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Elliot POV
I walked around lost in the city. In my hand is map of the city.

"Damn where is this place?"

This was my first time travelling. I already decided to become independent from my parents and enjoy my youth to the fullest in this new city. At least that was the setting that I came with when I live here.

My name is Elliot Artel. I am musician, violinist to be exact, even though I can also play other instrument, I think my skill with the violin is the best compared to other instrument I play. maybe you are wondering what am I doing. I am looking for my new house right now. I just moved here and when I looked around the city I got kinda lost and don't know the way home.

"Damn... its already this late, maybe I just ask for direction from the local here" then in the corner I saw a girl with long pale yellow skirt with a white, frilly off-the-shoulder top. She is quite the beauty with her blue eyes and long, curly brown hair worn in a high ponytail. The girl seems notice me approaching her.

"Hello, May I help you?"

"I am sorry... Can I ask some direction to this place please, I am kinda lost right now"

"ah I know this place, its near my house, would you like me to guide you there"

"are you sure? isn't it troublesome?"

"Don't worry about it, I am going in the same direction anyway"

"Thank you, Oh yeah. The name is Elliot. Elliot Artel" I introduced myself with a smile

"My name is Saya Yamabuki. Nice too meet you Artel-san" She introduced herself and I noticed that her cheek seemed red. after that Yamabuki guide me to my house while chatting. It was fun talking with her.

"By the way artel-san are you in a band?"She asked me the question while looking at my violin case that I brought with me.

" ah no, this is just a hobby. I play Violin a bit. Are you in a band Yamabuki-san" I answered her. she seemed happy when she saw my violin case maybe Yamabuki is a musician?

"Yeah. I just started it recently with my friend and we even have our gig in a live house just recently. It was so fun" Yamabuki started talking about her band excitedly. It seemed her band name is Popping Party or PoPiPa for short. and Yamabuki here is the drummer of the band. She must really love her friend and the band because I also started to smile when seeing her like this.

" Ah, Yamabuki-san, It seems we have arrived this is my house" The house is quite big I think. It is two floor with quite spacious garden and small garage for a car.

"ah, sorry... I am too excited talking about my band. So you are the new person who moved here Artel-san. I live just a few block near here. That means we are neighbor. Artel-san Just find the Yamabuki Bakery if you need any help okay."

"Thank you for the help Yamabuki-san" We said goodbye to each other and I enter my house. the house condition is really messy because I just moved here. I went to my bedroom and fall to the bed.

"ah it really is a long day" It was a tiring day but also quite meaningful. I got my first friend here and I think its a cute girl is a big plus.

" But its been about fifteen years huh." As I said before my name is Elliot Artel. If you looked at me I am an Highschool student you can find anywhere. My Appearance can be said good looking, I am 190 cm tall. I have a long orange hair tied in ponytail and emerald eyes. if something can be taken note of me is that I am called a violinist prodigy and quite famous at that in the music world. I came to this town in a remote town of Japan is to escape from my tiring life as a musician and to enjoy my highschool life. but enough about that. actually I have a secret, a secret that even my family didn't know. I reach my hand to the ceiling and mutter quietly.

"Status Open"
Name : Elliot Artel
Title : Violinist Prodigy (active), Reincarnator, Secret Magician
Ability : 7
- Musician Prodigy (SSR)
- Imagine Breaker (degraded version) (SR)
- Physical Reinforcement (R)
- Absolute Choice (R)
- Magical Talent (Space) (SR)
- Cooking (R)
- Language Comprehension (R)
System Shop

" It's really weird no matter how I looked at it" In my past life there were a lot of novel that told story about reincarnating to other world. but becoming the one who reincarnated really feels weird. but no matter what I am really thankful with the chance. at least in this life I will live an happy life which I can't get in my previous Life.