Arc 1 – The Darkest Lily 2.2 🔞
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Orchid can maybe hope it is over. 

For a brief moment, she can hope.

That with her orgasm and Lily cumming buckets inside her, she could finally gets some rest and collect her thoughts… and beg for forgiveness, restore her relationship with Corona.

But the thick, oily substance inside her writhes and wriggles, like a spider spinning a net inside her body… mind and spirit. 

“Whaaaa- ahhhaa… ahhha!” She shouts, turning on her side, shuddering. “Whaattssshh… thisssh…” Orchid shudders, the black cum inside her feeling like drops of burning oil. It squirms inside her, pressing against her pussy. It’s… doing something to her. Something she doesn’t really understand… but it can’t be good. It can’t be good. “H-Holy Samash.. thou are in Heaven…”

“Nice try,” Lily chuckles, leaning forward once again, kissing her. Her tongue slithers in, making her moan with fear and… and need. 

She tries to struggle once again, but with passage of Lily’s long and warm tongue against hers she loses a bit of her strength. It’s like she’s cumming again, just a little, just a bit. And the black substance that has taken her over is coiling against the little nub of white-hot pleasure sprouting just at the top of her lips. The little nub atop her sex, her… clitoris… it’s burning!

“Hhmhhnf.” Orchid tries to push away, one last time, desperately. She tries to send her thoughts and prayers to the goddess of the Sun, to the Corona she devoted her whole life to.

Why can’t She reply to her?

Now… when her life and her body is at stake?

I should have stayed a librarian…

Why isn’t her Goddess rushing in to save her…?

Why does she have to writhe in fear and bliss and pleasure beneath the voluptuous body of her former friend? This was not what she wanted…

“Hnhaah!” She groans into Lily’s mouth. She can feel her former Sister’s lips curl in delight as it starts. The pressure focuses on her clit as she can feel it throb. Not unlike before when she was being… penetrated… but this time it is different. 

This time she can feel her body changing…

Lily withdraws, a thin line of saliva connecting both their lips.

“Isn’t it good? Don’t you love it?”

“Haaa… what… are you doing to me?”

“Part of what I asked the Morningstar for,” Lily purrs. “I don’t just want to take your virginities. Nothing beats seeing you little flowers turning all dark. Don’t worry. You are going to love your new body.”

“My newww… bodyyy?”

“Of course… you are going to look so good. Ah, this is the part I am always looking for.”

“Is this… your… are you getting off on this?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe it.”

Orchid would like to say something, to protest, but all she can feel is the heated pressure between her legs. It’s mounting… it’s growing… and something else is growing as well. 

“Noooo! I don’t want… I don’t…”

“Your desires are pointless before the Morningstar,” Lily reminds her. Each word burns like acid through her faith. Why… did they leave her like this… alone, with a monster… did they just not care?

“Of course they don’t!” Lily replies, as if she can read her thoughts. Or perhaps the betrayed expression on her face is enough. “Nobody does. That’s the true lesson from today, my dear Orchid. You can only count on yourself.” She sets a chaste kiss on her sweaty brow. 

Orchid looks up, pleading at her to make it stop.

But it does not stop. 

She gasps. The heat is spreading, even if she tries to keep her thighs close together. But something is happening… her clit feels so… hot.

“Gaaah!” And it throbs with so much heat and pleasure, too much to stay confined to the tiny shape that has been given her by nature. The power of the Morningstar flows inside her and does not care at all about nature, its laws or its whims. It has envisioned a new shape for Orchid, one much more in tune with her desires and her new role, and it’s doing its darn best shaping her flesh in accord. 

Her clit reddens, pulsates and throbbingly grows. Not by much at first turning from the size of a small pea to a thumb. A reddish, smooth thumb, sticky with her own juices and coated in the black sheen of Lily’s corruptive cum. 

She has no words. All she can do is try to fight it… but once again, she is powerless before the power of the Morningstar. All the fragments of prayers flapping around in her head like confused bats can do nothing as she feels another throb coming… and her clit grows even more, now the size of a full digit, starting to stick out from her labia completely. 

An unnatural growth, completely out place on her slender, supposedly-pure body of priestess. 

“How cute. I have a feeling this is going to be a big fat meanie,” Lily muses, licking her neck once again. 

“Hnnhhh… make it stop…”

“It will stop when it needs to.”

Not any time soon. Orchid struggles on the bed, tossing between the blankets and Lily’s thick body pinning her down. She squeezes her thighs and can feel her newly-expanding clit growing… thickening between them, pushing her skin and soft flesh aside. It’s growing… it’s growing and she can do nothing to stop it!

She arches her back, trying to keep it all in. A sharp ache grows inside her clit as it grows hollow and meatier, a thick vein starting to bulge from its base. The head flares wide like a mushroom, turning slightly purple.
And with one more push, it grows even more - she can’t keep it contained between her legs anymore. It sticks out like a huge, sore thumb… feeling strangely pleasurable in the cool air of the dark room that is seeing her twisted transformation. 

“Ahhh… I’m growing… I’m growing a… man’s thing…”

“A cock,” Lily corrects her. “A big, pulsating dick to fuck and to suck.”

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