331. Chaos World
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No matter how talkative Moshin was, he would definitely not give his opponent any chance to breathe in battle!

Seeing Raine severely injured, Moshin snorted coldly, "That's all! The game should be over now, you guys go kill him."

The seven great kings smiled, finally it was their turn to take action. While speaking, the seven of them had already rushed towards Raine one after the other!

Raine's arm was blasted off, but Raine did not panic, he only used 40% of his soul transfer, he still had the Spring of the Holy Spirit constantly helping him recover.

Without knowing the strength of the opponent, Raine still saved a lot of trump cards!

"Damn, 40% soul transfer can't withstand his one blow!" Raine said coldly, "These guys are so strong, it's hard to imagine!"

Seeing the other side about to kill, Raine was sensing his body recovering quickly, while he snorted coldly, "Eighty percent soul transfer!"

In an instant, Raine's figure doubled again, reaching 100 meters! His attributes, and defense also significantly increased, and his arm quickly recovered, and a punch blasted towards the first rushed Titan King.

After two strong frontal confrontations, a loud bang instantly stunned the audience, and a shock wave shook open, the No.14 battleship outer deck actually couldn't withstand such an energy collision, the metal shell between the two was visibly deformed!

Bandi, the Titan King, also didn't expect that Raine, who had just been seriously injured, could suddenly erupt with such a huge power!

After a punch, Bandi was directly shocked and blasted away! The other six great kings were slightly stunned, but not panicked.

"This kid, he's still hiding something!"

"Humph, interesting, just let us move around."

"Kid, I advise you to use all your abilities as soon as possible, or you won't have a chance in the future."

The six great kings swarmed up and immediately fought with Raine.

Even though Raine's base attributes have reached an incredible level, after being fully prepared, the six great kings did not lose at all to the eighty percent power of the Creator.

Each confrontation stirs up terrifying shock waves. In just a short moment, the surface of the No.14 battleship was full of holes!

Avril and others looked at the battle happening on the No.14 battleship, their faces were pale.

"This, this is really not a human-level battle... It's too terrifying!"

"Thankfully we retreated in time, we can't help at all in this level of battle..." Onebear also said, "The battleship was actually destroyed by these guys barehanded!"

"Although the leader still has several cards that he hasn't used yet, that God clan guy hasn't made a move until now." Olivia worriedly said.

Raine certainly hadn't been defeated for the time being, but looking at the other party's posture, it's clear that they had not yet given their all.

Moreover, it seemed that the God clan guy among them was the most powerful, and he hadn't taken action, everything was hard to say.

Bandi returned to the battlefield from the stern, Raine was fighting one against seven, and his opponents had endless skills, Raine was struggling to cope.

"Eye of Medusa!" Raine suddenly used a new skill.

Raine used to have a skill called Naga's Gaze, which he was reluctant to discard while devouring a large amount of Sea God fruits in the World Tree.

Until he encountered the Eye of Medusa!

The activation of the Eye of Medusa was extremely sudden, as long as he made eye contact, he could petrify for 2 seconds at least!

Previously, Raine never used this skill, this time he directly used this skill, intending to catch his opponents off guard!

As expected, the Demon King, Dragon King, Titan King, and Bug Queen all fell into the trap at the same time, feeling their bodies stiffen in an instant, unable to move.

When masters make moves, two seconds is enough to tell the winner!

Raine suddenly broke out, with four punches directly hitting the chests of the four, blasting them away!

In an instant, the seven-person siege was reversed.

The remaining elemental black elf Vanergat, Beast King Hawk, and Bone King Redisk were even more shocked, not knowing why their companions were hit.

This was clearly another opportunity for Raine, he took advantage of their confusion and used Space-time Stride to quickly kill in front of the three.

"Kill me? You're not worthy! Die! Flame Blast!"

Raine's hands were wrapped in roaring flames, the opportunity was rare, he must kill the three!

But at this moment, the bodies of these three people suddenly retreated rapidly.

What was strange was that their retreat was not of their own accord, but they were being forcibly pulled back.

Raine's punch fell through, and he looked forward strangely.

"It's you!"

Moshin was currently stretching out his claws, it was he who used some special skill, the void pulled the three back to avoid Raine's attack!

At the same time, the four kings who had been hit before clutched their chests, shaking their heads and standing up.

Their chests were deeply sunken by Raine's punch, but they were all recovering at an extremely fast speed.

After pulling the three back, Moshin snorted coldly at Raine, "You are stronger than I imagined... but it's impossible for you to kill them."

Shirelle shook his head, seemingly dissatisfied with his performance just now, "I haven't personally taken action in a long time, and I've fallen for this kid's tricks. There's something wrong with his eyes!"

Hawk said, "Wait till we kill him, we can pull it out and see."

Moshin said indifferently, "Alright, stop playing. Don't waste too much time on this guy, finish him off."

"Moshin, let us play with him a bit more." Hawk spoke, still not satisfied, "It's rare to meet someone who can fight like this."

Moshin decisively said, "This guy's physical body is very strong, and both his defense and recovery abilities are top-tier. You all heard it just now, he has only used 80% of his soul contract, he should still have something up his sleeve. You won't get any advantages in close combat. After we've taken over this planet, we still have a lot of things to do. I don't want to waste too much time on such a boring battle anymore, use that move and kill him!"

Hawk and the others could only shrug their shoulders helplessly, "Alright, you're the boss, what you say goes."

The group formed a circle as they spoke. Each person held a light ball in their hands.

A lightning ball from the gods, a dark ball from the demons, a dark green ball from the eternal undead, a golden ball from the Titans, a light green ball from the bug race, a blue ball from the dragon man, a purple ball from the black elves, and a red ball from the beast race.

Shirelle looked back at Raine, and smiled enchantingly, "Kid, no matter how strong you are, in the "Chaos World", you can only let us trample on you!"

Raine was about to launch an attack on the eight, but before he could rush to them, an invisible light wall blocked his path.

Moshin raised one palm, looking at Raine with a light smile, "Want to come over? Impossible!"

During his speech, the eight light balls had already fused!

After the eight colored light balls fused, they formed a small black ball. The black ball began to expand at a very fast speed, growing until it swallowed the entire No. 14 battleship!

And it didn't stop there, the entire fleet, including Earth, was enveloped in it in just a few seconds.

Hawk turned to look at Raine, and smiled faintly, "Welcome to the Chaos World! Here, we will receive endless energy, we are gods! Even if you somehow defeat us, you can never escape from here, the energy of all of you will be drained by the Chaos World! So, give up the struggle. You, your fleet, your planet, are already in our pocket!"