328. Inferior Race
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The two parties had already met on the surface of Battleship 14.

When the newly joined eight figures appeared, all other members of the pirate groups quickly abandoned the fight and retreated behind these eight.

On the other side, the members of the Dad stood behind Trajan and the ten group leaders, ready for battle.

The eight leaders wore translation devices on their ears. Having obtained information from the Earth's Wanderer Fleet, they had evidently mastered Earth languages. To them, acquiring translation software was effortless.

These eight were clearly individuals of remarkable stature, but among them, one stood out as particularly eminent.

He stood at the forefront, with the other seven flanking him on both sides.

"Who is your group leader?" The tall and slender man at the forefront slightly lifted his chin, the question emanating from the translation earpiece in English.

Trajan took a step forward, "You are not yet qualified to speak to our leader!"

Suddenly, a flash of white light appeared before everyone, and a bolt of lightning shot out from the man's hand, striking Trajan in the chest, and sending him flying back into the crowd!

Although Trajan was not the strongest among them, he was still in his metal-transformed form. Especially after being strengthened by the Metal Heaven Crystal, his power was not what it used to be, with particularly astonishing defense.

However, the opponent a simple gesture of opening his palm severely injured Trajan!

Everyone was taken aback.

Lightning - an ability that could suppress many mutations, a power no human has ever possessed! Moreover, this man's level was almost inconceivable. Before anyone could react, he had accurately and critically injured his target among the thousands of soldiers.

In front of the lightning, let alone evading it, Trajan did not even have time to react! The strength of this man was unfathomable!

"Trajan!" Shobe quickly helped Trajan up, seeing his rigid body and the froth at his mouth!

In a single move, Trajan, who was at the forefront, had lost his ability to fight!

Moshin wore an impassive expression. Unsurprised at everyone's shocked reactions, he calmly put his hands behind his back and said indifferently, "I'll ask again, who is the group leader?"

Faced with such a simple question, not a single person from the Dad dared to answer.

To tell him would undoubtedly concede their inferiority. To not tell him was to admit his strength was indeed inscrutable.

Besides, apart from this man, the other seven who were eligible to stand behind him were likely no weaklings.

Sneering coldly, Shirelle sarcastically retorted, "Weren't you all quite valorous just now? Why is it that now you're like chickens plagued with disease, without even a single person daring to speak? Do you truly believe you can withstand our interstellar pirate group? How naive!"

Hawk burst into laughter, "Ha ha ha, turns out you're all cowards! Sorry to break it to you, but from the moment we set our sights on your planet, it has already become our prey."

"Moshin, why waste words on them? Just kill them. I haven't had any exercise in a long time." After saying this, Hawk roared at the crowd.

Budigar spoke softly, "Kill them we can, but their souls are mine!"

Shirelle quickly spoke up, "Old rules, brains to the Moshin, bodies to me for incubation first. You've all seen how many children I've lost. Then the souls are yours to enslave. As for the corpses, they go to Redisk."

"Hey, hey, hey, don't you consider our feelings when you divvy up like that?" Hawk was immediately unhappy, "Half of the creatures on that planet are food! The rest of you can do whatever you want with what remains."

"Hawk, what's the rush? Isn't it said there are still billions of creatures inside? Everyone gets a share," the towering King of Titans, Bandi, said.

"I don't care how you divide it, but the wood elf is mine." The elemental dark elf, Vanergat, had been staring at Woodborn all along, "Hey, are there any elves like you on your planet? I need to absorb your elemental essence!"

Disgust flashed in Woodborn's eyes.

This guy was openly saying he wanted to feed on the elemental essence of the elf race in front of him, even demanding to know how many of his kind there were.

Brutal and extremely arrogant!

Their conversation sent a chill through everyone present.

They were clearly discussing how to divide the spoils of war in advance, which meant that falling into their hands, not only was there no hope for survival but they would also be stripped of all dignity, brutally drained of every ounce of utility...

In their eyes, humans, and all life on Earth were not considered life at all...

The Moshin furrowed his brows slightly, "What is there to argue about? The division of spoils depends on each person's contribution. That has always been the rule of our interstellar pirate group. If you want a larger share, contribute more!"

After chiding the other seven kings, the gaze of the Moshin fell on Delkel, who currently stood at the forefront.

"It's surprising how quickly you humans have evolved, and that while strengthening your physical bodies, you've also managed to maintain rapid technological development. That is indeed no small feat." The Moshin's gaze turned cold, "For this very reason, we will not give you any chances! It doesn't matter who your leader is, it makes no difference. I hereby officially notify you! We will annihilate all humans, and we will destroy the entire third planet!"

Delkel's face was ashen. Now was not the time for fear!

"You want to destroy the Earth?! You'll have to get past us first! My brothers, I know the enemy is powerful, but as long as one of us remains, we will not allow them to set foot on Earth! That is our homeland, our territory, and we will use our bodies to resist the alien invaders!"

Everyone's faces were determined. Without a doubt, the upcoming battle would be the fiercest, but no one would back down. Because there was nowhere left to retreat!

"Yes, never retreat!"

"Fight to the death for Earth!"

"I'm all in, brothers, let's kill them!"

Seeing the indignant expressions on the humans' faces, the Moshin showed no signs of anxiety, but instead smirked, "Do you think determination and numbers alone can change your fate of extinction? Hmph, a bunch of fools who won't cry until they see the coffin!"

He extended his right hand again, opening his palm.

In his hand, a ball of electricity crackled, with extremely unstable charges attempting to escape, extending numerous tentacle-like charges.

With a pop, the Moshin made his move. The small ball of electricity suddenly transformed into a ferocious beast, extending hundreds of electric arcs toward the crowd.

"There are always some inferior species in this universe occupying superior resources. Don't you know that your existence is a waste of resources? All of you die, trash of inferior species!"

Crackle, crackle, crackle, crackle.

The flashes of electricity aimed at the crowd. Just then, a sword shot out from the distance, firmly embedding itself in front of the people.

The sword acted like a lightning rod, absorbing all the surrounding charges onto its blade. A fierce arc of electricity illuminated the characters on the sword.

A voice came from the distance.

"This world... is ours to protect. Invaders... will be killed without mercy!"