013 – Market Day
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I exited the shop a few meters emptier in my Inventory, a few coins richer and with a very beautiful smile on my face. Oh I also gained one level in Apprentice Prostitute, I didn't know that I could gain levels outside fighting. I'll ask Luna about it at later date, I also must ask her about special classes.

Outside the shop I was kind of expecting to see the cliche scene of many bad guys surrounding Luna, wanting to do something undesirable to her. But my expectations had been frustrated, there wasn't anyone near her. It was a good thing though.

From here our next stop was the butcher and that was something else from the leather worker. This guy was a tough nut to crack, he was a a Seller 24. I used every single skill that I could but the man appeared to have even more skills and stats compared to mine. 

We negotiated for a full five minutes before we reached a agreement. He would get all our meat and we got from him forty silvers plus thirty for the big boar. It wasn't many but it was apparently enough for now.

Next was our search for mundane things, toothbrushes, buckets, knives, towels, clothes, cooking pots. Even with my admitted excessive bartering, buying all these things took fifty silvers from my pockets. But now I have almost anything necessary for surviving and living.

The last stop before finding a inn was the weapon shop as  I needed to Luna ready for fight. Even if I'm determined to become a mage, that didn't mean that I can't use the Nameless Sword. In fact, I made her exactly to use her as a mage. She had mana drain, long range and defences penetration, it was perfect for a mage without mana. 

This being the case Luna was left without a weapon to fight, something that can happen during a fight. We searched around for a bit and she found a good sword. It wasn't enchanted or had any powerful effect, just a plain Iron Scimitar. The weapon was sold for fifty silvers, making our final savings just one gold and twenty silvers.

She also was equipped with leather armor that was given away by the weapon shop keeper. He was a old man that admired Luna for being a young girl interested in weapons. 

Of course that I didn't plan to take easy on the old man just because he gave Luna a gift, I also didn't go especially hard on him just because of my jealous, not at all.

The armor was actually pretty old and used, it just fit her perfectly because she had almost the same build of his daughter who was a adventurer that had outgrown this armor. I confess that I could had get one armor for both of us with that shopkeeper, just that I forgot about it.

Lastly after the whole day walking by these streets we finally found our final destination, The Kicked Rock. This was the inn we found after roaming this city and asking to everyone and their mothers about the best in on the city.

Entering here was very startling. Outside the place was completely silent, I didn't even though that there are people inside. But when I opened the door a sound wave passed through me, a loud cacophony of voices was exploding inside it.

The walls are apparently soundproofed.

Inside the place I could see all kinds of people, they so diversified as the city streets. The only thing that seemed constant here are the waitresses, they all flowed through this multitude of people with stopping ever once. It was clear that only professional people can work here.


Bestia; Female; 29

Maid 16


How curious, even something mundane like maid seemed to get a class in this system. The waitresses all looked to be pretty high leveled, the weaker being level 15 and the highest 30. This clearly was the place to mess up and get in a fight, even less try harassing one girl.

Focusing on my objective, I ignored the people singing cursing and drinking. All this merrymaking was making my head hurt, I hope that the rooms are soundproofed too.

Directing myself towards the counter, I ask the barmaid, "How much for a night here?" She was a Gnome. Funny thing how even though they are all tiny I can clearly differe a adult one from a child, she also had all sexual characteristics already developed. I mean, the only way to discern one of them from a normal Human woman was their size. 

The ones I saw until now are at most 1,55 meters and the lesser 1,35 meters. That's for a adult female. The males can go up to 1,60, that's it, their only visible difference from humans. 

"Twenty coppers for a communal room, fifty for a room for two different people and one silver coin for the single room. The room for two and the single room both come with diner and a water bucket." She said in a purely professional tone. I thought it was almost too cold for a barmaid in a lively place like this one. I decided to analyze her, just to make sure. 


Gnome; Female; 35

Earth Warrior 27


 I decided that the best choice is surely don't make trouble in this inn, the staff here probably can handle me my ass on a silver plate. I don't know how advanced something like Earth Warrior is but it can probably use both magic and body, not something I'll like to deal.

"I'll want to take one room for two people, I'll pay both." I decided that this is the best option, this get us a big room and I don't need to worry about someone entering our room during some unexpected moment

"Here, this is the key to your room the location is written on it. Just follow the instructions and you'll reach here." She said, still with her business like tone.

"I want food for two, right now if possible." She didn't spoke nothing and just disappeared behind a door and we awaited while sitting at the stools next to the counter.

While we waited I asked Luna about the things I had in mind earlier. It seems that you can actually get levels not only by killing things, but also using the skills given by your class. I haven't thought about it before but it made sense, this should actually be how the production classes can level up. This also means that in normal villages there was a constant yelling...

And about special classes? She knew nothing about it. This was to be expected from a village girl, all that she told me until now had been either common sense or told as a story for children in her village.

It's not good to be uninformed.

While I was grumbling about how life was hard, the food arrived. It was actually pretty good, better than everything I had tasted in this life or another. This probably had Influence of some kind of skill, it was to good to be otherwise.

After eating our fill and giving back the bowls to the barmaid, I asked her to send two water buckets for our room. After that we got up from our seats and searched our room.

This inn was actually pretty big, I don't know how they did it with medieval level technology but this inn itself is four stories tall. Our room is apparently on the third floor, where all the double rooms are present. The first floor was the dining area, the second where are the communal rooms, the third the double rooms and supposedly the fourth floor was for individual rooms, I haven't gone here thought.

Inside our room the only thing are the two beds and two windows bear then, probably one for each person. The room also had two chests one which the key came together with the room's, I won't use it though. Strangely, the bucket arrived almost when I closed the door, the efficiency of these waitresses still surprised me.


Skill Explanation:

Apprentice Sword Technique

This skill guide the user in how to attack using a sword during a fight, this skill can only be usable while using a sword.


Here it is, today's chapter. Nothing much to say.