329. He’s here!
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As the voice was heard, hope ignited once again in everyone's eyes.

People turned their heads and saw a teenager, slowly walking towards them.

"Captain..." Arsan's eyes were red. Their captain would never abandon them!

He hadn't in the past, and he wouldn't today! Even if it were a road of no return, he would not retreat.

The people spontaneously opened a path.

"Is Trajan okay?" Raine walked up to Trajan and Shobe.

"Captain, I, I'm fine... You, be careful, those guys..." Trajan tried to say.

Raine nodded, "Don't worry, I know."

Passing through the crowd, Raine stood at the very front of the crew. That's where a leader should stand.

"So you're the captain?" Moshin looked at Raine with interest. From his appearance till now, he had not launched any attacks, "You command well, calm, and orderly."

Raine sneered, "Thank you for your praise, but your command is incredibly bad."

The Moshin was indifferent to Raine's sarcasm, "Unfortunately, even if your command is perfect and ours is bad, it won't change your inevitable defeat."

"Is that so?" Raine smiled, "Interesting, I originally wanted to give up the name of the bounty group team, but I kept it because I was too lazy to think of a new name."

When entering the Dragon class sea, there wasn't much difference between bounty group teams and pirate teams. But Raine didn't join the Free Fleet at the time and continued with his Dad bounty group team name.

"So what?" Moshin didn't understand why Raine suddenly brought this up.

"Well, you are an interstellar pirate group, and what you just met, is a bounty hunter team that specializes in dealing with pirate groups." Raine shook his head.

It seemed as if everything was arranged by fate. His bounty group's final enemy was indeed a pirate group.

"Our bounty group's attitude towards pirate groups has always been the same." Raine turned his head to look at Olivia, "What was it?"

Without thinking, Olivia answered directly, "Leave no survivors..."

Raine nodded, "Exactly, leave no survivors!“

"Today, none of you from the Interstellar Pirate Group are going to escape! I'm coming for your lives!" Raine's smile gradually faded.

His eyes were then covered with a veil of murderous intent!

"Armin, transfer everyone from Battleship 14 to Battleship 1. Avril will meet them. Also, you all leave here!"

"Captain! We won't leave you!"

"Armin, the battle to come might be too intense for the battleships, and too intense for you all. Behave, listen to me!" Raine's eyes never left his opponent. Don't distract me."

Armin wanted to say something but was stopped by Trueking, "Armin, listen to the captain. This level of battle is not something we can interfere with."

Armin calmed down. Anyone who had seen Raine's battle with Poseidon before could imagine how terrifying the upcoming battle would be. If they stayed, they would need Raine's protection. They would be more of a hindrance than a help.

"Raine, you... you must win!" After saying this, Armin immediately organized everyone to evacuate.

Shirelle watched the humans retreat and tilted his head, "So, Moshin, you're just going to let them go?"

Moshin laughed coldly, "Why not? Those people are not to be feared. Moreover, this human in front of us is their spiritual leader. If we kill him, those people will lose without a fight! Then these battleships will all be ours. You can have tens of thousands more bodies for your larvae to hatch. Why wouldn't we be happy about that?"

When it was mentioned that there could be tens of thousands more bodies for his larvae to hatch, Shirelle had no more objections.

The crew quickly evacuated, including those still on standby on the 14th battleship. Everyone transferred to Raine and Avril's 1st battleship.

However, everyone was staring at the situation on the outer deck of the 14th battleship.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the outcome of Raine's battle would determine the fate of all humanity.

"Captain, can we win? That guy who uses electricity, he looks like he's just playing around, but his strength is already so formidable!"

"Forget about the eight newcomers, even our previous opponents. If they were on Earth, they would be among the top powers."

"Captain... You must win!"

Avril, Fancy, Olivia, Armin, Shobe, Charge King, and others are in the control cabin of the 1st battleship, watching the situation there!

Their hearts were already as tense as they could be. But while others care more about the outcome of this battle, they care even more about Raine's life and death!

"Captain, you must come back alive!"

Among them, Fancy seemed a bit lost. She was also very worried about Raine's safety, but it seemed that she had something else on her mind.

The Sea King clan had always had a prophecy. When the calamity comes, a super battleship will lead humanity to resist the calamity, the Sea King clan will become its right-hand man...

At this moment, Fancy was more certain than ever that the prophecy was true!

Raine was that super battleship, and she...


"Alright, your people have retreated. They are safe for now, so we can begin." Moshin was as aloof as ever, looking down on his opponents.

"Listen up, elite troops, whoever brings me his head will be heavily rewarded!"

Moshin's promised reward was extremely rare.

Upon hearing this, the high-ranking warriors in the elite unit all lit up their eyes, the intention to kill surging in their gaze.

Moshin was slightly smug inside. Those humans increased morale with passionate speeches, but he only needed one sentence to get these top warriors' blood boiling.

In the face of interest, everything else is so fragile.


At the command, over 160 people from the elite unit of the star pirates, including 40 first-order warriors and 120 second-order warriors, charged at Raine like they were injected with chicken blood.

This elite unit included the Steel Beetle tribe, gigantic Titans, ghostly Undead, demon-aura-filled Demon tribe, Element Dark Elves that merged with elements, agile-to-unimaginable Divine tribe, and Dragon tribe that excelled in long-range attacks...

In one-on-one combat before, this unit had already crushed humanity's strongest lineup.

And now, with 160 against one, the terror of this unit was shown to the fullest extent.

Raine walked up to the flame sword, took a deep breath, and snorted, "You minions are not qualified to kill me! Creator's Contract, 40% transfer!"

With a bang, Raine's size instantly doubled, reaching over 40 meters!

"Time-Space Stride!"

In an instant, Raine's speed skyrocketed. He charged into the enemy's ranks like a cannonball!

Raine's speed had reached its extreme. He instantly arrived in front of a Beetle warrior, grabbed its neck with one hand, applied pressure, and snapped the neck of this second-order warrior. With that, Raine split this beetle into four with his two swords.

"Beasts, how you treated my crew before, now I will make you pay back a hundredfold!" Raine roared as he charged towards more enemies!