334. Welcome Home
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This day, Onebear was doing routine maintenance on the battleship.

Due to the Chaos World, many functions of the Super Battleship were damaged, especially the No.1 battleship. The hull was seriously damaged and the operating system could not start. Considering the condition of the No.1 battleship, it was already a miracle that it could fly back to the ground.

Avril had first-level control authority but could not repair the battleship. After all, only Raine could build and quickly repair the battleship.

However, Avril made another decision, to share some of the technology on the battleship.

The Apocalypse Battle had already made people aware of the dangers of outer space. When facing fleets of the level of interstellar pirate groups, the strength of all people must be united.

Unfortunately, the best engineers on Earth had been studying for a year, but they had not even repaired the operating system of the battleship.

In the words of Belya, the chief engineer of the Demon God Delkel fleet, the level of technology used on this battleship far exceeded the current cognitive level of mankind. To completely repair this battleship, it would take at least a hundred years!

Onebear gently touched the battleship and sighed deeply, "No matter how long it takes, we will fix this ship."

At this moment, Twobear came running over in a panic.

"Bro, something big has happened!"

Onebear looked at his younger brother strangely, "Why are you so flustered, what happened?"

Twobear took several deep breaths, then calmed himself down, "A huge interstellar aircraft carrier is here! It is now landing on the sea fifty thousand meters away from the island!"

"What!" Onebear was immediately shocked.

Could it be that another interstellar fleet has set its sights on them? And this time the other party directly entered Earth?

Onebear hurriedly ran out with Twobear.

At this time, a large number of battleships around this sea area were rushing to the scene.

Avril and the others were riding the optimized Yamato that Raine had casually built when he showed his abilities. In addition, the Demon God fleet and the Storm fleet, and many fleets from the Beast-class sea area were closely following Avril's battleship.

The other party did not issue any warning, nor did they fire first.

In a short while, Avril and the others had already arrived 500 meters in front of the battleship.

This black interstellar battleship was hovering over the sea. Its volume was even larger than the Super Battleship. The whole ship was an irregular disk shape, with a diameter of more than 1500 meters!

Delkel and Dewey came to Avril's side.

"What should we do now, Captain?"

Even though more than a year has passed since the Apocalypse, Avril's position remains high, and even Delkel and others have to respect her as "Captain".

"Have all battleships aim but do not fire for now."

The order quickly passed down, and all the cannons of four to five hundred battleships rotated toward this unexpected guest.

At this moment, a hatch on the huge interstellar battleship suddenly opened...

Out of the hatch, came a... astronaut in a spacesuit.

As the ship hadn't landed, he stood in the hatch. When he saw the people around, his eyes paused on Avril and the crew for a moment, then he looked into the distance. He slowly raised his hand and took off his helmet.

The moment he took off his helmet, Avril and the others were also stunned.

This person's appearance was clearly identical to theirs! He, too, was a human!

The man took off his helmet and tucked it under his arm, taking a deep breath, "Great, Earth is still here... We, we're back!"


That day, Heng and others from the Underground Twilight City also arrived. The underground city had once received a message from space.

The humans who went to space in search of a new home were ravaged by interstellar pirates. Only one battleship escaped from death, and it was they who sent back the message.

They had once tracked the interstellar pirate group, but considering the disparity in strength between the two sides, they couldn't follow closely, so it wasn't until a year after the Apocalypse Battle that they returned to Earth.

"You guys are amazing. You don't know how shocked we were when we returned to the solar system and saw that Earth was still there!" The captain, Steve King, said excitedly, "I simply can't believe it, Mr. Raine led the people of Earth to defeat the most notorious invincible fleet in the universe! You guys are incredible!"

Onebear snorted, "You talk a good game. You were the most eager to leave back then, and now you show up only after seeing that we've won. You sure have a knack for seizing the opportunity."

The Azure Era lasted for more than four hundred years, and for these humans who left others behind to go into space, many people had no good feelings.

Moreover, they did not show up when the fighting was most intense but appeared after the battle was over, making it feel like they came to reap the benefits.

At Onebear's sarcasm, Steve didn't get angry but said with a trace of sadness, "Sir, you've misunderstood us. Initially, we did not flee Earth. The global sea level was rising rapidly, and no one could predict what the future would be like. We were burdened with the responsibility of finding a new habitat for humanity. We maintained contact with Earth at all times, and as soon as we found a suitable habitat, we planned to take you all there."

"As for the interstellar pirate group... our ship was on a mission to explore new planets at that time. After our fleet engaged with them, we were ordered to... stay at Green Star and not to regroup..."

"Our fleet was no match for the interstellar pirate group. The aim of our general not allowing us to return to the battle was to feed back to the earthlings the information that the interstellar pirate group was targeting Earth."

"For the next 30 years, we tracked their whereabouts. We tried to warn other planets in advance, hoping that other fleets could defeat the interstellar pirates, or at least find some allies. But their strength was too strong, and they were invincible. Wherever they passed, planets disappeared, leaving no survivors."

"They had strong detection capabilities, so we dared not get too close. A year ago, they finally arrived at the solar system, but we waited in the Milky Way for a year and they didn't come out, so we ventured in."

"I know you must think we are cowards. Actually, if Earth is gone, if humanity is exterminated, the crew on my ship would be the last hope for humanity. I can't risk any failures, so all decisions must be made cautiously..."

Steve's account finally made others understand his situation. If they truly didn't care about Earth's safety, they wouldn't have trailed the interstellar pirate group for thirty years. And the bitterness of this journey, perhaps no one could truly understand.

After understanding Steve's situation, Onebear felt somewhat embarrassed. He sighed deeply, "Captain Steve, I apologize for my rudeness just now. You have done your utmost."

Heng also said, "Alright, we are all Earthlings. Now everything is over, the interstellar pirate group has been annihilated by us, and Earth can continue to exist. Steve, welcome home."

Steve gratefully looked at the people. Their understanding of his difficulties was touching.

Steve's deputy suddenly said, "The only regret is that we didn't get a chance to meet that legendary captain."

Mention of that person caused everyone present to bow their heads, with some eyes welling up with tears. That person was always a forever pain in their hearts.

The atmosphere suddenly turned somber. To lighten the mood, Onebear sighed and tried to change the subject, "By the way, your technology level should be higher than ours, can you help us check our battleships."

"Hmm? Check your battleships?"

"Yes, to have that battleship soar across the stars again is a wish of many," Onebear said sorrowfully.