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Aug 22, 2020

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Joined: Aug 22, 2020
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Knight81 · Jun 1, 2024

I am still waiting for light withing darkness to update

Archer123 · Apr 16, 2024

Umm will you continue gamer emperor of the multiverse ??

Azazyel0714 · Author · Apr 17, 2024

Yeah of course. I don't drop my stories I just have other stories that are commissioned, and when things aren't commissioned and I have stories that are... I gotta focus on those that are commissioned.

Redgamer120 · Mar 29, 2024

Saw the pokemon book on webnovel. If it is still out there can I find in somewhere or did you remove it?

Azazyel0714 · Author · Mar 30, 2024

Ah yeah theres only 1 chapter of that. That version didn't get any support but in my multistory pile on WB I have another Pokemon fic that's got a dozen chapters on Patreon and I am slowly uploading publicly.

DiscoDream · Mar 26, 2024

Chapter 85 of "Limits of the Flesh" was reposted and skipped. Pls update. clear.png

Azazyel0714 · Author · Mar 26, 2024


Knight81 · Mar 22, 2024

Author when will you update a light whiting darkness?

Azazyel0714 · Author · Mar 22, 2024

When I get more commissioned. But I do have some to post, I will get it up in the next couple days.

Dakota3602 · Mar 14, 2024

Hey! Thanks for Stories

Azazyel0714 · Author · Mar 22, 2024

And thank you for reading them!

rizzy10 · Mar 5, 2024

Plz update Limits of the Flesh in DxD plz....clear.png

Azazyel0714 · Author · Mar 5, 2024

I will have some out probably sunday/monday!

Domon · Jan 27, 2024

The original "my upgrade" is already good enough, why rewrite?

Azazyel0714 · Author · Jan 28, 2024

Uhhhh because it wasn't good enough and it wasn't good quality wise and I needed to basically rewrite it anyway.

Naofumi_Iwatani · Mar 21, 2024

I am pretty sure he made more than one rewrite. He also made that Jake a bit too OP even with  the fusing power considering he made em into a reality hopper. 

Reason thats bad? Well he could just go around all of fiction taking stuff or whatever.

Naofumi_Iwatani · Mar 21, 2024

Take the omnitrix, fuse it with the infinity gauntlet (full stone count), some and then add some V9 (Velocity 9) and a cure all such as the elixer from SoloLeveling in a dozen other items that are considered the strongest. Or he could just travel to some world where stat raising potions are common AF

Naofumi_Iwatani · Mar 21, 2024

Or he could just go get the GamerSystem from either the OG or any dang version out there in the many fics. He already said he might do that in one of the chapters.

As I said, too OP to continue. Plus I am really liking the one going on RN (no spoilers pls) where he gets a jackbird and does.... the unspeakable.
Novelty · Jan 14, 2024

Hey I'm just wondering if your still continuing Terrarian in the Dungeon as I love the novel and would love to see more chapters and hope you haven't given up on it 😊👍

Azazyel0714 · Author · Jan 14, 2024

I appreciate you reaching out to me and honestly I do have plans for it. I have so much to do, but in reality I am a commissioned writer so what people want and pay for is what I write.
And sadly Terrarian is not on the list of two and a half dozen fics I have on other sites that people want

Novelty · Jan 14, 2024

Thanks for the reply and I do hope you have time to get back into the novel in the future as it's one of my favorite danmachi fan fics👍😊👍

Azazyel0714 · Author · Jan 14, 2024

I will do what I can!

Dakota3602 · Dec 22, 2023

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Azazyel0714 · Author · Dec 22, 2023

Thank you kindly and a happy holidays to you as well!

tavenh · Dec 18, 2023

A New Hope Nier no chap. 51?

Azazyel0714 · Author · Dec 18, 2023

Thank you I will fix that!

tavenh · Dec 18, 2023


JohnyXD · Nov 30, 2023

Hey, I'm reading Terrarian in the Dungeon (currently at chapter 60 and I love it) and it got me in the mood to actually try playing Terraria. I played a lot of games before, but never this one. Do you have a suggestion on which mods would be good for a first-time player?clear.png

Azazyel0714 · Author · Dec 1, 2023

Yeah beyond anything else you need three mods. You need' Fargo's Fargo's souls/mutant.' Next you need Calamity, and lastly you need smart storage.

JohnyXD · Dec 1, 2023

Oh, thanks a lot! I'll try those. clear.png

ArksonLeonis · Nov 20, 2023

Is the Warhammer story done or on hiatus cause I want to know what happens.

Azazyel0714 · Author · Nov 20, 2023

I am a commissoned writer, I make a living off what people commission me to write. Right now I basically get one or two chapters of Warhammer a week written and then I post the older chapters to the public.

plot_xc · Dec 2, 2023

well, if people don't make a commission for a long while can you at least post some chapters so we can read? my monay is managed by my parents so i can't pay for extra chapters

HissingWassabi · Nov 11, 2023

Mate, what about Warhammer story? 

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