until they learn to adapt to their harsh, new reality.... more>>
166.2k Views 2088 Favorites 59 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1060 Readers 8 Reviews 115.1k Words Jun 10, 2023 bor902
Reincarnating into a game-like version of a medieval magical world was fine and all. A good blend of two enjoyable tropes. Lock wished he'd been born with a bunch of cheats sometimes, sure, but he could settle with being functionally immortal by abusing the system as well. ... more>>
158.9k Views 8431 Favorites 141 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 622 Readers 3 Reviews 171.2k Words Apr 23, 2024 Loskro1
Alexander was a fairly normal guy on earth or at least he hoped so. Somehow though he had gone his entire life without playing a single pokemon game or watching any of the anime. That changed when his friends kept pestering him about it and he finally gave in and purchased a few of the games that came highly recommended such as emerald , fire red , platinum and heart gold. He also bought a cheap ds lite to play all of them when he was off work. Unfortunately he was struck by lightning the moment he finished the last of them and died. He ended up awakening in a small cave at the foot... more>>
157k Views 3603 Favorites 188 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 645 Readers 2 Reviews 436.2k Words May 13, 2021 Joan_Ninja_Hen
~~ On Hiatus until August ~~
A retired German engineer enters the VRMMORPG because her son thinks she can't burn it down. ... more>>
154.9k Views 1770 Favorites 88 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 1042 Readers 5 Reviews 238.1k Words Apr 23, 2024 Hanne
The thousand-year-old Imperium is crumbling, and war looms on the horizon, bringing with it both brutalities and splendor. Caught in the midst of this chaos is Lansius, an office grunt and veteran MMO player who has been transformed into a medieval peasant. With no wealth, status, or magical abilities, and armed only with his basic knowledge of the art of war, can he endure and thrive in this realistic medieval fantasy realm? Follow Lansius as he moves from one occupation to another, striving to survive during these turbulent times.... more>>
153.8k Views 880 Favorites 23 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 782 Readers 2 Reviews 41.6k Words Jul 4, 2023 Twiska
This story follows Sakura Haruno. While Naruto was off training with Jiraiya, Sakura learned a few things about herself. Mainly that she doesn't need Sasuke,... more>>
150.4k Views 3027 Favorites 62 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1724 Readers 4 Reviews 146.1k Words Sep 29, 2023 MonolithWorld
Jisha Slyker experiences the collapse of her dynasty and is murdered in cold blood in her own territory. However, she is miraculously reincarnated into her past self from over 11 years ago.... more>>
136.6k Views 3390 Favorites 95 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 544 Readers 3 Reviews 116.5k Words Sep 11, 2022 Lowkeygoodstuff
A Fire Nation Noble gains the memories and the cheat of a NEET from the 21st century after he tries to take over his body but fails.... more>>
132.5k Views 5334 Favorites 63 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 920 Readers 6 Reviews 96.6k Words Feb 7, 2024 Kreep
Reincarnated in the age of the legendary King Arthur, in the dangerous, unknown and hectic world of Fate no less, Aston knew not what drove... more>>
113.4k Views 209 Favorites 3 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 490 Readers 3 Reviews 6.9k Words Nov 4, 2020 EdwardCastle
Aaron hadn't had a good fight in ages. No one in the known universe could give him one, he was just too strong. So, he was going to search for it in the unknown parts of the universe.... more>>
92.1k Views 3506 Favorites 560 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 359 Readers 5 Reviews 1.44M Words Apr 21, 2024 DarkestClaymore
Imagine a shonen sports story. But, it’s not about baseball or soccer. No, this one is about playing a MOBA video game!... more>>
85.9k Views 2267 Favorites 138 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 755 Readers 3 Reviews 276.6k Words 6 hours ago Temple
Herald Stone made a tank in every RPG he played. To be immortal, unkillable by anyone, be they players or monsters—that was his first Goal, a simple boy's dream. However, the turbulent realities of life put an abrupt end to his gaming days. ... more>>
82k Views 1805 Favorites 165 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 269 Readers 2 Reviews 98.3k Words Aug 15, 2023 Adenlia
Axel wakes up in the world of Hunter x Hunter; he was an avid reader of the series and always wanted to be a hunter and Nen user himself.... more>>
80.9k Views 540 Favorites 69 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 404 Readers 2 Reviews 83.7k Words Aug 22, 2020 TheJuggernaut
Will be published on Amazon (linked with [email protected])... more>>
77.5k Views 1908 Favorites 71 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 613 Readers 1 Reviews 87.6k Words Jul 24, 2023 XMOS
Alex is a normal guy who is a little bit rich, a little bit depressed, a little paranoid, and a lot more horny. An incident at the ATM drags him into a killing game called UNET with his former high school crush Tara who is a regular girl who is a little bit broke, a little bit suicidal, a little obsessive, and a lot more deadly. He strikes a deal, and a deal isn't without its advantages ;)... more>>
75.7k Views 2744 Favorites 543 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 468 Readers 2 Reviews 632.7k Words 8 hours ago Avitue
"All right, boys and girls, quit sucking your ma's teats. It's high time we bloody earn our paychecks!"... more>>
63.3k Views 1609 Favorites 43 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 421 Readers 1 Reviews 70.8k Words Dec 11, 2023 ArifuretaForever
A Star Wars fan from our world meets his end and then gets a second chance in a galaxy far far far away.... more>>
58.5k Views 2087 Favorites 92 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 351 Readers 0 Reviews 90k Words Dec 24, 2023 Commonnerfer
A fan of naval history and Worm ends up in worm as a shipgirl.
General chaos ensues along with a bit of escalation.... more>>