Chapter Twenty-Nine
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As Nolan and Luna predicted, we did not have much time left until I could hear and feel the wolves closing in on us, that weird sensation that Luna talked about when she said she could feel Nolan was close applied somehow to the other wolves too, so I was certain they were nearby.

Persistent bastards!

Just as we planned we separate as I follow Nolan instructions to reach the building where we are going to lay our trap, knowing beforehand already that it was a school but not a small-neighborhoody type of school, but the type that looked like a piece of Europe for the rich ones to enjoy.

What would I have expected from this part of town I suppose...

However as Nolan said, even if the building was majestic and tall, it actually stood behind a huge patio were, apparently, it had being used before the break down as a makeshift hospital, but it was obvious that all efforts were in vain for the numerous bodies lying at the front of the building, many black body bags still intact on the floor, waiting for a burial that would never come.

But this place was perfect for our plans because in the end most of the bodies turned, probably infecting the staff and family that went to tend the dead, making so that the place was packed full with zombies, almost seemly waiting to be of use locked like this inside the patio by walls and strong fences.

It was like a lying beast waiting to be woken, all zombies had their heads down as they could barely move with so many of them around, most choosing to stay completely still like only the undead could.

I start to get nervous, my hands and back sweating as I can hear my footsteps rasping on the floor together with the grunts and groans of the undead, the cold making my fingers stiff as I try to warm myself up.

I give a once over quickly, finally finding a way inside through a small gate on the side that leads towards the open halls surrounding the front area, seemly without the undead because even though they were open they had a wall that reached the waist separating the inside from the plaza, a very small protection against such a huge horde for my taste.

But I wouldn’t have time to test those defenses, not the need to.

I stop in front of the double doors, reaching out for the nob when goosebumps running down my spine makes me look back, only to see our ‘guests’ looking down straight at me, one step away from jumping down the street and closer to the horde and me.

They narrow their eyes at me, some acting like wolves even though they still wear their human skin, barking and drooling, but the one-eyed Lycan calmly stares at me, silently, and takes his time watching me as a slow smile curves his lips up.

“Grab him.” He simply says and the others launch out, falling down on the road and unpreoccupied by the undead, even getting closer towards the plaza.

I pretend to panic; which wasn’t hard at the current situation; turning towards the door as if trying to escape they start to hunt me down and run into a straight line making so that the most logical path for them to use would be amongst the undead and, as they did before, is exactly what they go for.

I don’t know if they are overconfident in their skill or take the undead too lightly, but 5 out of 6 werewolves follow suit, dropping down the other side of the fence and hammering the zombies with efficiency and strength, racking their brains and coating themselves in dried blood without a care in the world, quickly opening a path but slowly advancing because of the pile of bodies growing at their feet.

I was planning on having trouble opening the door to make them even more eager and probe to impulsiveness, but, shocked, I realized that I did not need to pretend because the door was truly stuck, and by the sound of it the cause was a chain on the other side.

Well, just great.

When the wolves are halfway down the patio, surrounded on all sides by the undead, I had already realized that I would not be able to enter through here, looking in both sides and finding twin halls following deeper into the building, I had to make a choice.

It was a bet to which one could lead me inside and which one could simply drop me on the streets with even more undead, and that I would have to risk.

But of course our plan wasn’t naïve nor prom to failure in the first few seconds of it. The door was a minor problem, because the objective had been reached; we had the werewolves right where we wanted them to be in.

And they soon realize that.

With a shushing cutting sound something glimmered in the air and hit on of the wolves in the eye, making him howl in pain as he held his hand on his face, his mind clothed in pain and unable to focus in nothing else.

And the second it took for the others to look at his side was far more than enough for another object pierce the second wolf in the shoulder, the blood dripping like a waterfall.

Of course, these knives were not made of silver so they were unable to kill the wolves, and once taken off the injury would close in a matter of minutes… but they did not have minutes at their disposal for the smell of their blood drove the undead crazy, making they launch themselves on top of each other like madmen to reach them, bodies, fingers, arms and legs piling in a massive wall of undeads, all throwing their dead bodies for the chance of tearing a piece of skin for themselves.

With so many driven crazy zombies aiming and focusing in one at a time, plus the wounds making it harder to defend against the wave of the undead and to focus, soon those two wolves found themselves overwhelmed by the undead as many crawlers manage to get a taste of their ankles, the torn out muscles caving in and making the wolves fall down into their deaths as, in a matter of seconds, a pile of wriggling undead lay on top of them, rendering them unable to stand up only to be chewed to death.

A very, very slow death for a fast healing werewolf, unable to escape the bites but healing from them anyway only to have the skin torn once more by another zombie.

Over, and over again.

They should never have underestimated us, they brought this upon themselves, and I wasn’t up to showing mercy to those who threatened mine and Kira’s lives.

“Fall back, fall back!” The other finally realize and start to back off, but not before Nolan can take out two more with the remaining knives, the piles of bodies and the undead making the wolves advance slow and making them an easier target to be aimed at.

The last werewolf hit, desperate, even tried to change into his wolf form, his furry legs reaching out but unable to escape, the screams of the others having a whimpering animal joining into their last song.

I give a last look behind me, watching that single eye burn with range when is my turn to smile at him.

Easy prey my ass, you can go fuck yourself!

“Who is the weak Luna now?” I whisper, but it was enough for him to hear.

And for my Luna to growl in satisfaction as the dark sky casts its shadows upon us.

But it wasn’t over yet, we think and dash towards one of the halls and deeper into the building, being chased by a very angry Lycan.

‘Come, come face your death under my claws  rogue alpha! I’ll tear you apart!’ Says Luna towards me and him, and it is one of the first times that I wish to howl together with her.

Yes, let him come!


Hearing Viking songs as I write these battles… I think you can almost tell for how intense they have become haha! 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

Danheim and Heilung are great options if you are interested!

BTW I’m publishing some especial extras on my main book Reincarnated as a Hell Hound to celebrate month pride! ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。