Arc 3 – Queen of the Monster Maze 4.8 [Suggestive]
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The Monster Maze used to be a place of legend, one where no Knight could home to come back from. And so it has been: for the longest time, the only two Knights who ever dared to best it were Ember Soar and Summer Storm. And everyone knows how well that has gone.

Now, the Monster Maze has changed a lot. It is no longer a labyrinth where people are forced to trial, but it is instead a place where old companions can meet each other.

Take Ardesia the Visage: maybe the last of her kind, the snake-headed girl has recovered her powers now that she has her companion close to her again. she still tends to her woods, but now she has the help of Sir Enceladus who, in the meantime, has become a great gardener thanks to his books.

As for the Minotaur, their fame as monsters of legend guarding a big treasure is something he shares in.

He used to be hated and feared outside, only to reveal how kind and gentle he can be… well, when he’s not fucking the lights out of Kikori and Haliana, that’s it.

Sometimes even Ardesia joins the fun, and when she does, her petrifying gaze helps to keep Enceladus’ cock hard for days.

Sometimes the girls just help themselves on it while he turns the pages. It’s still a good way to pass the time, jot down a few notes on the care of a particular species of moss while two hot girls are licking themselves while they grind against your cock.

Just the kind of normal thing that happens normally, nowadays in the Monster Maze.

And let’s not forget about Bruit! The tentacle beast, finally freed from his role as a guard dog, has shown his talent for music once more! A virtuoso of harp and accordion, the halls of the Maze nowadays are always filled with music and song.

All in all, everyone has found their new place in the dungeon, especially its new leader. Managing two sets of memories is far from easy, but Haliana and Kikori have found their way to coexist in one body. It helps that when one’s body is quite fluid and can change shape at will, even their mind are quite easy to mould and change.

So has it all turned out for the best?

Well not really: for while the maze is now a much more pleasant place, for the time being Kikori has decided to shut it down. They have to rebuild it and then fill it again with training obstacles and new challenges. A place that will one day reopen again to train proper Knights, as the late Ember Soar would have wanted.

This, as it turns out, used to be her test, but it has become her test.

“I am really happy how things turned out. I’m still sorry about your Goddess, though,” Haliana says to her other half one evening, as she looks at their companions all sharing a light dinner on the banks of the river. The same river where she washed herself all that time before. “We will find a way to find her, though. I am sure she is still alive, somewhere, and maybe one day… one day…”

Then the soft light that lights up the Maze starts to die. For the first time in years, the hallways turn dark.

“What is going on? This was not my fault, I swear!”

Bruit wriggles his tentacles, already scared, while Ardesia tries to coo it by sliding one of his appendages between her breasts.

“Seems like we do have company,” Sir Enceladus says, standing up.

A few paces away, a cone of brightness appears.

Inside it, thin filaments of what look like spiderwebs, spun from iridescent light. And a young woman descends on them, using each filament like a step. She dresses in a simple black robe, rimmed with gold. Her skin is the palest white, cracked by pearly fissures like the imperfections on a marble. Her crimson eyes widen with surprise as she looks at the people in the room, her thin red lips crease in a demure smile.

If it wasn’t for the pair of creased crimson horns sprouting from her head and the five-lobed flower of silver light that dances between them like the mockery of a saint’s halo, she could appear innocent.

“It’s you,” she whispers. “No, wait… there’s someone else as well.”

Her feet reach the floor and she holds out a hand.

Kikori doesn’t take it. Her past as a Knight screams she’s the ultimate enemy. Haliana has never seen her before and yet…

“I know who you are,” she mutters with see-through lips.

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And this it! Thanks for reading! I have found this final arc quite interesting to write, though I am also curious about your opinion. There's a poll at the end and I would love to know your opinion (about the amount of porn on this Arc and the following).

I have plans for at least one more Arc but it's likely it will be a bit before it's complete. In the meantime, once again thank you so much for your support!