Chapter 65: Flora’s reunion and the shocking new bath
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Chapter 65: Flora’s reunion and the shocking new bath

Hahaha, finally! The first thing I did after we got home was to lure out a slime. It was very successful. She came out pretty much as soon as she sensed the core. I ended up not immediately releasing her though and put her into a box in the bathroom. My soul divining gaze informed me that she had entered into an evolutionary hibernation state. I’ll wait until she’s done to release her.

For the rest of the day, Scarlet decided to catch up with her shop work and started to process the fur that the skinner had begun sending over from our kills. Thessa is staying with Az and was searching through creature guides when we left in order to figure out what she wants to tame.

I decided that it was time to summon Flora here, even though I’ll be sad to lose my connection back to the Magic Forest and Sofy. Flora seems to be getting weaker by the day due to our separation, so it can’t be helped.

Out in the garden, I activated the tamer subskill, summon, that you get when reaching tamer level three. A soft light raised up from the ground in front of me and Flora came barreling out of it towards me. Even before she reached me, I could feel a chunk of my spirit energy suddenly being drained. Her need for my spirit energy and being unable to receive it is probably what was causing her to weaken.

“I missed you! Please don’t leave me behind again!”~Flora


I basically just got tackled to the ground and forcefully kissed by her. Vines grew out of the ground and started entangling my limbs while she started undressing me. Or rather, she tore my clothes off by using some thorns. They can now be damaged ever since Kat changed it. Thankfully they come back as good as new when reequipped though. Good thing the back garden is surrounded on all sides with a sturdy, tall fence. I could break the vines or order her to stop, but I don’t. She’s earned some reward for all that she has done recently.


Sometimes I forget she can do stuff like that. She used a natural ability of her feeder vine base form to feed me, via mouth-to-mouth, some of the herbal essences she had stored up from other plants. My body very quickly began to blaze, blood started racing through my veins, my sensitivity got heightened and I started to lose consciousness. No, wait! I’m only losing my normal senses, not my consciousness.

“Flora, what did you just do to me?!”~me

“Oh, just a little something I learned before from your and Sofy’s sexscapades. A little mixture of aphrodisiacs, stimulants, enhancers and some short-term poisons that will switch off your unnecessary senses for a couple hours.”~Flora


I didn’t get much time to think after that. She started teasing my boobs and insides with some tiny vines. Later they turned into nettle vines and caused all my erogenous places to start itching. Whenever she would tend to one area to stop my itch, it would induce my whole body into shivering in pleasure. She tended all my other erogenous zones until I was squirming around in the grass while begging her to do me before she finally saw fit to grow a fat bulbous vine on her lower body and relieved that last, most important place.

It was already pretty late by the time I could finally get up. Flora was already busy rearranging the garden now and I ended up getting some concealed glances from the ladies in the back of the shop when I went inside. Dinner would need to be made soon, but I wanted a bath. Looking at the wooden tub that promised slivers to any who dared to bath in it, I ended up burning it to ashes instead of bathing. Don’t worry, it was a controlled burn!

Pretty sure the nettles from earlier are what set me off. I’m still a little itchy!

“Mistress, I’m heading out for a bit.”~me

“Oh, done in the garden so soon? And here I thought the two of you would go on for longer.”~Scarlet

“You heard?!”~me

“Yes, my shop hands also got quite an earful. Fufu.”~Scarlet

“Gumu. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”~me

“Don’t worry. All of us are ladies here and it didn’t penetrate to the front of the shop anyways. It was quite interesting to see which of my shop hands got excited though. Ufufufu.”~Scarlet


“So says the girl who just had a ‘roll in the grass’. Where are you headed to anyways?”~Scarlet

“Going to pick up the tub I ordered and the massage table as well. Flora also requested that I buy a few things for the garden too.”~me

I managed to pick up everything I needed just before the shops started to close. The bath turned out really nice. Outside is a glossy black because of the obsidian and the inside is a glittery red color. It must have been the firestone that dyed it red, while the astral silver made it glittery. Overall, it looks lovely.

By the time I got back, dinner needed to be made and I didn’t have a lot of time to spare for a bath. Even so, I spent a few minutes in it to clean off my earlier exploits before starting dinner. It felt really good! The golden starfire alloy that lines the inside had the exact effect I was counting on. A slight tingling sensation could be felt penetrating through and nourishing my body.

After we finished eating, I eagerly showed Scarlet our new bath and we immediately stripped and dived in. We decide to just lay back and enjoy a good soak in our jacuzzi-like bath after we’ve finished cleaning our bodies.

----------After 15 minutes of soaking in the bath---------

“This feels really nice! You were right about it being worth the money. My muscles feel like they’ve been turned into mush after just a few minutes. It feels just like one of your more intense massages.”~Scarlet

“Fufufu. You may continue to lavish this great personage with your praises!”~me


“What, not going to worship me?”~me

“You do remember that the mistress is me, don’t you?”~Scarlet

“Of course, Mistress! That doesn’t mean you can’t reward me though.”~me

“Fine, fine. As a reward for acquiring this great bath, you can make a request from me.”~Scarlet

“A-N-Y request!?”~me

“Within reason!”~Scarlet

----------After 30 minutes of soaking in the bath----------

“Wawawa! What is happening!?”~Scarlet

Some black stuff has started seeping out of our pores.

“Probably just some deep-seated filth and other impurities. Nothing to worry about. You’ll definitely feel and look much better once it’s been purged.”~me

“Oh, that sounds nice!”~Scarlet

----------After one hour of soaking in the bath----------

“IT HURTS!!! Lily, lift me out of here. I can’t move my body anymore. It feels like my whole body fell asleep and won’t wake up!”~Scarlet


“Lily, why aren’t you listening to me? That was an order, you know?”~Scarlet

“Mistress, um, uh...A few minutes ago, after the black stuff stopped coming out, I had already felt that it was time to get out, but...I can’t move either!”~me

“Lily, do something!”~Scarlet

“I’m thinking! Don’t rush me!”~me

Trying to get myself moving, I start quickly going through my divine skills and spells that boost the body. I think that because my body cultivation is higher is the only reason that I haven’t felt the pain yet. Yet being the key word there!


CRAP! Yikes, that’s probably really bad now. Scarlet has traces of blood seeping out of her pores now. Think think think! How can I get us out of the bath? Ah, I feel so stupid. I don’t have to physically move us out of the bath. I can use a levitation spell!

I used my spell to levitate Scarlet over to the nearby massage table and then used it to lay myself down on the floor.

“Lily, mind explaining what the hell just happened!?”~Scarlet

“We paid the price for over-indulgence?”~me

“And what exactly does that mean? How are we supposed to take our baths in the future with this thing?”~Scarlet

“It’s not that bad. We just need to limit our soaking time to be at most an hour. And now that I’ve figured out how to get us out of it, it won’t be a problem even if we can’t move.”~me

“Why would I even want to experience this again? I feel terrible!”~Scarlet

“I’m certain that you’ll feel better by tomorrow. Like an exhausting workout, some rest will let you recover and feel even better than before.”~me

“Fine, I’ll reserve my judgement about the bath until the morning.”~Scarlet

“So, um, about my reward. I still get that, right?”~me

“Reward? That’s been postponed until tomorrow’s judgement is out. As for your punishment for letting this become a bad experience… I seem to remember seeing an item in the favorites list of the punishments tab that your last mistress must have used a lot. Ah, here it is: core jolt.”~Scarlet

Well, that won’t be terrible at least. It never did do much to deter my actions when Sofy used it, especially since she turned its output settings way down…SHIT!

“Wait! ARGH!!!”~me

Scarlet didn’t know to turn it down and the reset that Kat performed on my curse had most definitely affected my old frenemy, the core executor’s settings. Just like the poor victims in victorian era looney bins, my body started jerking around while literal arcs of electricity cascaded over my body. Previously unknown to me, it could go even higher than it’s default and Scarlet seems to have maxed it out.

“I am so, so sorry. I didn’t know it would be so horrible for you! Can you please forgive me? I’ll never use that again, I promise.”~Scarlet

“Mistress, calm down. This happened the first time Sofy used it too. You just need to lower the settings a bit. It also has some extremely pleasant features as well, so never using it again would be unfortunate.”~me

I didn’t know the bath would end up hurting her and she didn’t know how much that punishment would really hurt me. Things have ironically evened out between the two of us. With my help, Scarlet readjusted the settings to more humane levels.

Once my nerves stopped twitching, I started trying to recover my motor functions. It took nearly half an hour for me to be able to move again, even with my high regeneration, the help of some healing and boosting skills. As we are both completely worn out, I dry us off and quickly get us in bed.