Arc 3 – Queen of the Monster Maze 4.3
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Kikori feels the power of the slime reaching out for her. She closes her eyes as she falls once again, and this time, she is once more inside her own inner realm.

Much has changed again. The glass floor is now almost completely gone, and only a few shards still hang from the trees’ roots. Kikori’s old soul has changed so much. There is only another power in the world that’s able to do what the slimes could do, and she shivers at the thought of giving herself to the Morningstar.

She is a Knight. She should know better.

A good Knight. That’s what the slime girl has called her.

Maybe she will get to be a good Knight, one day. Coming out of that dungeon, and showing off her new powers, her blessed body, putting it to the service of Corona and ridding the world of monsters.

Monsters just like the slime girl’s companions.

“I would have wanted things to be different.”

She reaches for her Haoma, now floating into the dark, and touches its bark.

“Bring me back,” she whispers - and she feels the unseen force comply.

She blinks and she is leaning against the silver machinery, looking the slime girl in the eyes.

Did you have a change of heart? Would you prefer some other gift?

“No. I have a feeling that I came here for a reason. Look at me: I don’t really look like a Knight any more. I don’t think I actually belong out there.”

Just because your appearance has changed…? I can make it so you can revert to your old one at will. Please enjoy the gifts you worked so hard to gain.

“I have a different idea. You and all the others feel so lonesome here, don’t you?”

We… sometimes it is hard to push the feeling away, I will give you that.

“Then how about a new kind of deal? I don’t want to be remembered like the Knight who turned her back on Ember Soar.”

You would…

“I would stay here. I see you are feeling so tired and so feeble. You don’t have much to live yet. Can you do something about it?”

The slime girl pauses. She withdraws into herself, looking so small and frail for such a powerful concentration of power and change.

There would be… one way. But you would lose your shape, and our souls would be connected.

“I am sure that if Ember Soar could do the same, she would. Regrettably, I am not like her: I don’t have any grand destiny and I don’t have any great role to play. I wasn’t even born in Idira. But perhaps… my heart says that my place is here.”

I’m stunned. You would do all that for us? For me?

“I’m a Knight. My goal is to help those in need, no matter where they are. I can’t believe the Herald did all this to you, but perhaps I can help fix it in some way.”

There would be no going back…

“There never is. Not on what’s important.”

The slime reaches out with her hand.

Are you sure?


So be it, then… and thank you.

She leans forward, but this time she doesn’t touch her with her hand, but with her lips.

Kikori shudders with the influx of incredible pleasure that runs through her body.

“Whhahah…” she groans as the slime girl’s incredibly smooth and soft lips play with her own. The only thing she could compare to this kind of pleasure would be getting railed by the Minotaur’s big cock. This is less strong, but more… spiritual, in a way. She looks at her metal-tipped hand to see it is starting to become see-through.

It looks like her body is going to change even further… but if it feels so good, and if she gets to be a real Knight, then she doesn’t really care.

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Something weird that happened during the first draft was that the finale completely got the jump on me. I had planned a different ending for Kikori altogether, but it seems like she wanted a better one! I would like to know your opinion: did you enjoy having more plot in-between the sex scenes? I am very curious as this might influence my future writing. I have another Arc almost completely written... I will see you tomorrow with the last free chapter!

And as always, thank you so much for your support!