Hana’s Origin: I’ll Do What I Want – Teaser
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This chapter is not required to read to understand the main story, this is only a side-story.

This is a teaser for the patreon-only side stories I'm writing.

Each chapter has 3 parts and the first part of any new storyline I will make public as a teaser. I'm planning for the main cast to have at least 3 chapters of side-stories.


I force my smile and get up from the table.

"I'll catch you boys later," I say and throw down a silver coin. "My pay, if you steal it I'll break your balls, got it?"

"Yo, little miss!" One of the drunkards raises his cup and spills some pot-ash-to beer on his own face, "I'll catch you later, eh? Get it?" He laughs and makes fucking movements with his hips.

"You wish, you limp-dick, you couldn't even break my hymen with that chicken cock," I say and send him a wink. The man falls back on his seat and slams his dagger on the table, glaring at me. "Don't make that face, I saw you take a piss, you are smaller than my Da's!"

The others laugh and slap the back of the man, he pulls the dagger out and points it to me, "I'll get ya one day!" He yells and smiles as I turn around and walk away.

The 3 boys in the corner laugh along between themselves and get up too.

I get out of the tavern and breathe in the fresh air. A silent lightning falls on the tavern and even I can feel the mana coursing through the lightning-rod. It disperses on the ground and an Earth mage comes to check on the soil near the rod. I look up and see a large dark cloud directly above, periodic lighting strikes light up the entire town.

I start moving quickly down the white brick road. I think about hiding in between the buildings but they are too far apart from each other and the streets are almost empty, the fuckers would find me effortlessly.

I hear the tavern's door open just as I turn the corner. My hope of getting lucky gets dashed as I hear 3 sets of footsteps get closer.

"Miss Tranfkoever!" I hear the forced melodic voice of the pompous asshole that has been stalking me.

"Signeur Mushmasun," I say with gritted teeth and turn around.

The brown-haired young boy looks up at me. Even though he's older than me he still falls short, but it's his muscles that give him the confidence to try to fuck with me, or better, try to fuck me.

Flanking him are two orc-looking boys, toys to be usedwhen the fucking little noble lacks the raw power. A blond and thick one from Dyrmorder and an olive-skinned, black haired, chubby one from the Mainland. The blondie looks kind of handsome, though.

"Please, just call me Amon," he says with a wide smile, his beautiful blue eyes stare at me with smugness. His blocky face and fleshy lips look enticing, it disgusts me that he arouses me. Handsome men shouldn't act like him, it doesn't fit.

"Fine, Amon, I greet you."

"Yes, yes…" His smile turns warm and gets far too close to me, though he's close enough for me to bite.

He points towards the direction I was going to with one hand and the other falls on my exposed shoulder, forcing me to turn, "Please let's continue walking," he says softly. I turn with him and he pushes me on, forcing us to walk, but he doesn't remove his hand. "Going back to your family?"

"Yes," I answer curtly.

"Good, maybe we should have a talk, meet with your father, you know. There's many things for us to discuss, business, partnerships, your future," he glances at me and I feel the scales in my body twitch. "I know you haven't found a partner yet and I'm also saving myself for someone special, we could learn many things with each other. Me, you, maybe Yasarin or Yamini too, maybe my sister, definitely my future wives too."

I look at the two orcs and they are grinning at his master's words. They don't look ugly, though they do look brutish, taking 3 men would be interesting, but it's unfortunate that their master is such a fucking piece of shit.

I look at his waist and scoff internally at his rapier. Damn duelists think they are above the real warriors, I bet he uses a girly buckler too instead of a real damn shield!

I stop and grab his wrist, I squeeze it painfully, making the little bitch squirm. I push back his hand into his chest, hopefully he will learn this time.

"I would prefer that you didn't touch me," I say and force a smile.

His two cock suckers surround me.

"Miss Hana…" He says with the sweetest poisoned smile.

"Don't fucking call me Hana," I interrupt.

He lowers his head in apology and goes back to staring at me, a new savagery seeping into his eyes. "Apologies, Miss Tranfkoever."

"I already said no to you more than once," I say coldly and narrow my eyes at him.

"Oh Miss Tranfkoever, we can always discuss it further, hasty decisions will always leave us unsatisfied," he says smiling wider, turning maniacal. "Negotiations should be ingrained in your mind, right? You should behave more like your class," I don't know why but something on his tone pissed me off.

"I don't want to negotiate," I say, gritting my teeth and forcing a smile that undoubtedly looks warped.

"Don't be conceited," his tone mixes coldness with casual speech making me even more pissed, "I will negotiate with your father. Now please, lead me to him."

"No," I say curtly.

He sighs and dramatically massages the bridge of his nose, "We are not going to just negotiate you, my delicious dragon. There's also your younger sister who would make a fine young wife for me, I would love to have your little brother too. Maybe we could even include your mother," -he smiles faintly and I can only think his face looks like a rather handsome fucking Eldritch Horror- "I'm sure your father would understand how much he could gain from this."

"You know what, fuck you."

I spread my foot and get into position. His hand immediately goes to his rapier, fucker thinks this is a duel.

My fist connects with his jaw before his rapier is half way out of his waist. I tense my back muscles and follow through, my hips spin on the spot, giving the punch all the strength it requires. His face twists and I see his teeth fly, [Enhanced Reflexes] is a beautiful thing.

His face snaps to the side and is stopped by his neck reaching the limit it can twist. Then his body starts to follow, his feet depart from the ground and he takes off like a bird. A very heavy bird that can only fly a few centimeters before falling back on the ground, face first.


"Nighty night, little Lady."

The two orc-brains look at their cum dispenser with wide eyes, they didn't even understand what was going to happen and just stared at us the whole way with empty minds. Probably not so empty as I'm sure they were dreaming of boning me.

The Mainland one drops on the ground near his master and splashes Lady's face with an HP potion.

"Fat fuck, that won't work, his face is not broken, his brain is. You have to make him drink it," I say.

"UOO!" The blondie aims a straight at me. I tilt my head and lift my scales, they cut his hand and arm deeply in multiple places. "AAAH!" He yells in pain as he pulls his arm out.

I give him a real straight punch right on the nose and his head snaps backwards. He takes a few steps back while groaning and covers his nose, it immediately starts bleeding.

"Too bad your face is going to get fucked, you are actually handsome." I grab him by the throat and pull him close, I give him a kiss on the lips and taste his blood. "This is how you punch, bitch." I send another down his solar plexus and hear the air escape his lungs.

A punch hits me on the right of my face, right on the cheek and on my scales. I release blondie and take a few steps back.

"Ahahaha! Fattie doesn't know how to punch, you hit the wrong spot," I say as I look at the Mainlander grasp his left hand in pain. He didn't even crack a scale.

I lift my fists and get ready. I kick blondie with the sole of my boot and send him away, then I immediately walk forward and send a straight towards fattie.

He dodges and uses his arm to parry the punch and sends one on my ribs with his left. I grunt in pain but hold on, I grab his arm with my right and send a left on his throat.

He endures the first and grabs my wrist when I go for a second so I kick him in the balls.

"Ah...!" He moans like a bitch and hunches over.

I knee him in the chin and he falls on his ass. The blondie comes with a drunk punch, I fail to dodge fully and he hits me in the neckbone, it actually fucking hurt but it might have hurt more on him.

He follows with a flurry of drunk punches and I just keep stepping backwards to dodge them.

"I can smell the cum from here! Now, is it from your master or from your fat lover?" I taunt and his punches gain speed but lose accuracy.

He tires quickly and slows down again. I stand my ground and parry one, then I send a right on his jaw. It connects and he stops, his body starts swaying, then I send a left and he falls on the ground.

Fattie stands up so I grab his dick and squeeze.

"Aa~h! P-please no! I yield!" He pleads like a bottoms.

"I'm sure you do, little finger, I'm sure you do," I smack my head on his nose and he falls back, this time he doesn't try to rise. I spit on him, a little blood goes out with the saliva.

Lady Amon is opening his eyes, trying to wake up.

I walk over his head and lower my pants, I spread my panties and give him a view he won't forget. "Here's my dowry," I say and squat, I pee on his mouth and hear him choke.

I quickly put my pants back on and run away before the guards can come.

What the fuck did Lady Amon think would happen, that he could stab me in the throat with his rapier and in the next moment ask me in marriage?


I hang by the central fountain, the silent lightning strikes the fountain repeatedly, making for quite the sight.

It's still too early to go back, damn Lady Amon made me leave before I could wipe the table and steal from the drunks, after last time they won't try to beat me up just because I'm good at pochspiel. I need some more coin, the sex shop is selling some shaking beads cheap and I really wanted one.

I get me some goblin ear chips and a fish dip from a stall. I see the kids from the orphanage are hanging out near the fountain like they own the place.

After I finish eating I [Clean] my mouth and wash my face on the fountain, I let the water drip down my white sleeveless shirt, then I approach them.

"Yo, kids," I say and cross my arms, I bunch up my breasts to tease them. "Doing anything fun?"

Most are boys and the girls are all small and thin. I see the older ones follow the water dripping from my neck down to my chest, my wet shirt is sticking to my breasts quite visibly.

"Y-yes, we got hash!" Says a short and young one quite excitedly.

"Fuck, Gamal! You don't tell others these things!" An older boy says and slaps Gamal in the back of his head.

I walk to Gamal and stroke his head, he barely comes up to my chest so I lean over and give him a view. "Don't hit him like that, the good boy is just friendly." The young boy smiles and his eyes glue to my breasts.

"What do you want, lizard?" Says another boy.

I glare at him and he gulps visibly.

"Give me a piece and I will flash you," I say and smile wide. The boy visibly gets uncomfortable and some of the boys look at the girls, they scowl at me visibly and one even hugs the arm of a boy.

"Slut, go away," hisses a girl.

"Fucking dragonkin are all like that, she's just like Aiya," hisses another, the older of the girls.

A boy throws me a rolled hash and I catch it in the air. I lift my shirt to them and they gasp, the same boy stretches his hand for a squeeze.

I drop my shirt and grab his hand, then I bite it and he yells. "Fuck! Bitch! Why did you bite!?" He cries.

"No touch, only watch," I say innocently.

He clicks his tongue and I walk away.

I blow a little fire in the hash and light it up. I suck on it and it fills my mouth with smoke, I inhale the air for a few seconds and let it escape. The smoke is slightly pleasant and fills me with calmness but it's short lived, damn "Endurance" is already too high for smoking hash.

A few people send me glares, not everyone likes the smell of hash in the open.

I keep walking down the streets carelessly, I prance down the clothiers alley and spend some time window-shopping. I'd like to wear dresses too but when? Even Mom spends most of her time only wearing pants due to her job.

Time passes quickly, from behind the dark clouds I can see the God of the Sun setting and the Goddess of the Moons rising on the opposite side. The wind picks up and I think it's going to rain so I go back home.


The inn is full of people coming for dinner, there's a large amount of grass right outside that would make for quite the fresh dinner below the stars but everyone prefers to squeeze inside instead, making the air go stale and stuffy. The architecture here in the Thunder Plains is so weird, I miss Sommerland. It's going to take at least another month until we finish our route and go back.

I see Mimi in front of the stairs, she's brushing her silky dark ash hair calmly while listening to the bards sing to the diners. She looks at me and smiles adorably, her high cheekbones make her face look so cute, but then it slowly turns into a frown as I approach.

"Hey Mimi," I say and give her a kiss on the cheek, she retributes but her frown doesn't change.

"Did you fight again?" She asks in a very disapproving tone.

"Uh..." I stay quiet and lift an eyebrow at her, I can't lie to her.

"Your clothes are messy and I can smell the hash on you," she says matter-of-factly.

"Hash doesn't mean I fought," I say and scoff at her.

"Your right cheek is swollen, the cloth on your right knee looks slightly frayed, and I know that you won't waste money on hash if not after a fight," she continues on the same tone.

"Well, damn, are you part of the Investigation Department now you cheeky brat." I sit beside her and hug her.

"You are 14, you are just as much of a brat as I am." She rests her head on my chest.

"You are 10, you shouldn't be this smart."

"You should have higher 'Intelligence', you dum-dum." She smiles cheekily.

I pinch her dark cheek and she keeps smiling. I release her and start patting her head, she closes her eyes and enjoys it.

"Who did you beat?"


She chokes on her spit but quickly recomposes herself. "Dad is going pop a vein," she says with a sigh.

"I pissed on Amon's mouth, Dad is going to beat me."

"Wow... Well Mom is going to beat you, didn't she tell you to stop picking fights after you wasted your points with [Dagger Use]?"

"Yes," I say with a cringe, I did forget about that detail. I'm almost wishing I had just ran away from Amon instead, almost.

"Did you even pay for the hash?"


"Oh Gods don't tell me you sucked someone off," she says with disgust on her voice.

"Where are you learning these things you brat? Ew, I would never do that, I just flashed some dumb kids from the orphanage." I pull on a small strand of her hair.

"Ow. Well somehow that sounds even worse."

"The kids shouldn't even have hash to begin with."

She sighs again and goes quiet.


After a long time Mom and Dad finally appear. His pure black and her milky white skin contrast heavily as they walk with arms entwined, Dad's hardened face and Mom's soft one make them a beautiful pair, that and her vibrant red hair turns the heads of many patrons. Even though Dad is short for a human he still has a strong presence.

Little Hermann sleeps on Mom's arms adorably. We both stand up when they approach and I almost ask to carry Hermann when I see the gazes of both of them. Dad's is cold while Mom's is furious, they make me freeze and quake in my boots. Well, I already knew I fucked up.

Mom silently gives Hermann to Mimi and they plus Dad go towards the baths. Mom stands still in front of me, her glare burning a hole in my heart.

"Pissing, really? You pissed on a damn noble!?" She lowly hisses at me, trying to not make a scene.

"Yes, I am sorry..." I say and lower my head.

"I bet you aren't."

"Mom..." I say it as my heart hurts. I don't lie, not to her, or Dad, or Mimi.

"Come," she says curtly and turns around. I don't question and simply follow.

We go outside into the back of the inn, light rain drizzles on us and the silent lightning strikes increase in number. There's only an Earth mage switching the earth near the lightning rods.

Mom pulls out of her [Item Box] two wooden swords and throws one at me.

"Pull up your guard," she growls at me, her emerald scales waving in anger.

I raise my sword and Mom immediately advances to strike. I know to not take her lightly and immediately fight back.

We dance around each other. Her sword easily finds openings, slashing painfully on my hands, arms, chest, throat, and face. My skin even starts to bruise due to the repeated strikes.

She kicks and sweeps at my leg, playing with me. I fall on the ground repeatedly but she never says to stop, she never drops down her guard.

With a heavy breath I rise up again and Mom strikes me painfully on the head, sending me down again.

"Wow...! Please stop, this hurts...!" I plead.

"No," she replies curtly, her soft face is stuck in a harsh gaze.

I rise and she quickly sends me down again with a slash on the shoulder.

"Mom, please... I can't fight anymore..." I say, completely out of breath.

"No, get up."

Shaking, I rise again. She strikes and I parry but her sword snakes over mine and the tip strikes me in the face, making me lose balance and step backwards.

"Mom... please..."

"If you want to stop then make me stop," she says.

"I can't..." I try to raise my sword, my arms tremble in tiredness.

"I'm only doing as I please, if you want to stop me then make me!" She barks at me and sweeps me off my feet, I crash painfully on the ground and I don't think I can get up again.

I scowl at her, she's taking pleasure in torturing me. This is not right, I just want the punishment to end.

"I thought you would understand me. You certainly only stop when someone beats you down, so I'm just going to beat you over and over until you stop me," she says, her face distorted in anger.

I drop my sword and let my mouth hang open. My heart hurts so much I feel like crying. "I'm sorry," I mutter.

"Sorry!? Damn you, girl, sorry is kind of late now, don't you think!?" She says and throws her sword at me in indignation. "You want to do as you please!? You want to live by the sword, taking what you want, doing what you want!? Then get ready to die by the sword when others also do what they want!" She spews the words at me.

"I... I get it..." I say and drop my head back on the grass, the light rain mixing with my tears.

A small ceramic bottle is thrown at my chest. I uncork it and drink it, the delicious taste of an HP potions fills my tongue.

"Don't think this is over," Mom says, her tone still severe, "Tomorrow we are meeting with the Mushmasun's."

Her words send me a shiver, if I meet with them I'm bound to say something stupid, again.

I see Mom's milky hand and take it, she lifts me up and hugs me, squishing me on her soft breasts. She runs her delicate hand through my hair and I feel it get stuck on some mating, making her chuckle, we both have a problem with that.

"I'm sorry," I mutter it again.

"Say that again after all this is done."


A short silence falls between us, I enjoy her hand running through my hair as much as I can.

She breaks the silence with a sigh, "Let's go home, we have to take a bath. And what the hell have you been doing, you smell of hash."

I cringe one last time and hope she doesn't ask anything else.

"Hanafuria... What did you pay for the hash?"





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