Chapter 30: Limits and beyond
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October 28, 2019. Edited chapter twenty-eight to add some heartwarming discussion about nicknames. Sofy decides address Lilia as Lily from then on, while Lily would only agree to think of Sophia as Sofy, but would keep addressing her as Mistress. Also, did edits starting from chapter one as preparation to have it hosted on I'm not stopping my releases here, just branching out.

Chapter 30: Limits and beyond

After testing the limits of my new ‘leash’, I’ve found that slight annoyance doesn’t actually trigger a punishment. Either that or most of the time I’ve been taking small advantages of her, Sofy has actually been completely okay with it. It starts to trigger from mild annoyance onward. Basically, I can still score some benefits as long as my actions don’t interfere with her activities. Groping her a bit while putting on her bra is okay, but distracting her from her lessons by sneakily feeling her up is a no go. The punishments are immediate, but the rewards have a delay function that I can and did activate. The delay lasts until the next time I’m sexually stimulated, then lets loose. It still gives me a small indication, a slight buzz, when I’ve earned a reward by pleasing her. She ended up having to disable the static discharge function in automatic mode when Tiff got jolted during lunch. Tiff laughed it off, none the wiser and we made it back home after lessons without further incident. I did discover that it won’t automatically punish me for annoying her with my words most of the time, the activation requirement for annoyance that way is fairly high. My constant teasing can still be continued with word play.

“Mistress, I told you that would happen. I know that you allow us to be close, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel bad about it.”~me

“Fine fine. You were right. Happy now?”~Sofy

“Mmm, It’s nice to know that you desire me to the point of wanting a monopoly over...YIP!”~me

“Just because you aren’t usually punished for your words automatically doesn’t mean I can’t activate it myself.”~Sofy

“Muu, I should at least be able to speak freely to you, Mistress. And what is up with the additional equips? You saw that one questionable item was a success and decided to just go ahead and make it two?”~me

“HMPH! I consider speaking and teasing two separate things. Well, it worked out in the end, didn’t it? We don’t have to cast that spell on you any more.”~Sofy

After finding out that the ‘core executor’ wasn’t causing me any discomfort except when being punished, it only took her three days to get bored before she decided to try out another questionable item this morning. The new additions were aptly named ‘lactaids’. They take the form of small rings that are secured on the tubes between the glands and the part that stores milk. The effects they have are: topped-off and preserved. Translation: the tank is always full and will never spoil. I really want to cry about being turned into a dairy cow, but I’m worried that Sofy might get an idea about changing my disguise into something far more embarrassing. It’s a relief that it doesn’t squirt out at least. I’d break down and cry if that were the case.

“You are done experimenting, right?”~me

“I can go back to using only the well described objects for now. You do realize that today is Fireday, don’t you?”~Sofy

“Mistress will finally get your revenge. I’m looking forward to your efforts. Do you think Jill would consent to a threesome?”~me

“What do you mean by that exactly? Are you suggesting that I can’t satisfy you by myself?”~Sofy

“Not at all. I just thought you might get bored after tying me up. If you have Jill there, she could keep you company while I’m sent off to oblivion. Besides, we just got that new toy delivered. The double sided strap-on that has my quake beads embedded in both sides. It took them less than half the time they previously took. Must be due to being familiar with them now. The shop clerk even told us that they were now best sellers and arranged the order for free.”~me

“That’s actually not such a bad idea. She’s been getting pretty down lately anyways. I could tell that she was hopeful when last weekend came around, but I already had plans with you. Should I perhaps invite Tiff over as well?”~Sofy

“No. I’m sure that I’ll be occupied and I don’t sense that she feels anything towards the two of you besides friendship.”~me

Sofy succeeds in inviting Jill over for the weekend during lunch. She appeased the dejected Tiff by promising to invite her next week and the others just quietly shared a knowing glance. Jill was even more clingy after being invited over and wouldn’t stop hugging her arm through lunch. The rest of the day goes smoothly and Jill shows up just in time for dinner. We make our way back to the room after eating and get cleaned up in the bath. Sofy and Jill are massaged with the stimulating oil, the one that has the increased circulation, enhanced sensitivity and body warming effects. I’m then lathered up with our newest addition. We had found an extreme version of the enhancing oil last time we visited the shop and Sofy jumped to buy it. It’s said to increase sensitivity by many folds and turn the body into a smoldering caldera without the mind clouding effect of similarly strong aphrodisiacs. I’m led out of the bathroom and Sofy begins to bind me up in a no nonsense sort of way. Good thing too, since I’m starting to discover just how effective that oil is. I’m so sensitive that a mere grazing touch will elicit a pleasurable response and my body feels so hot that the disturbed air from Sofy’s movements causes a pleasant cooling sensation on my skin.

The body harness has some differences from the last time, no doubt taken from my rope technique the other night. Straps around the breasts will now tighten as my feet will inevitably pull outward once the ankles are secured to my sides. Once I’ve been secured in my harness, she adds the additions of silence earrings, gag and a toy for down under. However, it isn’t one of the store bought ones. She selected one from the menu that has the added effects of fitting and synced. Fitting causes it to change size to fit me perfectly, but I have no idea about the synced effect.

“Are you ready? If it’s anything like I experienced previously, you won’t even be able to collect your thoughts enough to speak once it’s turned on.”~Sofy

“At this point, is there any reason to doubt. That oil is truly too effective. If you don’t turn it on, I’m certain I’d be more miserable than having to deal with the aftermath.”~me

“Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”~Sofy

I can feel her smirking while switching it on. Oh.My.GOD! Was I ever wrong. The instant she turned it on, I knew that I was in trouble. Synced effect became obvious in mere moments. It allowed itself and the ‘core executor’ to perfectly time their shaking to maximum effect. If that was all, it might not be so bad. Apparently, it syncs with me as well. I’m driven to the edge by a gradual build up and then pushed over multiple times with intense bursts. Just before I can fall unconscious or have my mind blown to oblivion, it slows down for another gradual build up. I’m trapped in a state of perpetual bliss with my mind fully aware. It’s already too late to talk to Sofy as I am indeed unable to make use of the link in this state. The bindings are getting tighter and tighter. It appears that the tightening function is not only limited to the breast area. I could feel Sofy come over to resecure my ankles close to my sides whenever the fasteners became too slack. At some point in time, I noticed a certain two girls were drinking their fill from me. I can only hope that I don’t end up with another addict. By the time I’ve been freed, my heart is beating so erratically that I can’t even gather the energy necessary for a lesser heal. My body is languid like a newborn baby and I end up being cleaned up by Sofy. I assume that Jill has already gone home to prepare for class.

“Lily, can you hear me? Please answer me, you’re starting to freak me out here.”~Sofy


“Thank god! You finally answered me. What happened to you? Why didn’t you answer before?”~Sofy

My response is slow and weak, but I’m finally starting to recover some semblance of lucidity.

“Couldn’t answer. Still weak. Heart pounding, energies chaotic.”~me

“Will you be okay? I had no idea that something like this could happen.”~Sofy

“Mmm, feeling much better now. I’ll need a few minutes to regulate my energies before I can heal myself. As for why I’m like this, it was the fault of that toy’s synced effect.”~me

I take a few minutes to explain the synced effect while I’m calming my energies down. Once I had eaten and healed myself, we are able to get to class as usual. She had apparently freed me late last night, but I was unresponsive until this morning.

“I’m sooo sorry. We should have tested it for a short time first before such a long session, but I wanted my revenge to be a total surprise and got caught up in it. I won’t ever do that again.”~Sofy

“Testing new things first is indeed a good idea. If I was left like that much longer, my heart may have exploded. Though, maybe the curse would detect it as abuse before that could happen. Not something I want to test out, however. You don’t need to swear off using that item, just don’t use anything with the synced function for extended periods of time. While it was extremely effective at its job, being kept aware over a long period of pleasure is rough.”~me

“Scary! Please don’t leave me. I promise to be more attentive from now on.”~Sofy

Our day goes by mostly uneventfully. I couldn’t help my inward cringe when I noticed that Jill had fixed her gaze on my chest during lunch. Nana returned my books today and even provided me with some of the more restricted magic texts from her department as thanks. The books I had finished in the time between were once again left with her to make copies.