Ruler of the World
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A/N: I'm planning on removing the system later in the future. Some of my readers would know that I do better without it, not just that but I'm also terrible at keeping track of everything.

Removing the system won't be a drawback. I won't explain anything else but I will do it later in the future, not right now.

Probably the next arc/world.

For now, you will be seeing the system less and less since Genji is reaching the current "max" level of his skills and it needs no real reason to be shown.


"The Fire Nation is approaching us?!"

Yue exclaimed in worry as she looked out the window and didn't see anything in sight.

"Are you sure these news are correct?" asked Yue, hoping that they weren't.

"They are real," said Genji with a nod of his head. "It won't be long before we see them here. They might even appear tomorrow."


Yue began to get nervous and turned to look at Genji with a worried look.

"Genji… help me…" Yue begged with a whimper.

Genji smiled lightly and brought Yue into his arms, "Don't worry. Leave it all to me. I will take care of all your problems."

Giving Yue a kiss on the lips, Genji then focused on what was on the distance, a fleet of ships that only he could still currently see. However, it won't be long before the patrolling waterbenders discover the large amount of Fire Nation Warships.

"Let's go get the water tribe prepared for war," said Genji as he went ahead and left the palace before calling up all the water tribe people.

Two hours later, all of the water tribe was gathered and brought together to where everyone could be alerted about anything.

"Why do you think we were called?"

"Psh… who knows. Maybe they will announce the Chieftess Yue's engagement to the Chief Advisor Genji."

"Yeah, they've been really close lately. Wouldn't surprise me if they suddenly get married together."

"I don't think so. It seems too soon."

"Hm… but who knows, maybe they don't care that it's too soon?"


Suddenly, everyone turned to look to the front of the audience where they found a single man standing and looking over them.

They all instinctively quieted down and waited for what the man was planning to say.

"I am proud of you all."

Began the man, surprising everyone but making them feel good about themselves. With smiles on their faces, they continued to listen to the man with anticipation.

"You have made tremendous progress and we have been growing more united as a community. However, I'm afraid that Fire Nation didn't like this change of ours.

They began to fear us and our unity. They fear how we're able to unite together and grow stronger.

The Fire Nation is afraid that we will spread this idea to the Earth Nation and unite to attack back the Fire Nation!"

Rousing up the crowd, Genji looked at every single water tribe member that had grown angry.

Genji inwardly nodded and proceeded to "take a step back".

"We will defeat them and get rid of their tyrannical rule with the help of the Avatar.

Show them that war is useless and we don't need tyrannical rulers who only wish to profit!

We will defeat them and give them the biggest shame ever, forgiveness.

To utterly defeat them and forgive them, this will shame the Fire Lord greatly!

And it will show the people of the Fire Nation that we're not seeking revenge. To prevent future wars and tension between the different rulings and nations, this much is necessary for the happiness of our future!"

Everyone grew silent before proceeding to cheer at Genji's wise words that spoke of the future.

To prevent future wars, one must forgive to keep future bloodlines alive and happy.

"The Chief Advisor is so kind!"

"He's wise as well!"

"If the world was ruled by him, the world would be so peaceful!"


It was just a normal statement from a single person, but everyone felt their heads ring as they instantly knew what consequences that single word has.

Nonetheless, no one said anything about it and instead encouraged it.

"No wars! And no meaningless loss of lives!"

"An era of peace!"

"Era of Peace!"

"Era of Peace!"

Everyone began to chant and even Genji was caught a bit off guard at the sudden statement everyone began to say.

'Me? Ruler of the world? That's too tiring…'

Off to the side was a group of two, Aang and Katara.

They looked at the announcement with awe and amazement at the sheer amazing ability Genji had as a spokesperson.

Not only that, but both Katara and Aang were amazed by how peaceful Genji is.

Especially Aang, everyone had been telling him to kill the Fire Lord and Genji was one of the first people to tell him to just defeat him and the war will be over.

There was no need to kill and that excited Aang.

Katara on the other hand was amazed greatly by Genji's words and at how he had united the Northern Water Tribe. It was an amazing skill that she couldn't quite believe was real.

'He's amazing!' exclaimed both Katara and Aang inwardly.

"It's time to prepare! Everyone who is willing to fight, ready up your weapons and armor. Those who will not, guide the children to somewhere safe and keep them hidden away from the Fire Nation!

We will not let them touch our future!"


Everyone did a collective yell and began to make a move as they prepared for the upcoming fight.

Genji didn't even bother heading to prepare to fight, all he did was head to his room and change into something nice and light to fight in before bringing up his status and checking his growth.

[Name: Genji

Level: 2 (7 / 15)

Power: 15

Vitality: 14 ^+1 (From Expert Waterbeing)

Energy: 11 ^+1 (From Expert Waterbeing)

Spirit: 39

Stat Points: 8 (+4 per Level)

Experience Storage: 756

Class Skills-

<Adept Poleman> (Lvl. 39) |+2 +1 +1|

<Expert Martial Artist> (Lvl. 40) |+2 +1 +1 |

<Adept Firebender> (Lvl. 39)

<Adept Cook > (Lvl. 38)

<Expert Waterbender> (Lvl. 40)

<Adept Crafter> (Lvl. 36)

<Adept Illusionist> (Lvl. 37)

<Adept Artist> (Lvl. 30)

<Adept Strategist> (Lvl. 36)

<Adept Tactician> (Lvl. 36)

<Adept Physician> (Lvl. 38)

<Adept Formation Expertise> (Lvl. 35)

<Adept Beast Tamer> (Lvl. 34)

<Adept Instructor> (Lvl. 38)

Passive Skills-

<Resting> (Lvl. 40)

<Acting> (Lvl. 39)

<Casanova> (Lvl. 40)

<Fire Resistance> (Lvl. 26)

<Cold Resistance> (Lvl. 35)

<Steel Body> (Lvl. 34)

<Awakened Senses> (Lvl. 40)

<Precision> (Lvl. 38)

<Beasts Style> (Lvl. 36)

<Martial Body> (MAX)

<(MIND) Reading> (Lvl. 40)

<(MIND) Navigation> (Lvl. 39)

<(MIND) Calm Mind> (Lvl. 39)

<(MIND) Danger Sense> (Lvl. 38)

<(MIND) Appraisal> (Lvl. 40)

<(MIND) Spirit Sense> (Lvl. 40)

<(MIND) Indomitable Will> (Lvl. 39)

<(MIND) Meditation> (Lvl. 24)

<(MIND) Sharpened Instinct> (Lvl. 37)

<(MIND) Mystic State> (Lvl. 32)

<(MIND) Mental State> (Lvl. 32)

Active Skills-

<Acupuncture> (Lvl. 38)

<Attraction and Repulsion> (Lvl. 24)

<Eternal Fist> (Max) - 0.137 -]

"Looking good…" muttered Genji as he looked at the screen in front of his face.


Suddenly, a meek voice entered his ears and Genji quickly swiped the screen away to see who it was.

With the screen gone, a beautiful young woman's figure entered his eyes. Her smooth and soft brown skin and her bright blue eyes matching completely with her blue clothing.

"Yeah, you look amazing," said Genji as he smiled. "So, what can I help you with Katara?"

Hearing Genji's questions, Katara seemed to have suddenly remembered what she had come over for. She flicked her hair loops for a bit, embarrassed.

"That… Aang and I were wondering if you could join us in helping Aang. To stop the the Fire Nation… and other stuff…" she whispered the last part with a slight blush on her face as she turned her head to the side.


Genji looked at Katara for a second before turning his head and looking out the window and to the open sea where hundreds of Fire Nation Warships were in the distance.

He had already considered to join Aang and Katara on their trip. Especially so after having thrown Sokka into jail.

The plan was to torment Sokka for a while and slowly drive him insane. However, he wanted to attain his carefree lifestyle quickly.

To do that, he needs to make sure everything is done properly. Properly in the sense of making sure stuff goes similar to the animated show.

To gather allies in other nations and bring them together to create what there is to come in the future, Republic City.

'Introduction of vehicles, television, radios… in order for all of that to exist, the timeline can't change too radically in order for all of that to exist.

Being the Avatar's companion might be a bit annoying since I'm not used to bubbly kids like Aang, but it will work out in the end… Right?'

Sighing, Genji eventually smirked and turned to look at Katara, "I will join you."

Katara was already preparing herself for Genji to reject her offer and was surprised when she heard Genji accept it.

Her eyes widened and she looked at Genji with a smile.

"That's great! I will go tell Aang-"

Before Katara could leave, her feet were frozen to the ground. Confused, Katara could only turn to look at Genji for answers.

"Hold on, I need to speak with you for a bit. I already know about Aang's form of thought and I wanted to speak with you about a future companion of ours."

Hearing Genji mention a future companion, Katara couldn't help but feel a bit of disappointment in her heart before smiling a bit and nodding to Genji's words.

Moving her hands, Katara melted the ice on her feet and turned to face Genji once more.

"Who's this future teammate?" asked Katara, curious.

"Someone you have already met," said Genji as he stood up and slowly walked over to Katara before standing right before her. "It's Prince Zuko."

"Prince Zuk-!"

Just as Katara was about to get angry, she felt something pressing against her soft lips and stopping her from speaking. Before she had even realized it, Genji's face was right before her face and his intoxicating eyes were calming her down.

"He's needed for both Aang's future and this World's peaceful future," said Genji as he straightened his back and pulled back his finger from Katara's lips.

"What do you mean?"

Genji narrowed his eyes for a split second as he sighed in his heart.

'I know they relied on Sokka, but there's no way they relied on him that much, right?'

Although it made sense, the Avatar Gang hadn't really thought about the future until after they found out about Sozin's Comet. And even then, Iroh was the only person thinking about the future of the Fire Nation to prevent its downfall and from other people to lay their hands on the Fire Nation.

The Avatar Gang mainly admired getting peace and not about the results of what would happen afterward. They were still young after all.

"Stability of the Fire Nation. Aang's Firebending Teacher, someone who knows the Fire Lord personally (more or less), and for everyone to realize that not every person in the Fire Nation are bad, only terrible rulers with equally terrible ideologies.

If someone of high standing from the Fire Nation was revealed to be helping the Avatar, the people of the Fire Nation will feel inspired to rebel against their own oppressive leaders. The people outside of the Fire Nation will realize that the 'true' cruel entity was the Fire Lord and not the entire Fire Nation as a whole.

To keep the world from fearing the Fire Nation and starting another war out of that same fear."

Katara's eyes widened a bit and her eyebrows were raised.

What Genji had said was indeed what they needed for the future.

'To stop another possible war in the future…' that single thought struck Katara once more. She had already heard Genji's speech before when he was talking to everyone but it wasn't until she heard from Genji, face-to-face, that they really needed that.

Especially the Avatar whose life is always filled with struggles and constant fighting to maintain peace and equilibrium.