321. The Final Preparation
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The Virgo's weapon system was once again upgraded, with as many as 200 dual-linked laser cannons, 200 dual-linked electromagnetic guns, and 200 "Heaven's Wrath" eight-linked missile launchers.

And if these weapons were still not enough, that wasn't the end of it.

The Virgo was equipped with 1,000 floating guns! These floating guns could be controlled from the control room, or they could autonomously connect to the "Galaxy" weapon joint attack chain or the "Iron Wall" defense system chain! They formed the carrier's close-range attack and defense system alongside the laser cannons and electromagnetic guns!

As for the long-range attack system, apart from the main guns, naturally, it relied on fighter jets.

In the manufacturing list, the latest fighter jet, named "Star Shuttle," had appeared, presumably taken from the meaning of "Interstellar Shuttle." Without a doubt, the fighter jets equipped on a star-level carrier should be interstellar fighter jets!

Compared to the previous generation fighter jet, the Star Shuttle's shape was more compact! It canceled the twin-wing design, taking the shape of a beetle.

The weapons equipped on the fighter jet changed from electromagnetic rail guns and metal storms to laser cannons and six powerful nuclear warhead missiles.

And the Star Shuttle also had extremely high speed, a single wormhole traversal capability, interstellar jump ability, and an electromagnetic force field shield!

From the independent hangars on the Virgo, it could be inferred that a star-level carrier could carry 1,000 Star Shuttle interstellar fighter jets.

In Raine's mind, he had already imagined what this star-level carrier would look like in battle.

It was like a mobile beehive. Once the battle started, the hangars would open from the belly of the ship, and these Star Shuttle fighter jets would pour out. If it added in the 1,000 floating guns...

With the completion of the new battleship's construction, ship technology was further enhanced, and the Heaven Crystal skills of the four Heaven Crystals continued to upgrade.

Skills like Volcano Eruption, Ion Storm, and Wood Heaven Crystal's Root Entanglement might not be very useful in space battles, but at least the four Heaven Crystals' protective shields could still be used.

With the addition of the electromagnetic force field shield, Virgo's defense was further increased.

"Hahaha, I don't know if I'm going crazy, but I'm kind of looking forward to the upcoming interstellar war with the eight alien races!" Raine laughed madly.

"An invincible fleet, huh? Hmph, I'll play with you even if without five Heaven Crystals! I need to build more Virgos, and Star Shuttle interstellar warships! Let's see who's tougher then!"

After Raine finished inspecting the fighter jets, the others finally had a chance to board the ship.

However, this star-level carrier was too big, and it would probably take a long time to slowly look around.

Everyone could only gather in the control room, watching Raine's introduction of the ship's functions.

When they saw the power of this battleship, everyone was stunned and speechless.

"My God, this is really a star-level carrier! It's incredible."

"Antimatter propulsion and antimatter cannon... Raine, have you mastered this technology?"

"That's terrifying, I've never seen such a fierce battleship... Raine, your technological level is way ahead of ours."

After patiently introducing the new battleship to everyone, Raine said to them, "Both the fighter jets and the floating guns can be manually controlled. Although my ship has trained quite a few excellent gunners, I need more now!"

"Next, I still need you all to provide me with more materials. I have to manufacture carrier-based aircraft and more Virgos!"

"And you also have to help me recruit more gunners, preferably pilots with flying experience, or gunners with firing experience!"

Having witnessed the construction process of the Virgo, no one doubted Raine's abilities now. After Raine finished speaking, everyone quickly noted down his requests.

"Raine, leave these matters to us. You just focus on building more battleships! Hahaha, finally, we are qualified to compete with those eight alien races!"

"Yes, build a few more, at least eight, as they are the eight allied alien races. I estimate they have at least eight main ships."

"What eight? Of course, the more the better!" Delkel said excitedly, "Brother Raine, we've spent quite a bit of time preparing before, so our material collection speed will be faster in the future. You just focus on building! And leave the recruitment of people to us. We will find the best personnel!"

"This matter concerns the life and death of our human race, all our hope lies in this battleship. Everyone must work harder, even if it means not eating or sleeping, we must have at least ten battleships!"

The power of the Virgo eliminated everyone's previous worries, and people gradually held more hope for the coming calamity.

Similarly, the completion of Virgo's construction also finally made people stop bringing up the issue of the Water Heaven Crystal, which gave Raine a sigh of relief.

In the following time, Raine began to supplement a large number of Star Shuttle fighter jets, and others started to gather resources for Raine frantically.

Large fleets traveled back and forth between various sea areas. Hundreds of thousands of people worked day and night to mine the veins in the dragon-level sea areas. Even the people in the City of Twilight, under the leadership of Mayor Heng, fully devoted themselves to the mining.

Giant ten-thousand-ton ships frequently traveled to and from Saipan Island. Large quantities of materials were poured into the furnace. At the same time, batches of refined metal ingots were transported to Saipan Island.

Delkel and others assigned people to recruit experienced gunners. The first batch of 1,000 people was sent by Raine into the simulation training room.

These people were informed about the importance of the upcoming battle. Their curiosity about interstellar battles, coupled with the seriousness of the situation, made them train tirelessly.

This tedious work was repeated day after day. However, when people saw the new battleships and a large number of Star Shuttle fighter jets being built, it was like an adrenaline boost. Everyone performed their duties at their posts, racing against time.


In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed, and there was only one year left until the legendary "Apocalypse".

By now, Raine's building speed had exceeded everyone's expectations. He had manufactured a total of 16 Virgo star-level aircraft carriers, along with the corresponding Star Shuttle interstellar fighter jets.

If everything went as planned, two more could be built in the last year.

One evening, Fancy, Avril, and Olivia, Armin were cooking dinner. Raine was continuously building every day. Although he didn't need to do it himself, his energy consumption was still considerable.

Trajan, Shobe, and the others were also busy all day and only slept for a few hours.

It was rare that everyone was on Saipan Island today. The rest of them couldn't help much, so the women busied themselves preparing a lavish dinner to reward everyone.

While they were preparing the ingredients, a woman wearing a breathing mask walked in.

The underground humans could briefly be active on land, but now many of them needed to operate on land for extended periods, which necessitated the use of special breathing masks.

"You're preparing something delicious?" Linda asked, her gaze fixed on Fancy.

Fancy looked up and smiled, "Linda? Yes, everyone from the ship is back today, so we're making something tasty for everyone. Linda, have dinner with us tonight."

Linda seemed somewhat distracted and hesitant...

"Well, let's forget about dinner. I still have something to do."

"Oh, come on, it's just a meal. Don't worry, we're all familiar here." Fancy ran over and took Linda's arm, saying affectionately, "You're not scared of Raine, are you? Don't worry, he won't mind. He's been so busy lately, but he's actually very easygoing. He loves making friends, and he treats his friends very well."

Linda nodded, "Yes, I know he's that kind of person."

"Then what are you afraid of? Have dinner with us tonight."

Avril noticed that Linda had hesitated several times and seemed completely different from usual. She wasn't focused on the food at all today and seemed deeply troubled.

After hesitating for a long time, Linda let out a soft sigh, "Well, Fancy, I'm sorry, but... Mr. Heng insisted that I tell you. Could you come out with me for a bit? I...I have something to tell you."