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(Ryoto's pov)

I am alive!

That's why I decided to celebrate in the living world with an old friend. We were drinking sake. Even though the first time I got to drink went a little wild, I didn't repeat my mistake and learned my limits.

"So you finally decided to start a family of your own. I didn't expect it to happen during my lifetime. Be prepared for many sleepless nights. Also, get used to a terrible smell." Isamu said.

"Is it really that strange? The stranger thing for me is that you will become grandpa soon. Time really flies by. One day you are getting married, and the other, you are becoming a grandpa."

"That's just because you are going to live for a long time, unlike me. I'm getting jealous of your youthful look. I'm starting to find gray hair on my head, and you look just a few years older from our first meeting."

"What can I say? The handsomeness just doesn't want to get away."

We continued to joke around, and catch up with our lives, and Isamu gave me some tips about raising children as well. I doubt they will help since my children won't be normal...

Oh no, my children won't be normal! Probably. I don't know how my genetics works at this point, and I can't ask Mikado for answers this time. Kisuke could help, but his expertise lies in souls, not biology.

Will they inherit some of my powers? None? All of them? Can my sealed abilities be inherited by my children? What if one of them gets my poisonous blood? With that, it would be challenging but still manageable, but the real problem would be if any of them got my eyes.

Aizen would probably get really interested in my or my children's eyes in that case. If he ever does something to them, I don't care how important he is for the plot. I'll destroy him.


After the more fun topics, Isamu turned more serious.

"Ryoto, if I asked you to do something that you hate would you do it?"

Strange question, but seeing how serious he is, he must have a reason to ask this. Probably wants me to do something troublesome.

"That depends. Let's hear what you have to say first, but knowing you, I'll probably agree. You wouldn't have asked me if you really didn't need my help."

"*Sigh* Yes, unfortunately, you are correct. There is a certain group among the Quincies that dislike the present status quo and is planning on destroying the peace we created when I'm gone..."

"So you want me to 'dispose' of that group after your death, am I right?"

"...Sorry. My hands are tied as I don't have any evidence, and they won't do any harm to Quincies, at least directly. Me attacking them could lead to civil war with my side against theirs, which would lead to even more casualties. They are patient and will try to build up their influence, and when the day of my death comes, they'll try to start the rebellion, destroying what we are trying to protect."

I took a sip of sake, feeling pretty annoyed. Not at Isamu but at the idiots that want to repeat history.

Isamu wanted to apologize again, but I stopped him.

"If you try to apologize to me again, I'm going to tell your wife about one of our drunken adventures."

He immediately stopped himself from saying anything.

"Which one...?"

"I don't know. I'll choose something random. Is it important? Anyway, I'll do it."

"Again, sorry..."

"...I'm going for a talk with your wife."

I stood up from the table and walked away as Isamu tried to stop me desperately.


It was a day of moving to the new house with all of my girls together. New family, new house, new life, and new me.

The girls' bellies were starting to get bigger, and it was finally hitting that I would become a father. Lala didn't change yet, thanks to her race biology, so I didn't get that feeling from her just yet.

On another note, I bonded with Sojun over becoming fathers at a similar time. If we had more members, we could have a fathers club, but it seems it won't be the case for now. It would be fun, though.

Also, my research about Jushiro-senpai's illness hit the wall. I just can't find out what is the cause of the disease, and without it, I can't cure him. I didn't use my eyes to look into it, but Jushiro-senpai was nothing but nice to me, and I wanted to repay some of his kindness.

Of course, I won't show him my eyes. Even if I trust him, it's never wrong to be extra careful. What if I'm forced to pull an Itachi in Soul Society? Without killing my family, of course, but the point is, what if I become the enemy of Soul Society? Then I'll have one more trump card.

I still hope that it won't happen, though, but who knows with Aizen around? I would do it, though, if it would secure my family's safety, but it would be the last resort.


Jushiro-senpai was lying on the bed with a blindfold on his eyes. His back was uncovered, so I could see as much as I could. I can't see through objects, but they may see something that no one can.

I opened my eyes and enhanced my vision to the limit. While my eye powers are weakened, and they overheat a lot easier, I can still use them for a few seconds at full capacity, and I'll use these seconds to my fullest.

At first, everything was fine. I just saw his aura, and it was the oldest I ever saw, as I didn't see the aura of Yama-jii or Unohana... Not that she is old... Hahaha...

Back to the topic, I looked at anything strange around his aura, as sometimes it can show interesting things. Like darker places shows the 'dying' parts. Also, the less aura moves, the closer one is to death, and Jushiro-senpai's aura is almost unmoving. It reminded me of Shizu's aura, but I don't know if that's because he is a Shinigami or because of his illness.

If I remember correctly, if not for Mihigami, Jushiro-senpai would have died at the age of 3, so who knows, but one thing I know is that I should focus on the area around lungs as that's where his illness originated.

After of few seconds of looking that felt a lot longer, I noticed a small black dot in Jushiro-senpai's aura. That in itself was strange, but then what's weirder is that I didn't notice it before. Nothing can hide from these eyes of mine, but this small dot somehow escaped my sight. That's why I focused on it as I zoomed and zoomed more onto it to see what it was.

After 5 seconds of looking at it, my eyes started overheating, but as I was about to give up and let my eyes cool down so I could continue looking at whatever it was, a small hand jumped at me at incredible speed.

I tried to back away as fast as I could, but it reached and touched one of my eyes.

Everything went black.

(E/D: Danzo learned the 2nd True Magic to travel here and get his eyes.)



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