Chapter Twenty
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“S-slow down a bit will ya?” I say over the swooshing wind, grabbing Nolan’s fur as my life depended on it. “Y-You are going t-to fast!”

Aww, poor pup, are you scared of a little run in the woods?’ He says, and I can hear both him and his wolf chuckling at me; good I’m able to amuse you two pricks!

And a little run in the woods? A little?! How about a mad dash between the trees, in the dark, instead of that? That definitely sounds more fitting.

When he said I could ride him so we could move faster out of the woods it sounded like a good idea at that moment, would get us further away from there quicker, but now…If I wasn’t this scare for my life and already unmoving I would have been frozen from the cold of the mad wind rushing pass us, worsening with the already cold night.

And for mine and Kira sakes, I kind of had to hug him close so, with Kira in between, both her and I would stay warm over this ordeal and not fall down.

But of course such ruckus wouldn’t pass unnoticed by our persecutors, for even though Nolan was quick and stealthy, the many zombies attracted to this zone weren’t, and even after minutes have passed since they saw us their groans could still be heard, and their lack of interaction beyond responding to stimuli was enough to keep them walking in the direction of a prey for hours and hours, even after the said prey was long gone.

They were mere rotting creatures who could only react after all.

So I should not be surprised when, after hearing something odd over the bustling wind, I look  over to the sides and find shadows dashing from one tree to another among the fulliage.


The pack was here for us.

“Shit, forget what I said, run faster Nolan!”

Don’t have to say twice.’ He says before his already bulging muscles start to prompt him forward even faster, making me feel his strong muscles under my thighs pass the fur working their way to an even faster pace.

They were keeping their distance at first, howling in the wind and trying to keep the pace, but on the contrary of our situation they were not alone, so even though Nolan ran faster than them they used their number to their advantage and, once one tired out, others would take their places, howls and asserting their strategy as they cover us from all sides.

And that went down all too quickly to counter.

Before we knew it, even moving all around and jumping hill and broken logs, they had us surrounded, too many to count, but things start to get really dangerous once they start to close the gap between us, some trying to keep the speed up and bite Nolan’s hind legs, but thankfully his stamina was monstrous enough so he could keep this speed for very long, otherwise they would have harmed him already.

However the ones at the front, who were struggling to keep up, took their opportunity to jump in front of us, trying to grab his neck or back, so much happening at once that their growls and snarls came from all sides, their smells mixing in my nose and overwhelming my brain with too much information all at once.

Beyond holding Nolan for my dear life the only thing I could do is grab my bag and smack the wolves who throw themselves at us, smacking their faces with the many cans there were inside the backpack.

We were gaining terrain and some distance between us and those wolves, especially once we find the paved road and Nolan is able to dash full speed ahead, occasionally having to jump over some cars and slow zombies.

I look behind me, watching the wolves grow thinner and thinner over the horizon, starting to disappear on the curves.

But of course… Our luck is cut short once a powerful howl reverberates through the night, silencing any creature around us, and for a second even the wind seemed to stop blowing.

That howl sends shivers down my spine, and one look behind us told me why.

That ‘that’ werewolf was here, the one who bit me, the two-legged one.

That brown one-eyed Lycan.

His single yellow eye glimmers in the darkness, with many other pairs to accompany on the side but all my attention was captured by his sharp gaze and rows of piercing white teeth that made my mind go blank and my heart race, a buzzing feeling crawling on my neck to my whole body, memories and sensations hitting me in the face all at once.

The yet so vivid attack.

His tongue, his teeth, the way he palpated all over me, of how strong he was as he held me down, and how is yellow eyes stared at me with lust and ferocity.

I couldn’t stop my body from trembling, and this time it was not from the cold. I turn once more to grip harder on Nolan’s fur, really fearing for my life now, sweating cold and wanting to vomit at the same time, just  wanting to simply run away from here.

One thing for sure is that Nolan agreed, looking over me and back, a piercing gaze that lasted only a second, but was enough to provoke the wolf behind us, earning a powerful growl from him as he starts to run on four at us, incredibly quickly.

‘Don’t worry pup, I won’t let them get you.’

I can faintly hear Nolan talking in my head but, with the strength of the wind, I’m unable to answer back, not that I had an answer for that as my throat was closed in fear.

And if I thought Nolan was fast before… he proved to be even more than that.

The Lycan behind us caught up pretty quickly, the dreading fact that Nolan had probably tired himself enough for him to catch up passes my mind, until the real chase begging, leaving the wolves behind.

Nolan tries to lose him with sharp turns and incredible jumps, going as far as to use a trunk as stepping stone, but the other, even more without having to carry anyone, proved to be quite agile as well.

It was no surprise when the other Lycan manages to get close and starts to run parallel at us, closing the gap only for them both to exchange blows and bites, mostly thrown in the wind as they keep running, a stalemate that did not seem to end well for us.

And mostly because I was a deadweight in this fight.

That’s why, when the other Lycan, after jumping from a car and trying to land on us, gets closer once more and goes for Nolan’s ear, I grab my bag and hit him in the face the strongest I could manage while holding the fur with the other hand.

But it proves to only provoke him as his eye turns towards me, a red bloodshot glint shining from then as he tries to attack me, being pushed aside by Nolan.

But of course he comes back.

He tries to bite once more, leaping at me, and with the only thing in hand I strike back, but instead of hitting him this time I only manage to get the Lycan to bite down on my bag, sinking his teeth deep as he keeps this incredible pace while holding my belongings in his teeth.

“Let go you fucker!”

His yellow wild eye was so close up to me, his breath tickling my fingers as I grip my bag hard, even more once he starts to trash about, moving his head with strength back and forth, trying to pull me out of Nolan at the same time that make me lose my bag.

Oh hell no, my food is in there, I cannot lose it, not after coming all this way for it!

But even though it was hard for him to keep gripping while running, especially on the curves, he kept a strong grip, enough to almost make me fall to the side after he pulled the bag on a curve.

Paling I realize; will I have to give it up? No food, water, medicine, nothing at all?

It would almost be a death sentence.

With widening eyes I watch, in terror, when the choice is made for me; when a ripping sound resonates very audibly in my ears, when the Lycan looks down to see his teeth dragging down, when he finally manages to rip my bag open and make cans fly out in the open, hitting him in the face as he loses his memento and trips to the side with a piece of my bag in his mouth.

I quickly react and turn the bag around, but I could feel from the weight that good part had already being lost, and as I lamented our lost and wear the bag upside-down I look back and watch as his figure stands tall in the woods, staring us down.

That’s when a red glint caught my eyes, a red liquid dripping from the tip of his snout before being dragged by his tongue and disappearing into his mouth, making me realize that his fangs had grazed my hand and that I was  bleeding.

And my heart jumped when an unfamiliar deep voice growled in my mind:

‘You can run but you can hide little alpha, I’ll find you and make you bare my pups and be the Luna of my pack!’

He says before disappearing from view, not before licking his paw as if to get the last drops of my blood in his mouth, a crazy lustful light shining in his eye.

And making me tremble with fear.


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