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Search on zombie virus activity 2 years after the apocalypse – Classification of the information -Zombies types rarity 0 to 5:

Normal Slow Zombies(0): Infected normal sedentary people, they are the majority of the zombies and the only ones at the beginning as the other types evolved. Hardly deadly alone they are easy to avoid, be aware when in packs for they are attracted to stay and hunt in groups, mainly in the cities, and can easily outnumber you.

Slow to process information and to move, have different stages of decomposition and wounds; probably caused before the change or by survivors; they tend to have the gray viscous skin and dead white eyes.

Update: the eyes change color with the stages of infection, turning from white to bloody red.

Runner(2): Infected the athletic type who, on the contrary of Hunters, did not have a lot of mass or muscles but a lot of cardio, being thinner and quicker than any zombie, though lack the ability to undertake complex actions, such as climbing or jumping high.

Look the same as the slow zombies, the only difference being the way the acted when prey is on sight, screaming loud to communicate the prey’s location to the other undead, and running straight towards the prey.

Update: Not very intelligent, runs straight into danger, traps can be useful???

Hunter(3): Infected the bulky type, came from humans who worked out a lot and had a lot of mass.

 (Evolved) They have yellow tusks coming out of their lower lips and were all bulky and tall, their veins underneath the pale skin filled with green color, yellow nails long and sharp. Have some intelligence, hunt in pack like wild animals.

Update: Definitely avoid them.

Stalker(4):  Infected martial artists humans who, beyond all training and the physical that the Hunter and Runners had,  it trained their reflexes and use strategies to hunt down their prey.

Nighty creatures who lie in wait, the only kind who doesn’t hunt in packs nor stay in the cities, preferring the hidden places and wood, staying on top of trees or hidden on grass, ready to pounce. Have some intelligence as they do not attack big groups while together, waiting for a good opportunity to strike. They are very strong and agile, their mouths open in four parts with big teeth that can rip a face apart and big talons, giving it a strong grip.

Update: Impossible to run away from or avoid, too hidden to see, best chance is staying together in a group.

Brainwasher(4): From people who had a high QI, these creatures have weak physical, but can be deadly as they are able to command the lower zombies and create hunting tactics that are the nightmare of any Camper.

There are very skinny and with no muscles, all bones, they have big heads that pulsate with tick veins filled with green blood (?), they do not have space for the eyes as the mouth and ears are bigger than normal, using sounds to command the lower zombies.

Update: If you see one alone, make sure to kill it but never follow it, it can be a trap.

Radioactive(5): Come from two types of people: those who were using radioactivity to heal some type of disease (weaker ones) or those that had contact with the substance after the bombs, or stayed in the misty radiation for long and survived. Is the most unstable kind, having a lot of variations in physical appearance and strength.

            Not much is known, the areas that they habitat is dangerous for the levels of radiation, which makes it unlikely to find one of them.

Update: If you see a strange type of zombie that is not classified, is probably this type – do not engage, the radiation alone can kill you.

Zombie King(Unique): Some say to exist, some say it is a myth, some say that is the new version of the buggy man, but one thing for certain; if a creature like this exists, no man would stand a chance in its path.

Come on, who added this part? This is a serious document! Erase this later.

Added information: Animals are not affected by the zombie virus, furthermore are ignored by most infected (higher zombies need to eat, as lower zombies only search to infect, which is not possible on animals so they are ignored), however some still mutated because of the radiation.

Update: Avoid cities hit by nuclear bombs AT ALL COSTS

Signed: Dr. Harold Walls