Humiliation = Revenge
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"That's great!"

Jumping happily into the air, Aang looked at Katara with joy.

Katara had just told Aang about Genji joining them and they were both happy.

Now they could both further their training in Waterbending much faster. Any questions they would have they could directly ask Genji instead of searching for them on their own.

If they needed any wise advice, they would go ahead and ask Genji since he would be the 'wisest' of the group.

Considering he mastered Waterbending which is close to something 'spiritual' compared to Airbending.

Although not on the same level.

"Yeah. Now all we have to worry about is this Fire Nation's attack here," muttered Katara as she turned to look to the sea only to see ash fall from the sky.

Aang furrowed his eyebrows and nodded, sad to see that the world had fallen to such disarray.


Hours later, Genji was standing on top of the ice gate as he faced the wide horde of Fire Nation Warships.

With a calm expression, Genji was calmly thinking how he should go about things. He needed today's events to pass how they are supposed to.

He needed Zuko to appear and take Aang away so that he could coax him to be a better person. Make him start thinking and bring out his good nature.


Suddenly whilst still in his thoughts, a huge ball of flames flies right above his head.

'Holy shit…' thought Genji as he looked at the warship that shot that.

"Wow! Did you see that!"

"The Chief Advisor is fearless!"



Genji raised an eyebrow at that and shook his head before bringing out his Waterbending up to its highest penguin as he activated his <Beasts Style> and <Mystical State> skills to their full power.


With great force, the water rose up into the sky and hid the sun, making all the Firebenders look at the large amount of water rise up and form a pillar of water.

"What… is that?" muttered Zhao as he looked at the pillar of water in the distance with curiosity.

Iroh was also confused, wondering if such a large amount of water was being used as a defensive measure or to attack.

He had never seen such a thing ever to exist.

Iroh had visited many places and learned of many things on his spiritual journey.

Intimate secrets of different bending types and various wisdom from various young and old people.

Even tastes of different types of tea around the world!

Looking at the large pillar of water, Zhao stepped forward and smirked.

"This must be held up by tens of Waterbending masters. They will soon run out of strength and that large pillar of water will fall," voiced out Zhao as he looked at the large pillar of water, waiting for it to collapse. "Such a large amount of water can't be frozen in an instant, it will take them time."

"Indeed. While they're preoccupied with the water pillar, it will be best to attack now," said Iroh, advising Zhao to attack.

'The Northern Water Tribe must be planning something. Such a simple appearance and waste of strength… is it a lure?'

Iroh glanced at Zhao and smiled a little.

'To plan such a lure… looks like someone definitely knows about Zhao's temperament and personality,' thought Iroh as he waited to see what will happen soon.

However, before he could enjoy seeing Zhao head into the trap, he saw something that made his body tense up and shock him.

As the water continued to move, Iroh and Zhao began to fear what was to come next.

The Fire Nation soldiers continued to attack and launch balls of fire to the ice gates and the large water pillar.



Suddenly, the warship closest to the giant water pillar was getting drenched in water and covered in a large shadow.

Raising their heads, all the shoulders on the ship couldn't help but feel their minds go blank as the giant water pillar began to shift and morph.

They watched in awe and fear as the water slowly began to change into something.

Slowly a hand appeared followed by hair…

"No! That's not a hand! That's a paw!"

Suddenly hearing the yell of a soldier who studied animals, everyone could clearly see that what was slowly forming was an animal.

A paw appeared and then another appeared. With sharp claws and 'fur' slowly appearing all over the water pillar, everyone cowered in fear as the head of a bear was slowly forming right before their eyes.

The could hear the thunderous roar of waves of water crashing against each other and slowly becoming part of the towering giant bear that was close to 100 feet tall.


Suddenly, a powerful roar erupted out of the mouth of the bear and every single soldier began to look at the bear in fear.

Their eyes widening as a force of nature appeared before them.

"It's a spirit!"

"They must have summoned a spirit!"

"Ah! We're going to die!!"

"Quick! Shoot everything at that bear!"

With the skilled movement of his fingers and flick of his wrists, Genji managed to bring to 'life' the giant 100 foot tall water bear.


With the movement of water and strong pressure, Genji was able to simulate sound and even make the Giant Water Bear roar.

Speech was also possible.

Finally, with the movement of his entire body, the Giant Water Bear made it's first move.

Swinging down his hand with great force, the Bear imitated his movements and swung down at the various warships.


With the collision of the huge paw and the surface of the water, a large wave was created and sent various warships back, making them crash into each other.

"Oh my god… he's… the Chief Advisor must be the illegitimate child of a spirit!"

"He must be the incarnation of a powerful spirit!"

"If he's not a spirit… is he a spirit given talent?"

Everyone in the Northern Water Tribe looked at what Genji had created and they could not believe what was going on before them.

To control such a large amount of water wouldn't be possible, not even during a full moon.

Something like this was quite impossible for the people of the Avatar World. The Waterbending masters could only look at Genji in envy.

Katara and Aang on the other hand looked at him with awe and amazement. They hoped to be able to learn that move in the future and be able to perform such an amazing feat.

Even Pakku was astonished.

His eyes widened and he looked at Genji with slight fear.

Stumbling back, he crashed into someone.


Turning around to look at who he had bumped into, Pakku was surprised to see who it was.

"Batoq…? Is that you? What are you doing outside of your shop?"

Batoq, the man Genji had impersonated before to manipulate Pakku, was now right before Pakku himself.

Confused as to what was going on, Batoq looked at Pakku before turning to look at Genji who was standing on the gate.

"What am I doing? Of course coming to see the amazing technique and skill of the young Chief Advisor," said Batoq as he looked at Genji control and manipulated the giant water bear with great finesse.

"The Chief advisor…" muttered Pakku as he also turned to look at Genji in the distance.

His eyebrows furrowed together and he couldn't help but feel a tinge of envy, wishing to be able to do something amazing like that one day.

Without taking his gaze off Genji, Pakku asked Batoq a single question.

"Is he part of the Order of the White Lotus?"

At that point, Batoq looked at Pakku with a look of ridicule.

"If he was part of the Order of the White Lotus, we would have known."

Pakku's eyes constricted and he turned to look at Batoq with an extremely serious look on his face.

"Is he part of the Order?"

Batoq just raised an eyebrow before turning to look at Genji in the distance.

"I wish."


"Katara! Do you see that?! Now THAT'S a real waterbender," said Aang as he looked at Genji with amazement in his eyes. "Do you think… I'll be able to do something like that in the future?"

Looking at the same thing in the distance, Katara also agreed with Aang about the amazing skill Genji has with water. After chasing for countless years for something amazing and mind blowing in Waterbending, Katara finally felt like she had finally found something like it.

Something to make her feel like she had truly mattered Waterbending. And something like the Giant Water Bear was something that would test just how good her Waterbending is.

"I… I will definitely be able to do something like that in the future," said Katara, setting it to be her life goal.

Aang nodded along with her and suddenly thought about something.

"Katara… do you think… Earthbending and Firebending have something similar?" asked Aang, suddenly feeling interested in learning 'fun' techniques like the Giant Water Bear.

Katara didn't remove her gaze from Genji, trying to remember every single move and burn it into her mind.

"I don't know Aang… does Airbending have something like this?" Katara asked without thinking.

Aang got quiet and suddenly thought about before realizing that he had never learned anything like the Giant Water Bear. As he thought about it and thought about why he hadn't learned such a fun and amazing technique, Aang remembered how he had run away and that the Air Nomads had been wiped out.

He got quiet and no longer felt like speaking. Instead, he lifted his head and turned to look at Genji in the distance.

For a split second, Aang suddenly felt like he had seen the image of Monk Gyatso. At that moment, Aang suddenly felt like he could trust Genji and a large amount of weight on his shoulders suddenly disappeared.

Whether it be because of skill or something about Genji, Aang felt like Genji reminded him of Monk Gyatso. Maybe it was also the 'kindness' he had shown to grant the Fire Nation a future and where everyone could live in peace.

Suddenly bringing out his new glider he got from Atur, Teo's father - a mechanist, Aang shot up into the sky with his new glider and headed straight into the enemy territory. (A/N: Turns out Teo's father has no name. Weird.)

Without feeling nervous, Aang swooped down and began to 'help' Genji take out the sling shots of the Fire Nation.




With another attack made, Genji began to feel a bit tired.

He looked at the various Warships that were pushed back and he couldn't help but sigh.

Genji was really struggling not to level up at the moment to properly maximize the leveling speed of his skills.

Especially the "class" skills that give him stat points.



Stopping himself from killing everyone was growing tiring and Genji felt like he couldn't keep the charade any longer.

So, with a smirk on his face, Genji stumbled and made himself fall back and off the gate, pretending to become exhausted.


The giant water bear suddenly stopped and began to deform as the large mass of water fell down and spread everywhere, pushing the Warships back even more than before.

Back at the Northern Water Tribe, many waterbenders were quick to act as they grabbed Genji before he fell into the water.

With his acting and illusion skills, Genji was able to make himself look pale and tired, selling the look of an extremely exhausted man.



Suddenly hearing the shouts of two women, Genji could instantly tell just who the women were as he looked at the approaching black and white.



'He's not from the Order of the White Lotus… and I let him fool me. How will I explain this to everyone? I made the Northern Water Tribe change and I can't take anything back.

Just where did it all go wrong?

When I was being treated like a dog? When he revealed that he had suddenly 'healed'? Or when he was secretly meeting with Princess Yue…?'

Looking into the distance, Pakku narrowed his eyes and stared at Genji with a frown on his face.

'I have been humiliated. Utterly humiliated by a greenhorn. By a bastard who is still wet behind the ears… Just how could this happen…'