Chapter Twenty-Three
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It was very dark inside, with only a small rectangular window to the side, open and letting the cold breeze in, making a shiver run down my spine and my breathing foggy in front of me.

I stop moving, but oddly enough not because of something I hear or saw at first, but because of a crawling sensation at the back of my neck, that weird sensation of feeling someone's eyes on you even without looking back, and I already suspect what waits for us from the murderous intent.

And yet I wasn't ready for what I saw.

That small amount of time that took me to turn my head around was enough that, whatever was creeping around, has climbed up the ceiling and jumped right up at my face, giving me only a glimpse of claws flashing by and razor big teeth approaching my face.

I fall down on my back, literally,  by instinct as the creature fly by over me, caught in the momentum and unable to slow down.

I quickly kneel up from the ground and look at the direction that the creature went, only to find it empty and eerie quiet.

I gulp down.

What the hell was that?

As the adrenaline numbed the sure pain that I will feel later on my back I stand, hardening my grip around the candlestick that seemed quite unfitting for the challenge ahead.

What could have attacked me? So quick and silent to sneak up on me, no other wolf could have done that... right?

And then I think; I wouldn't be so unlucky as too...

Really, me? Questioning my luck? There was nothing to question about it, and as negative as it sounds, knowing my bad luck makes me certain of what I found.

Or rather what found me.

A special zombie.

A unique, incredibly dangerous, and super rare type, and possibly an evolved one.

Are you fucking kidding with me!

Does someone think a bunch of werewolves wasn't enough to make my life bad? Oh no we need to add an especial zombie that's not even known to humankind for how rare they are, how does that sound?

Because the apartment was small the corner of the hall was far too close, allowing the creature to hide there as it jumped once more at me, claws passing by as I could only dodge backward while they keep glinting in front of me.

But of course, the wall hit my back seconds later, locking me in place.

I simply reacted by raising my weapon forward, not even aiming for the enemy was to quick for that, and somehow it sinks deep into flesh, making the creature back off.

But only for a second, after all… the undead don’t feel pain, and the only way to kill then dead his by damaging from the neck up.

 And even though I was angry and alert, I stop for a second, petrified, to take in the form that is revealed from the veil of darkness before me.

It had a slim body of a woman, probably a runner when alive, and had some ragged clothes covering her, but not entirely, leaving a breast and her abdomen exposed were there used to be cloth.

But for not a moment I thought it to be human, to be alive, even more as more and more of her was revealed.

Her hands where… weird, and it took me a moment to notice why; how they bend unnaturally, how the long fingers had even longer claws.

However I’m unable to see her face once she attacks, a succession of moves that are too quick to completely follow; she bends down like a frog and launches at me like a snake, a string flying in the air so quickly that the next second I’m down on the floor with her over me, any weapon long lost, stuck in her flesh.

I only manage to put my arms up before the blood starts gushing out as her claws starts to dig in my skin, such fast and frenzy moves that it looks as if she is possessed by some ancient form of rage, of such wild nature that she keeps slashing and slashing until she starts to cut muscle with skin, my screams resonating with her grunts but not just because of the ferocity of her attacks nor the excruciating pain.

But because the face that stared me down with livid bloodshed eyes was not singular; or rather, there were ‘two’ heads with two pair of red eyes staring me down; Because there was a dog head attached to her face and neck, the snout sprouting sideways and barking at me as drool drips all over the place.

It was hysterical, chaotic, and painful.

 Amidst the confusion and chaos, however, I could barely make out a strange sound coming from the side; but I’m only able to tell what once the creature stops slashing down on me to quickly look back, both heads unsettling staring into the dark.

That's when I hear it too, a clear and familiar yet not usual sound.

A bark. Followed by another, then another, followed by a dragging of claws, and once I turn my head around I quickly understand why.

Kira, Kira was standing on the floor, trying to get closer to us while dragging her body and barking like I never heard her do before, in a desperate yet ferocious way, almost like a challenge.

Challenging death itself.

Because she was definitely not in condition to fight, hell, she couldn't even walk straight!

"Kira, stop, get the hell away from here, run!" I try to scream but my voice is sore from before, and I know that there is nowhere for her to go, but in despair I simply just wanted her away from this dangerous creature, even if it just means that's she will only live a few seconds more than I.

However, Kira and the creature had other plans as they both proceed to ignore me, the zombie woman standing into a crouching position, her four bloodshot eyes staring Kira down in an indecipherable expression that only the dead could master.

Suddenly she jolts upwards in an unnatural stiff way, walking over and pass me in a dragging manner that's could almost pass as a normal zombie if I hadn't seen her speed and face before.

She stops once she reaches Kira, looking down on her in an eerie manner, staring her down as Kira proceeds to bark and growl, something so not like her that it almost feels like she was trying to sacrifice herself for my sake, knowing that being loud could cost her life.

But, as I can only watch in horror the creature kneels down and reaches out to her, something unexpected happens; she reaches out for Kira only to slightly touch her neck, her claws barely grazing.

After a few seconds of that that I finally notice; she was trying to pet her!

I watch in awe as the stiff creature tries to smooth her awkward movements, giving up only to lock her body in place into a stillness akin to humans.

Then she is gone.

It takes me a moment to realize that for how quickly she jumped out of the window in a single swing, plus the dizziness that threatened to overcome my mind from the blood loss.

I could barely see beyond my foggy vision Kira’s shape coming closer and laying down beside me, ignoring her own wounds to lick my own.

Then I pass out.


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