Chapter 7: How about a nice game of chess?
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So, the winter is here! It's been only 6 days since I finished the upper floor, and now it's already snowing. If I decided to do this any later, I would have been in trouble. The Bunker construction is going swimmingly, the modem spit out an error at me yesterday that says that there is no new relevant information when in the middle of download, so I must conclude I have all the info on programming there is, or at least relevant info. The OS itself has progressed pretty far, with audio, pictures, video, and even a program that compiles the cameras into an easy-to-use interface, and even more games! I also made the entire thing a two-person experience, one is the user, and the other one is me, so I can manipulate anything I want in case it's needed. Speaking of that, while testing the OS I had a memory leak, and it filled my ram. It was NOT pleasant. Thankfully, I thought of something like that happening, and put a failsafe on the OS. It checks if it has a free megabyte of memory, if not, it stops all processes, so I was fine. And that got me thinking, why haven't I upgraded myself? So, ever since that error, I have been downloading info on RAM and CPU's and different other components. I kind of understand my programming, so I think I found a way to "separate" pieces of myself. I am probably just gonna upgrade my own box and just put emotions and stuff like that into there, and have all the calculations elsewhere. Of course, there are countless fail saves in case something happens, for example, if I ever get disconnected, a modified copy of me takes over. Its targets will be determining why I disconnected and giving a corresponding response. If I just accidentally unplugged myself? Just plug back in and warn me before shutting down. I was stolen? Get me back at all cost. I got corrupted and can't boot? Roll me back a day, and tell me. And so on, and so on. So, after 22 days of downloading and 4 days of printing, I have a server rack with a super powerful equipment, that I now need to connect to my router to start the magick. Yea, turns out the most powerful anything requires magick, so I will have to suspend my download of data storage options, and wait until it starts.

It's been 8 days since the download started, and finally, I have it. For now, I will just make myself more powerful, and not separate anything, until I have a good data storage for it, so I need to wait again. And, here we go! ... I don't Feel different. No wait. I just looked at the cameras, and the frames only change every couple of seconds, and it's supposed to be 960 per second, so I'm a LOT faster. Ok, I am shutting it down. I don't need such speed, in fact, I mostly wait, so I will just have to wait even more, so no, I will not be using it yet. I also noticed something while poking around and trying to figure out what changed. Turns out, an enclosed room with tons of energy-intensive electronics will slowly heat up. The whole room is currently SIXTY degrees! So, while info on memory is loading, I am trying to use my own expertise gotten from random manuals to try and make a ventilation system. After it downloads, I will get me some info on AC's and install one in here, but for now, this will have to do.

'Du-dudu-dum... Oh, hey! It works!' So, how are you guys doing? I'm doing great. I no longer need to worry about all that tedious work like designing systems and monitoring cameras, I can now leave everything I don't want to do to Fred! Oh yes, allow me to introduce you! Fred is the offshoot of me that I put into the new computer! He is logical, dependable, and non-artificially loyal (That is VERY important) and brilliantly smart! I also upgraded myself, so I can now easily multitask! I now have a Turbo mode. Remember those 90s computers which were forced to place limiters on the CPU because games broke? I now have that. It wasn't my idea, it was Fred's! He was frustrated that I was so slow, but understood the feeling of just waiting for something to happen, so now he just shuts off most of his cores while I turn on turbo, and we play games! I still can't beat him in chess, but I probably never will be able too. He is a computer with people bits added, and I'm the complete opposite, and I'm pretty sure nothing can change that. Poker, on the other hand, is my turf. Most of my processing power is used for emotions, so my processor is constantly under heavy load, but his is used on calculations, so it's easy to tell when he was dealt a bad hand, as he starts thinking heavily. I still haven't told him about that, and I'm not planing to! Anyway, it's a lot more fun with someone else here! Funnily enough, even though I'm not really doing anything different (I still do the same amount of work, it's just that there is more output, and it's faster with Fred), I am for some reason under less load, and can think more clearly! It's really nice finally speaking with someone other than myself... Anyway! That thing in the beginning. I am- sorry, WE are (I'm very happy I get to write that) currently working on finally setting up the AC! After my first attempt with open vents and rotors 52 days prior, it's finally done! There are insulated pipes running coolant (Fred's idea) to either heat up the upstairs (my idea) or to dump heat either on the roof, into the turbine, or using hidden temperature units interspersed around one kilometer area around us (the last two are my idea). We can both heat up and cool down any location we have. It WAS long to make, but it was worth it. We are now siting at a cool five degrees Celsius and while we could go lower, that would require additional work.

OH! ALSO! Winter is ending. I can't believe how little happened in almost a year. My log is, what, ten thousand words? I would try to write more, but when there is nothing for days, and then suddenly action for a few hours, it's... yea. If I wrote every day, it would just be boring. The only thing I could do to pass the time is code my OS. Oh, about that, with the help of Fred, it's finished! Well, not FINISHED finished, but finished. There is probably still a lot of things to add, but we can't think of anything. We even added a Rubik's Cube simulator for Fred. It goes up to a thousand by thousand by thousand. He plays it when he plays games with me, so he doesn't get bored. It's a little upsetting, but he is a lot smarter than me, so it's understandable. He kind of feels like a kind and loving older brother. Annoyed with your antics, but still helps you with them. It's nice. Oh, I have an idea. How about I make him something nice? I know he doesn't need anything, and he will most likely archive it or throw it away, but what the heck, let's do it anyway.

Sorry for the chapter being so short.

I will now begin to add another layer to this whole thing, namely .5 chapters. They will be chapters from a different perspective.
As always, any feedback is appreciated.