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Daybreak on Hyperion
Daybreak on Hyperion
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Born into prestige and gifted with talent, Pascal was a promising officer cadet whose deeds caught even the King's gaze. At the mere age of twenty, he had everything a young, ambitious man could need to begin a promising career.

Except his habitual arrogance had destroyed every opportunity of a close friendship outside his political marriage.

Seeking a companion who meets his protracted list of requirements, Pascal decided to craft the 'perfect spell' for the upcoming familiar ceremony. If those around him were not fit to accompany his genius, then he would summon a best friend through his own hands -- one that was mature, intelligent, knowledgeable, bright, and cute as well.

He received far more than he bargained for... and in turn, so did the shifting geopolitical power balance of his world.



This is not a power-fantasy or the usual 'feel-good' story you might find on this site. If you feel that a protagonist should never lack agency (especially in early story) or make compromises due to difficult circumstances, then this fiction is probably not for you.

Daybreak is a story that delves into real world sociological/psychological subjects and explores many topics of gray morality. I wrote it because I like stories that makes me think more about the world around us, not to detach myself from reality.

Some aspects you can expect based on the tags include:
- [Kingdom Building]: political drama, geopolitical/geoeconomic strategy
- [Army Building]: massive battles featuring in-depth planning, combined arms, and operational logistics
- [Magical Technology]: how magic changes the sociotechnological evolution of civilization in a high-fantasy world
- [Genderbender]: exploration of gender identity, gender role, and discussion of social expectations
- [Identity Crisis]: someone translated into a whole different world having to rebuild their identity and life aims

This story is primarily hosted on my blog -- -- where all the art/map assets can be found as well as the latest chapters.

ActionDramaFantasyGender BenderHistoricalIsekaiPsychological
Alternate World Aristocracy Army Building Arrogant Characters Bookworm Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Complex Family Relationships Conflicting Loyalties Different Social Status Empires Fantasy World Genius Protagonist Identity Crisis Kingdom Building Leadership Magical Technology Master-Servant Relationship Modern Knowledge Multiple Protagonists Slow Growth at Start Strategic Battles Strategist Sword And Magic Transplanted Memories
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    Status: v3c18

    I'm pretty new to writing reviews here, but Daybreak on Hyperion has been one of my favourite stories for a while, and now that it is here on ScribbleHub where I actually have an account, I figured I should write something as a review for this story.

    I think the world is the main selling point of this series, considering all the focus on politics that this series contains, but I would advise that Daybreak certainly isn't for everyone. Aorii has done their best to paint a (to my knowledge) realistic picture on what a highly sensitive person would do in the face of a massive change. The main character I feel is a unique and relatable character—not just because I feel like my real-life personality is similar to theirs—but also due to their perspective which I feel is something that isn't done much in webfiction. So, overall, Daybreak is a refreshing read that should not be read with any spoilers in my opinion, so given that I won't say anything further, I can say that I wholeheartedly recommend this webnovel, so long as what's already in the description does not put you off.

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    21 Likes · Like
    Status: v3ch20

    This is an isekai that makes you think and even learn.

    First of all, I'm an old reader of this story since its posting on Baka-Tsuki, and I've had the pleasure to see the writer improve with each iteration of this story. This review is based on everything the author posted on their blog, up to end of volume 3.

    Daybreak has often been compared to 'gender-flipped Zero no Tsukaima'. However that doesn't really do the work justice. The story does use a similar premise and a duo-protagonist approach: Pascal is the 'arrogant prick' of a prodigy who is extremely unlikeable at the beginning. Due to his own fault, he finds himself alone and lacking friends, so he instead he reworks the familiar ritual to summon 'a cute girl' as his companion. Meanwhile Kaede, the one summoned, was extremely unhappy to be ripped from her life.

    Kaede is a character that most of the story is told through. Unlike most protagonists, she's a mediator by type, who prefers to think/talk her way through things. She's extremely introspective and slow to act as a result, which is good for reflecting upon any situation but can be frustrating for readers. She also isn't a fighter, doesn't have any 'special powers' that is so prominent in the isekai genre, which forces her to rely on reason, knowledge, and good old persuasion skills to get what she wants.

    Another interesting aspect is that since Kaede is a history-student with an interest in polisci, she thinks a lot on comparisons between the world of Hyperion and our own history on Earth. Topics like economics, cultural values, social hierarchy, etc are often discussed. Which makes this a rare fiction where you can learn a lot of real-world knowledge from.

    The story of Daybreak is epic in the true sense of the term. Hints are dropped as early as mid-vol1 that the world of Hyperion is slowly moving in the direction of a world war. The writer spends great care to craft a world where every nation comes alive in its own way -- different political structures, different cultures, different military organization, etc. Topics that so many stories sidestep, like mobilization, logistics, using the right leader for the right job, etc., are all featured prominently in Daybreak.

    The writer has come a long way on grammar since the earlier revision. Their dedication to ceaseless editing really shows.

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    20 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 2 chapter 10 – homecoming in nordkreuz (...

    I quite like this story and find the MC relatable, currently I'm tilted out of my mind by how Kaede is being treated like poorly. The author does have good explanations for it, but just like Kaede I'm sighing 20 times a chapter and want to bash my head into a wall. The story is very good, but can a girl catch a break! I'm sure her treatment improves later or something and I'll increase score to 5 once that happens or I stop being tilted off a cliff. Maybe was a bad idea to binge in 1 day because now I've encountered like twenty times Kaede has been treated like crap or less than human in the span of 24 hours.

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: v3ex2

    Daybreak is currently among the list of my favorite stories ever. After finishing 2 extremely good series in quick succession, my standards and taste as a reader have changed dramatically, often opting for a more realistic view within the fantasy genre, exploring deeper into the sociological/psychological side of things.... Daybreak offers me a glimpse of another world, one fully in motion, vivid and very alive. That, combined with the setting, also means me getting free lessons in history, psychology, and politics, which are always appreciated. What inspired me to write this review after binging all 3 volumes in the past few days, however, are the characters we get to see during the course of our story. Getting to know them, their lives, their problems and the choices they make, sifting history in the process, has been quite the experience. I won't say anything more than this because knowing myself, I'll get way too deep into spoilers and I'm not risking destroying their experience with this pernominal story. Just note that although my current economical state isn't stellar and I can't support this story through the internet, I would try and get myself a physical copies the moment they becomes available and position them right on the fore front of my bookshelve, a bit of justified bias here as it the first story in a while to break my stone cold observer mask down into tears.

    Ps. This is my first review ever.

    Ps2. I'm looking forward to the coming volume 4 chapters.

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 2 chapter 8

    Before I start, I should point out that my real rating is 8/10

    I usually come to review citing mainly the bad points of the novel and almost without citing good points, simply because when the work satisfies me I don't feel as much need to point out what is right as when I feel I should point out what is wrong.

    But this is not a bad work, far from it, you can see that it was well written, planned and detailed. As I said at the beginning, my personal rating is 8/10 so I can't say it's bad.

    But I'm still planning to drop it, but purely out of personal taste.

    So let's get to the good points.

    - We have clear character development

    - Well-detailed world

    - Characters with personality

    - Story execution wasn't bad either.

    So what do I have to complain about.

    - Political opinion in the work.

    I planned to comment on this in the chapter in question, but the chapter ended with a note asking me not to comment on it, so I chose to save it for review.

    I'm not an American, much less a Russian, a Japanese or any other nation mentioned at the chapter, but I can feel here the contempt for the Americans and the bias in favor for the Russia, which I didn't me feel well after a certain person started a war. But here is not the place for that.

    What I want to point out here is that this was the first point that led me to start thinking drop the work that until then had nothing to complain about.

    - Passive protagonist

    The protagonist has a setup of being pragmatic and smart, but this made him feel more like a mob than the secondary characters. The protagonist is thrown into several situations and simply accepts, with only a single burst of anger at the beginning, however the fact that we read from the protagonist's point of view simply accepting poor treatment, brings the reader a frustration, and maybe that was the intention., but this is by far my preference in stories, so I emphasize again that the story is well done but my personal taste again got in the way here.

    - Identity crisis

    I found this part to be one of the few that I can highlight as poorly executed, with the protagonist merely fooling himself into an inner thought such as "it's not like I'm a girl! No! Wait, I am!" or something like that.

    Maybe this is a subject that will happen later in the story and that's why I haven't seen this part yet and maybe I won't.

    - The bride

    An egocentric, spoiled and sadistic character, the worst thing is that she is apparently a main character in the plot, so nothing to comment, you can already imagine the problem here, however as I said, this work has character development, it will certainly improve more for front, but for me she managed to become garbage, treating a person with no family, thrown into an unknown land and with nothing to call home, simply because she was unfounded jealous of her husband (at least on the part of the protagonist who has no interest in a man) and even having discovered the truth of the protagonist's s*xuality she still acts badly towards him out of mere jealousy.

    At this level of frustration, the protagonist accepts with a smile on his face a deal to merely serve the one who was irrationally disturbing him, made me decide to drop the work.

    Again and for the last time, I don't want to say that the work is bad, but if you're the type like me who hates a protagonist without attitude or initiative, this is not for you.

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: v4ch2

    Daybreak is a pretty unashamedly intellectual fantasy story written by someone with a deep interest both in history and world building, so you should go in expecting detailed politics (from the factions in noble conflicts to the origin of the relations between countries) and worldbuilding (how does magic *really* affect a nation's development, industry and culture?). It is mainly and mostly a kingdom building story (although don't expect much of that until mid volume 4), but it is also an excellent war story. The author makes the strategy and logistics understandable while painting some amazing battle scenes, from description to tactics. It's hands down the best depiction of high fantasy war making I've ever read, so if that sounds like your kind of thing you should definitely jump right in.

    That said, the characters are where most people get invested, wether in loving the story or hating it. Kaede, the protagonist, is an overly cautious "think about EVERY consequence before acting" kinda person, and this means she often gets accross as passive or submissive (which she at times is, to be fair), but fear not for she addresses these issues slowly as the story goes forward.

    The other conflicting character is Sylviane, the heiress to one of the biggest nations in the setting. She is a troubled person, dealing with mental illness and the pressure of her position. She is also overbearing and downright abusive when her mood swings the wrong way. She is the main reason for people to drop the story. I don't like her as a person, but if you can tolerate reading about the conflicts she causes she's easily the most interesting person in the cast and her potential for growth is huge.

    Without further ado, please come in and enjoy the story, you won't regret it.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 4 chapter 10 (on writer blog)

    There's no doubt, I absolutely adore this series.

    The story is great in several respects, but I think it's key strength is how the story dives into a lot of a political and military decisions that keep a country, state or kingdom running. Understanding how people gain and maintain power, but also the obligations that come with it. There's a lot of historical inspiration, mixed in with lots of fantasy such as magic or imaginary animals, but what grounds the story is how well developed and "realistic" everything is. Everything has tradeoffs and what might seem right to one person can have other consequences in the wider picture. In one part of the story, someone wants to fight a "heroic" battle, but because of their losses it makes it a lot harder for their side to win future battles. It shows there are realities and long term consequences that must be taken into account, not just the instant, short term desire for self fulfillment.

    A fun part are the constant reference to real (our) world history, and the protagonist (or more, our point of view character, Kaede), will use it to make sense of the situation she finds herself in often given her and her side an advantage. There's just a lot of nice trivia there. Bringing real world politics into a fantasy work is always likely to cause some strong emotions in the reader, but overall the author seems fairly balanced. They have opinions on things, but ultimately understand that understanding the reality of a situation is the most important thing, and mistakes are mistakes no matter who makes them.

    I also do genuinely like Kaide. Their situation definitely has pros and cons, but she's clearly playing the long game. I never saw her as a passive protagonist, just as one who figured that their best decision would be to stay on their current course, a decision that gets validated as time goes by. The real truth is, she's a massive history nerd and hanging around people who can actually make political decisions in the world is a dream come true for her. She also clearly shirks from outright leadership roles, preferring to act as an advisor. There's various reasons for this, but the main one is she's an outsider to a world with strongly defined power structures. Due to becoming the familiar of a noble, she's immediately interacts with people who have high political power, but without having instant political power herself. There's a lot at play and the story and her status develops a lot as time goes by.

    I could go on, but overall I just really love the story and following the twists and turns it takes. I got a map of the world from the author's blog, and its fun seeing the journeys the characters take. I definitely recommend it.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 3 chapter 1 – irrational facade (part 1/4)

    I must say Daybreak on Hyperion a hidden gem for the people who have a general interest in the subjects this story touches upon. 

    The story itself is a pleasent read and the author gives you some food for thought on which you as the reader can make your own conclussions. I found myself sometimes even arguing in my head on some of the points that were brought up which was quite fun.

    Most critics will probaly point out that the MC is passive and doesn't play a HUGE role in the world of hyperion, however for the story it works really well  and found myself pleasently suprised.

    The pace of the story is also just fine in my opinion, the story might be a bit slow at times but it alows us readers to get more of a slice of life and background for the worldbuilding.

    Daybreak on Hyperion is good story if you got time to crunch and want to really digest and think about geopolitics and the like!


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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 3 chapter 3 – strategy for legitimacy (...

    This story strives to be more realistic than a typical isekai power fantasy. Agency is questionable. The first three chapters are rather depressing.  It isn't fun to read.  However, it isn't meant to be.  So, I think that the story accomplishes what it set out to do in that regard.

    The Good:

    Characters, World building, dialogue

    This fiction has some of the most detailed characters of anything you'll see on scribble hub. The dialogue shows each character's personality consistently. They each have flaws and strengths. The world building likewise is very detailed and what is shown matters. It comes into play time and time again. 

    The Bad:

    Unclear chronology, Action scenes, and a non-jarring mental movie

    While the story does dialogue well I found that the action scenes were difficult and jarring.  There is a lot of "So-and-so starts chanting as he focuses his mana into a crystal while selecting an enemy".  I have to back up and try to figure out how these things that are written to happen simultaneously fit together. 

    Also, there is a lot of explaining things in the middle of an action scene. I eventually just started mostly glossing over the details because it wasn't enjoyable to try to figure things out or just leave something hanging with high tension to explain x, y, z about this rune's uses. There is a lot of room for improvement.

    Anyway, I would say that this story sets out what it was meant to accomplish very well though.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 2 chapter 1 – by the crossroad...

    Interesting, I feel like there is no true main character, just a story telling us about the events happening in their world. Truly a rare experience.

    Read More

    5 Likes · Like
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