Chapter 60: Lily got captured
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Chapter 60: Lily got captured


Okay, calm down. Even if it has successfully locked, my curse will either force it off or destroy it. It’s just taking a bit for that effect to kick in. And why the heck did it lock in the first place?! Sure, I was considering the girl as a possible mistress. But one night together and I’m ready to be owned by her? Am I really that easy of a girl?!

“Hehe. Now you're all mine!”~Scarlet

As you may have guessed, Scarlet has secured a [Succubus’s Collar of Submission] on me. And it didn’t pop off or disintegrate. After I got over my shock, I checked the status log via my status manager blessing. The collar and curse created an error due to conflicting owner data and the lower priority owner data was overwritten by the higher priority one. Because Kat was only my temporary mistress in the first place, the collar had the higher priority! My curse now lists Scarlet as my mistress. Then, although it still looks basically the same, the collar merged into my attire and it mutated a bit to match me better.

[Collar of Lilia’s Submission]
{temporarily removable by placer}
Effect: pet, dual cultivation, self-cleaning

The name obviously changed to a more personalized version and it can now only be temporarily removable by Scarlet. Its dual cultivation effect stayed, but the other two were replaced. They were pretty redundant for me who is her servant by means of the curse and because I can use stamina buffs myself already. Self-cleaning is pretty standard on my items, but the pet effect is interesting. If Scarlet were to get the tamer skill, the skill would then recognise me as being tamed by her. It would allow all the tamer skills to be effective with me except actually taming me of course.

“I know my actions have probably surprised you, but we’re both pretty exhausted right now and should get some sleep. We’ll have plenty of time to talk tomorrow. So for now, I order you to go to sleep.”~Scarlet

I really wanted to tell her that things are much more complicated than she thought, but my consciousness quickly faded in accordance with her order.

“What happened exactly? I had thought that things like that shouldn’t possibly work?”~me

I’m currently having a chat with Kat. After my body was forced to sleep, she dragged me into her divine realm.

“You read the log, so don’t you already know? As long as it isn’t an irreconcilable conflict with your curse, it’s possible for you to be claimed by someone without you recognizing them as your mistress first. Plus, that collar is especially compatible since I used your curse as a template for its creation. In fact, it’s so compatible that any young lady eligible to become your mistress would have been able to place the collar on you. Regardless of your consent.”~Kat

“Great, one more thing to look out for in the future. Okay, that answered that question. Now, why was the collar merged with my attire? Am I going to end up absorbing every item I wear into my attire?”~me

“Both dungeon items and your attire are generated by the system and can therefore merge. Normal items won’t merge, but your attire menu will record them, making them available to be generated as system items. Merged items can be unmerged via the attire menu. Not including permanent and some semi-permanent items of course. The collar will only unmerge when it’s time to select your next mistress.”~Kat

“That’s an interesting feature. So, what is with this city’s barrier?”~me

“It’s just like that founder story you heard. That particular hero had a blessing called spell channeling which let her maintain spells without any effort as long as she had the required mana. Except that after she died and the barrier was no longer maintained, I immediately and seamlessly linked the barrier’s maintenance to the dungeon there. I couldn’t let such a beautiful city just disappear.”~Kat

“I agree with that sentiment. Next question, the seemingly universal spread of certain items has something to do with you, right? Considering how new that adding the quake beads is, it should not have appeared in such an isolated community so soon.”~me

“Contrary to your mistaken belief, I’m not responsible for all such incidents. In this case, it just so happens that one of their spies in the Magic Forest sent back a report recently which included information on such innovations. They even managed to acquire a set of your magescript spellbooks and rune compendiums.”~Kat

“Just this case, huh? Mind telling me why it is that no one here seems to have explored the fiftieth level or lower of the local dungeon? Also, why did you change my eyes without discussing it with me first?”~me

“Floor fifty is an under-water level. I’ll see about specifically having water breathing items generated often in dungeons that have floors like that from now on. As for the eyes, it’s because you look cuter this way, duh. Speaking of, you’ve tasted succubus blood before, right? That means it’s been recorded by your adaptive blood trait and can be stimulated with your body manipulation trait as well.”~Kat

Crap! I managed to drop yet another ‘rock’ on my own foot. Really need to stop doing that!

“Wait, wait! Could you please at least let the body manipulation happen while I’m sleeping this time?”~me

“Oh, sure. Sorry, I’d forgotten last time that it’s actually unpleasant for you to use that skill. Your own tail should be fully formed before you wake up.”~Kat

When I woke up the next morning, a terrifying thought occurred to me. She never mentioned anything about intending to remove the disguise tail. With my eyes still closed, I verified through feeling that I thankfully only have one tail.

“Good morning, Lilia. I suppose you’ll want me to explain myself now?”~Scarlet

“Good morning, Mistress. Perhaps. Though, I think I might be the one doing the explaining.”~me


“You can talk! No, was that telepathy? That’s a super rare skill!”~Scarlet

“By putting the collar on me last night, it triggered my hidden curse to activate. It will make things much quicker if you just take a look at my true status. You should be able to see it now just by thinking that you want to see my status. I’ll explain things as you go through it.”~me

After about twenty minutes, I’ve told her about all my skills, traits, blessings, curses and my history since reincarnating in this world. I was thorough and didn’t leave anything out, including how my ex-mistress slash lover had ended up as my slave. After being convinced that I wouldn’t turn her, except if it was the only way to prevent her death, she even agreed to let me feed on her every night to fill up my energies. I’d be using a blood replenishment divine skill after each time of course, to prevent anemia or other adverse effects. Not that I drink much blood anyways. Mostly I just use blood as the medium to absorb qi and mana. I even make it a point to avoid the major vessels.

Having figured things out between us, we finally got up from the bed. Watching her try and fail to put on her clothes for a bit was quite funny. Seems my curse’s latest alteration is working. She keeps getting confused while trying.

“Lily, what exactly is going on? Why can’t I seem to wear my clothes?”~Scarlet

Oh, yeah. She easily changed to communicating with me via the link earlier and took a liking to my nickname as well. I also had her turn on all her senses sharing with me as well.

“Mistress, you have a servant now. It’s my job to help you with such mundane things.”~me

“WHAT?! Does that mean I’ll never be able to dress myself again?”~Scarlet

“Pretty much, unless you are in a situation where it would be detrimental for you not to.”~me

“Seriously! What other mundane things?”~Scarlet

“Normal chores, cooking, washing and bathing are the big ones that I know for sure. Other things, we can only wait to find out.”~me

“What do you mean by normal?”~Scarlet

“Things that are tedious daily activities that would be expected of a servant to do. Exceptions would be things like your tailoring work, cooking specifically to improve your ability or perhaps if you wanted to have some ‘fun’ while bathing.”~me

“Basically, this means that you will be pampering me like a spoiled rich girl or some noble young lady?”~Scarlet

“Well, my last mistress was a princess after all. Mistress, do you mind if I take a look at your status?”~me

“Sure, go ahead.”~Scarlet

Name: Scarlet | Age: 28 | Sex: Female
Race: {Fairykin(50%)}{Arachne(50%)}
Cultivation Stages: {Body: 3(0%)}{Mind: 3(0%)}{Spirit: 1(0%)}{Divine: 0(0%)}{Law: 0}
Energy Reserves: {Qi: 7000/7000}{Mana: 3000/3000}{Spirit: 60/60}{Divine: 0/0}
Attributes: Str: 7000(70%) | Vit: 5000(80%) | Agi: 9000(75%) | Int: 3000(85%)
Soul Potential: 160
[Sense Mana 2], [Dark Sight 3], [Sense Danger 2], [Sense Presence 3]
[Mana Control 3], [Mana Shaping 2]
[Glamour], [Thread Manipulation]
[Shadow Kissed]
[Destined to Serve(Servant: Lilia)]

The shadow kissed blessing is the only thing I didn’t already have information on. It gives her the natural ability to acquire shadow and some dark related skills. She was able to naturally gain dark sight because of this. Also, when she’s in shadows or darkness, all her related skills get enhanced.

“What should we tell my aunt?”~Scarlet

“Whatever you want to tell her. Even if you don’t want to mention my curse, just that collar alone would be enough of an explanation for me to be doing chores and such.”~me

“She’s going to freak out a bit about losing the collar. I was supposed to give it back if it didn’t work or after using it to have a bit of fun for a while. It’s worth a lot of crystals.”~Scarlet

If she really wants it back, I can just give her one of mine...