324. The Powerful Invincible Fleet
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"They actually have particle cannons!" In the interstellar pirate group, within a silver metal battleship, a tall and thin man looked on coldly.

According to the information they intercepted from the human migration flagship "The Light of Micro End", humans should not have mastered this technology yet.

When they first clashed with the human fleet, they almost instantly defeated the enemy's battleships. But in just four hundred cosmic years, humans had actually developed particle cannons, which could not help but shock him.

Logically, those qualified for migration should be the elites among humans. As a result, those who stayed on Earth had actually mastered more mature technology!

Not only did they have particle cannons, but they also had electromagnetic field shields. Judging from the strength of their electromagnetic field shields, they were stronger than their own!

In space melee, their fighters exhibited astonishing performance, not at all inferior to the top fighters of the eight different races. More importantly, the enemy's fighters seemed to be remotely controlled, which was even stronger than theirs!

Although they were not afraid of attrition, training an excellent pilot was not something that could be achieved in a day or two.

The only consolation was that the number of enemy battleships was still at a disadvantage.

"Don't be careless anymore, the strength of the enemy's battleships is not worse than our B-class main ships. Everyone, get serious, concentrate firepower, and destroy the enemy ships one by one!"

This man seemed to hold a very high position among the eight different races. Even Shirelle, after receiving his orders, didn't dare to refute it and started commanding the fleet to attack.

The close combat of fighters compares agility and firepower, while the battle between carriers is more like a stand-alone output.

Faced with the enemy's massive missile attack, each ship activated the "Iron Wall" defense system chain.

At this moment, the terror of the defense system chain finally showed itself.

1000 floating cannons were the main force for interception, assisted by electromagnetic cannons and laser cannons on the ship's body, intercepting the enemy's massive missile attack.

However, missiles were easy to intercept, but particle cannons could not be intercepted.

Raine quickly noticed that the enemy began to concentrate fire on the frontmost No. 17 and 18 ships. Nearly twenty beams of energy were fired from all directions at the two carriers.

In the face of so many particle cannons, even electromagnetic fields couldn't protect them!

"Captain, the back is up to you!" Faced with numerous particle cannons, Delkel was also at a loss.

Raine made a decisive decision, "Four-layer shield!"

After upgrading, each shield can be used 8 times. Faced with the enemy's volley, one layer of shield was obviously not enough, so Raine directly added four layers of shields for them!

Boom, boom, boom, boom. The four layers of shields were instantly dissolved under the enemy's fierce main cannon attack.

There was still firepower bombarding the two ships. Fortunately, after several layers of weakening, although the two carriers were injured, they were not completely destroyed.

"Ship No. 17 and 18, retreat and cease-fire after going stealth!" Raine immediately ordered, he couldn't allow the enemy to break them down easily.

"Particle cannons need to cool down after use, No. 1 to 16, form a group, and concentrate firepower on enemy ships that have not yet fired particle cannons!"

Battleships that have already fired particle cannons cannot fire again in a short time. Raine first chose enemy ships that had not yet fired, temporarily relieving fleet pressure.

The bounty group quickly acted according to Raine's instructions, two formed a group, locked the target, and simultaneously fired particle cannons and antimatter cannons.

According to Raine's speculation, the enemy's electromagnetic field shield should be able to defend against three or four main cannon attacks.

Battleships No. 1 and 2 hit a silver metal battleship at the same time, the enemy ship was instantly shattered! But before people could celebrate this small victory, bad news came.

"Captain, the enemy's fighter numbers are too many, we can't hold on!" The message came from the flight team.

The rate of consumption of their fighters was extremely fast. The enemy had fifty to sixty thousand units.

In such a massive battle, each pilot faced a severe challenge.

For example, if it was just a one versus three, then the difficulty would be much lower than now!

The opponent can easily outnumber them in any local area. During the movement of their fighters, they encountered enemy units, and the probability of being shot down increased significantly.

However, the current pressure on Raine's ship was already significant. The defense chain was operating at its maximum capacity, and if the enemy's fighters attacked, it would be difficult for the carrier to defend.

"Hold off the enemy's fighters at all costs!" Raine gave a firm command, "No matter the cost, do not let the enemy fighters get close to the carrier!"

"Yes, captain!"

"Carrier team continues to focus fire on enemy ships, prioritize those equipped with main body cannons!"

Raine suspected that not every one of the 300 enemy battleships could fire particle cannons. For example, those biologically-shaped ships...

At this moment, an enemy ship shaped like a giant beetle fired a green liquid, which splashed onto the 13th battleship.

The battleship's electromagnetic field shield surprisingly did not stop this attack.

"Captain, our ship's hull has been severely corroded!" Captain Lina of the 13th battleship hurriedly reported.

"Damn it, is this a corrosion attack?" Raine did not expect the enemy to have this tactic.

"Number 13, go stealth! Avril, you take command!" Raine said, quickly shifting to the 13th battleship.

[Detected that the hull has been severely damaged by a strong corrosive acid]

"Use backup materials, repair the hull!"

Materials stored in the warehouse quickly patched the hull. Five minutes later, the surface of the ship had been fully repaired.

Raine quickly shifted to the 17th and 18th battleships, repairing their hulls swiftly.

Just as he finished repairing these three battleships and turned around, he saw a strange scene.

A semi-transparent enemy ship and a bio-ship combined, emitting a white light. The next second, the bio-ship was already above the 8th battleship.

The bio-ship self-destructed above the 8th battleship!

As Raine wondered why they chose to self-destruct, the answer quickly became clear.

After the enemy ship self-destructed, countless strange creatures surged from within, landing on the hull of the 8th battleship. These creatures could not only survive in space, but they were also swift and surprisingly powerful!

Upon landing, they rapidly crawled on the ship's surface, damaging the weapons systems and hull!

Meanwhile, several enemy battleships concentrated their firepower on the 11th battleship.

The four elemental shields that Raine applied, along with the ship's own electromagnetic field shield, were broken within dozens of seconds, severely damaging the hull!

More and more bug nest carriers self-destructed on their fleet, releasing a massive number of alien bugs.

"Damn it!" Raine couldn't help but swear, "How to deal with those bug nests?"

The eight different races each had their advantages, they had swept through various interstellar fleets.

Even though Virgo's performance surprised them, it only made them slightly serious.

But they had only just gotten serious, and Raine was already struggling.

They had stretched thin, and overwhelmed, but looking at the eight different races, they obviously had reserved.

"Captain, our hull has been severely damaged, and the power system and weapon system have malfunctioned!"

"Captain, we can't hit those bugs! They have destroyed our shipborne weapons, and they are trying to get into the battleship!"

"Captain, we are under concentrated fire, requesting support!"

Raine took a deep breath.

It seemed that the invincible fleet wasn't that easy to defeat, he had underestimated them.