Chapter 73
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You know that feeling when you are laying in bed and it's so quiet that your overactive mind hallucinates background voices coming from another room like there is a tv running?

That was Warhammer 40k at all times with the Soul of Souls whispering terrible and depraved things to us like a random message boards text to speech with the place having no rules about what could be posted... Typically the whispers weren't too bad, the usual smash that man in the head with a rock for looking at your wife, go poke your mum with your floppy flesh stick, if I use this blackmail on the city governor I can get a better position or even bring him down...

Or in Nurgle's case, it was just a flem-filled sneezing or vomiting session that made you feel sick yourself. But either way for us who were touched by the Warp and its whispers even as we devoured the infinite energies within, we were all just riding on the waves of the Sea of Souls. But the Greenskins weren't like that.

I awoke from one pleasant nap with Isha's pale titty in my mouth with a roar building in my head as the image of a screaming Ork's skull made out of pure energy filled my head that image as it roared its fury and Isha whimpered softly as well as I shifted around her as my frustration built at how fucking annoying Orks were being.

But before I could properly shield my mind the roar seemed to be only the damned dialing tone as I heard Ghazgull Thraka's guttural voice speak out. "Boyz... Wez have found Angronz location!" He roared triumphantly.

"That big red fooking Git iz hiding out on the planet Armeggedon and is moving rightwayz on da humie and knife eared gits mapz!" Ghazgull said with vicious intent and I remember while looking at the 40k maps that, the hive world of Armeggedon was to the Northeast of Terra not far from, The Rock. But before I could consider it any further I heard Ghazgull speak one last time but it was clear he was running out of Weird Boyz or Ork pyskers to burn as fuel to scream his words throughout the Warp. "Now all da boyz and da gitz rush to Armageddon and Krush dem World Eaterz panzies!"

I could literally feel my brain cells dying by the sheer stupidity that was coming from Ghazgull's words but... On the other hand, maybe a field trip was in order as The Rock and by extension, Armageddon wasn't that far.

"Athag belah cherital..." Ishat whispered breathily as she basically called me the path of adoring love, but the Eldar language was a pain in the ass so I was probably off on the syntax and sentence structuring or usage of the words. Thankfully Isha switched back to Gothic which I could understand entirely. "I can all but see the wraithtbone constructs turning within your head Jake... What daring idea, that may lead to eternal damnation for all. Is cooking within your mind, my love?"

Yeah... Her words were probably right as I had no doubt Nurgle had expressed his virulent and disgusting fury at being cucked of his space elf goddess upon a number of planets that assuredly died for my actions. Either way, I was getting bored of eating demons and Tyrannid's compressed flesh that was basically made into granola bars with their chitin and bones replacing the nuts in the bar.

As Isha sensually all but glided over the bed we shared on other nights when I wasn't with Ellesmere with her softly sitting upon my lap with her full motherly and fertile bare breasts pushing against my chest as she possessively wrapped her plump thighs around my waist and around my back as she intertwined her hands behind my head with her soft hands burrowing into my hair as she sighed before speaking. "My love, you are gaining strength here. Safely at that... Why lose such silence and tranquility to do something reckless and fruitless?" She whispered as she leaned forward to lay her forehead against my own.

All so her divinity-filled forest green eyes bored into my own blue eyes as she attempted vainly to understand why I was being stupid and wanted to do... Something obvious as I hadn't shared my insane thought yet.

A moment of silence and contemplation was shared between us as we obviously thought about our thoughts with her probably wondering what mad idea I could have that would match her being stolen away from Nurgle... Was I going to burn down Tzeentch's libraries? Was I going to steal all of Khornatte demon's weapons? Or worse was I going to magically teleport chastity cages onto all the demons of Slannesh that couldn't be removed?

"Ah... Nope, I want to go kill Ghazgull Thraka right after he kills Angron so I don't have to hear that asshole constantly screaming through the warp." I admitted and Isha merely blinked at my thought as her mind sought to catch up with the difference in what we were thinking about doing.

And finally, the words registered filling her mind with that future and she giggled softly and fairly with her breasts bouncing in the motion and against me causing me mental distress in how I wanted to keep this conversation somewhat serious... But lewd space elves obviously had the most lewd of creator goddesses.

Anyway, when Isha got over her giggles she rolled her eyes and leaned forward with her body all but molded flush against me as she kissed me gently across the lips before she peeled back barely an inch as she spoke. "Then go slay the Greenskin my conquering hero. I shall await for your valiant return with my feet bare and belly filled with your life to be." She whispered and thus for the next three hours I had to put her into a mating press to give a good reminder of my love before I went to find Ellesmere.

It was time we went on another good trip together. Plus we could get more cultivation materials to help our Sun/Yang and Moon/Yin special physiques evolve.



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