Crazed King
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Looking up at the blue ceiling, Genji was enjoying the nice and warm feeling that was spreading throughout his body.

With Katara healing him whilst time passed with the Northern Water Tribe successfully keeping the Fire Nation away. Aang was also making good work of the slingshots, destroying one after the other.

It wasn't long before they eventually stopped their attacks and even the Fire Nation began to halt their advance.

'Sunset…' thought Genji as he looked at the orange light entering through the window.

Turning his gaze to Katara, Genji opened his mouth.

"Katara, I'm feeling better now. Go see if Aang needs any help or if Yue needs you for anything."

Katara revealed a look of hesitation on her face before sighing and nodding. Getting up from her chair, Katara looked at Genji.

"If you need help, call for me…" said Katara before quickly walking away to check on Aang.

Watching her leave, Genji quickly got up from bed and performed a little stretch before beginning to walk towards the Spirit Oasis, where Aang and the rest will appear soon.

At this point, the Northern Water Tribe doesn't need any of his help to repel the Fire Nation. Rather the Fire Nation will be getting restless and Zhao would want to speed up his plan faster after seeing Genji's power.


"Just what was that?!"

Zhao paced around his ship with a frustrated look on his face.

"That must have been the joint efforts of countless Waterbending masters," said Iroh as he looked at the ice gate in the distance with a solemn look on his face.

Iroh was honestly surprised by the versatility and new technique of the Northern Water Tribe, but that also means that the Firebenders are falling behind.

They have Lightning Generation, but it's counterbalanced by the Waterbenders ability to make ice.

Thinking about it like that, Iroh smiled a little and thought to himself, 'Looks like there's still room to grow for bending. I'll have to train Zuko harder than before…'


Zhao stopped pacing around and walked over to the guard rail before placing both his hands on it and smiling, "Looks like I will have to act."

Iroh frowned at Zhao's words and wondered what he was planning. He looked on as Zhao gathered elite soldiers and headed down to the boats.

Moving quickly, Iroh went down as well and confronted a lone soldier pulling out a small boat for himself.

"Zuko, you need to move quickly. Zhao is heading to the Northern Water Tribe and I don't like what he has planned…"

Zuko turned to look at his uncle before turning his gaze to the right and noticing Zhao moving out with a bunch of other soldiers.

"Don't worry uncle, I'll capture the avatar and I'll strike down Zhao."

Nodding, Iroh stepped back and watched as Zuko jumped into his little boat.

"Be careful out there," said Iroh in worry before disappearing into the ship and joining the other soldiers leaving for the Northern Water Tribe.

Looking at his uncle walking away, Zuko couldn't help but slightly hesitate before steeling his heart and going away on his small boat.


Rapidly traveling through the water, Zuko arrived on land and quickly moved as he traveled through various areas.

'I will capture the avatar… then father… and uncle will praise me…"


"My name shall go down a "Zhao, The Conqueror"! Hahaha!"

Everyone looked at Zhao as he laughed crazily in a quiet tone as they made their way through a tunnel they were making with their firebending.

Slowly, the large group of Firebenders began to make their way through an extremely thick wall of ice.

At the top of said wall, Aang was looking at the vast amount of Warships with a tired look on his face.

Panting, Aang stumbled back and sat down on the floor.

"There… are too… many…" muttered Aang as he dropped his head to the back in an exhausted manner.

Just as he was about to lay on the ground, Yue appeared to check how Aang's job was going.

"Avatar! Are you alright?" asked Yue in worry.

If someone with good firepower like Aang were to be tired, Yue didn't see the Fire Nation going down anytime soon.

Between Aang and Genji, Yue felt like sacrificing Aang in this fight was a much better idea compared to sacrificing her lover, Genji.

She just wasn't ready to receive such depressing news if she knew that there is a possibility of Genji falling in battle. Yue still wished to spend a couple years next to him even when she knew that they would never be together.

"Ah! Ye-yes!"

Aang jumped up in fright and answered Yue's question.

"Do you have anything that can help us against the Fire Nation?" asked Yue as she looked at Aang with an expectant gaze.

Seeing Yue's gaze, Aang could only sigh and shake his head in a depressed manner, "I'm sorry Chieftess Yue, but I don't have anything like that."


Yue could just sigh in disappointment and look at the warships in the distance and the looming moon in the dark night sky.

The sun had already set half an hour ago and the fighting had halted already. The most the Northern Water Tribe could do now was to just fortify their defenses and prepare for what's to come.

Seeing a figure approach, Yue smiled and greeted said figure.

"Hi Katara!"

"Hi Yue! Aang? What are you doing on the floor?"

Katara smiled and greeted Yue back before turning to look at Aang in mild surprise.

Aang gave a strained smile and just stayed quiet as he continued to rest.

"Don't you have anything you can do to help Aang?"

"Nothing at all."

Yue sighed in disappointment once more and even began to wonder whether Aang really was the Avatar. She hasn't seen anything noteworthy from Aang that would separate him from the rest of the other benders.

As far as Yue could tell, Aang was just a young boy who happens to be a Master Airbender, albeit spiritual.

Leaning over the icy rail, Yue looked down into the water and looked at the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water.

'The moon is so beautiful tonight. The Fire Nation must pay for ruining such a wonderful night,' thought Yue as she continued to look at the moon reflection whilst Aang and Katara were talking.

"Lay down Aang, let me heal you," said Katara as she began to bend some water and waited for Aang to lay down.

Shaking his head, Aang said, "I didn't get hurt, Katara."

"It's better to be safe, Aang," said Katara as a kind smile appeared on her face. 'Aang is a nice kid. I wouldn't like to see such a young boy get hurt in this war.'

"That's it!"

Aang sighed and just as he was about to lie down, he jumped in fright from Yue's sudden yell.

"What is?" asked Aang after he calmed down.

"The spirits!"

Hearing Yue, both Aang and Katara raised their eyebrows before turning to look at each other.





In a long corridor in the prison under the Royal Palace, an old man was walking rapidly with a look of frustration on his face.

Passing cell after cell and looking at various vagabonds and criminals within them, Pakku couldn't help but scoff in ridicule.

Reaching the end of the long corridor, Pakku briefly paused upon seeing a haggard teen within one of the cells. His hair was loose, he had a dirty look on his face and he was listlessly lazing about within the cell. The feeling he gave off was one of a loser and everyone who would see him would gaze at him with a disdainful look on their faces.

Yet despite all that, he had a firm and unyielding gaze.

'How the hell did he become like this, it's only been what? Three days?'

Pakku shook his head.

"You've fallen so low, Baka," said Pakku before continuing to walk in search of someone.

Suddenly, the young man frowned and stood up quickly, pressing himself against the cold ice bars before shouting loudly.

"It's Sokka! With an Okka!"

Pakku could care less and just continued to walk away before finally arriving at his desired location.

Looking at the man inside who seemed to have a crazy look within his eyes, Pakku could only sigh. With a look of regret on his face, Pakku fell to his knees and looked at the figure inside once more before lowering his head.

"Chief Arnook…" said Arnook quietly in a depressed tone. "I've wronged you. I've been tricked and fooled by that scheming rat, Genji.

He's taken a firm hold of Yue and the Northern Water Tribe. There's nothing I can do now and we are even under the attack of the Fire Nation."

Pakku then remained quiet and just as he was about to leave, he heard a mumble from Arnook who had a wide smile on his face and was looking at him with a creepy look on his face.

"Kill Genji… blame Fire… Kill Yue… She's… not my daughter…"


Not believing what he had just heard, Pakku smiled widely and nodded as he remembered that he could also do such a thing. However, after hearing the latter half of Arnook's words, Pakku couldn't help but gasp.

He knew for sure that Yue was Pakku's daughter and couldn't understand what he was trying to say until a few seconds later.

After her betrayal, Arnook must have actually fallen into insanity down in the prison where it was constantly cold and dark. There's also no telling whether he was being abused by the soldiers stationed down here.

Pakku could only look at Arnook with tear filled eyes before standing up and shaking his head slightly. He couldn't believe that Arnook had fallen to such a low state and he couldn't do anything about it.

The only thing he could do was to turn around and leave.

And Pakku did exactly that.

However, even if Arnook had fallen into insanity, Pakky believed there was still some truth within Arnook's words.

'Kill Genji and blame it on the Fire Nation…' thought Pakku as he left the underground prison.

Although defeating Genji will prove to be difficult, Pakku has already begun to prepare and set up strategies to take down Genji and get rid of him.

By ambushing him or even traveling along Genji before suddenly turning on him at the most crucial moment.

There were a ton of plans that flashed through Pakku's mind, continuously making various plans that could work against Genji and get rid of him. A plague that has infected the Northern Water Tribe.

'I just knew he was bad news straight from the start…'

Just as Pakku was about to exit the Royal Palace through the back, Pakky felt warmth below him, heating up his feet.

Pakku raised an eyebrow and lowered his head to see whatever it was,

Staring straight down into a bright red glow beneath him, Pakku wondered how he had not noticed such a thing before. Before Pakku could continue to inspect the bright red glow, he began to suddenly feel an unbearable heat under his feet.