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Hexmaid feels shaken to her core. She has felt the changes to her body. She did not understand all of them, but she has felt it change and turn into something she does not recognize at all. She is floating in a blank space, but looking down she has seen her body change and mutate, from her longer legs to her plumper butt to the absolute travesty that are her new breasts and her bratty face, together with its new skin tone.

“Ohhh… what’s happening to me?” She groans.

And yet, as she floats there, she starts to feel a simmering headache. She reaches for her now-bald head and she starts to feel some fuzziness there. She picks up a strand and watches with horror as she grows new hair. This time they are not her sheer black locks, but a whitish, platinum blond that screams bratty and fake!

“Nooo!” She screams. Her throat is also aching. “Nooo! You can’t do this to me… what? That’s not my voice!”

She reaches for her throat. Her voice sounds higher-pitched, much more bratty and seductive, and the kind of voice nobody is ever going to take seriously. It’s the kind of tone you would think your spoiled teenager daughter to use when she whines about wanting a new expensive toy.

And she loves expensive toys

“Hmmm, totally!” She grins, passing her lip over her expanded lips as bright white lipstick smears over them. “Wait, like, what? No, that’s totally not me! No, no, stop!”

She pulls on her hair like a girl throwing a tantrum, stomping about, but all she manages to do is to make her huge tits wobble.

“Ooopsie!” She giggles, covering her with her hands, which are now growing thick white nails. “No, that’s not right… please stop! I’m not like, vain and shit…”

Her eyes cross as her personality keeps popping inside her like bursting bubble wrap. Pop-pop-pop!

“Oh my god!” She whines. “I’m, like, getting totally naughty!” She giggles as the experience is starting to grow pleasant. Her nipples grow harder and her pussy starts to throb. Her hand leaves her breasts to rub at her needy quim and she sighs at the pleasant feeling. Ah, she needed  that! “Stealing is, like, totally wicked, haha!”

The old Hexmaid is fading away. Tiny shards of her old personality, wherever they might still be present, pop like bubbles. The new vain, self-centered and shallow personality of this reborn villainess takes center stage and overwrites everything that does not comply.

She is a vain, shallow bimbo who wants sex and money and pretty things and she wants them now!

“Like… I’m a stupid bitch,” she giggles, rubbing on her wet cunt as she finally orgasms, and her new personality settles in once and for all.

She floats with a droopy smile in the nothingness as it carries her through the limbo.

She’s going  to wake up soon.




Janice pants hard. She has cum maybe two or three times since she has seen her friend’s breasts grow to the size of her head, and now she is still whimpering with pleasure, observing the contraption putting the final touches, like white permanent makeup around her eyes and her lips, tattooing them white. Her new white-blond hair reach to her plump ass and are incredibly sexy.

The hum, which has continued uninterrupted until now, leaves only room for silence.

The silver sheen withdraws, showing the new and much-improved Hexmaid. The metal strands slowly set her down to the floor, where she lays on her back. Her huge breasts, though, stand up deliciously.

Janice walks up to her and starts to knead them, appreciating how soft and yet firm they are. Her hand drowns in the dark expanse of her huge tits and she coos a little at how amazing it feels.

“Hmmhh…” her friend blinks and a wide grin spreads on her new, bloated lips as she recognizes her. “Hey, Jani!”

“Hey yourself,” Janice replies, still groping and squeezing her breasts. They are too small for one of her hands and in fact even for both of them.

Hexbitch giggles at her efforts.

“Like, what are you doing silly?”

“Just checking the workmanship,” she replies with a chuckle. “Now, how do you feel?”

“Hmmmh, I, like…” her smile turns into a wicked grin. “I totally feel like improving my, like, my reputation online! Wanna do something about that?”

“You just had to ask,” she replies with a heated chuckle, pulling her inflated lips into a kiss.




At night, not all shadows stand still, and this is something that Jack “The Purser” does not forget easily. After a few weeks off the field he has finally managed to go back to his line of work, and now he makes sure to check every corner to make sure that shadowy superheroines do not jump right out of the dark to knock him on the head.

But it seems like nobody has seen Hexmaid in a while, son in the end he can finally relax and lean back. He looks at his booty for the night and grins at the expensive purses he has managed to pilfer. Nobody was there to stop him and now… now finally nobody will!

The streets are empty, save for a motorcycle speeding down the opposite lane.

“I’m rich!” He snickers. He’s going to sell those used on the internet for a steal, and also some of the wallets are bound to have cash and credit cards… yes, he will finally be able to buy an actual gaming comp-

“Like, out of the way, loser!” Yells a feminine voice. He has barely the time to look up: the motorcycle has swapped lanes and is speeding towards him. A buxom woman covered in latex laughs like mad as she picks up his booty and she disappears into the night.

He stands there, doubfounded, looking at the girl who is becoming smaller and smaller.

“That was…” he mutters, looking at his empty hand. He thought that was Hexmaid’s voice? But it sounded… different. At any rate, if bimbos are out-thieving him, he really ought to find a new hobby.

He shakes his head and starts walking away.

“I should get into crypto, man…” he mutters, kicking away an empty can.




A few hundred feet away, the motorcycle woman still cackles with glee at what she managed to steal. Look at all the pretty purses! Jani is going to be, like, sooo happy!

She parks the cycle in an empty spot and then walks into the elevator leading to their apartment. Jani is like, sooo smart, and she has managed to buy a penthouse right in the middle of Freeport!

Hexmaid checks her makeup in the elevator’s mirror and she blows herself a kiss with those inflated lips of hers. She’s like, smoking!

“Guess who’s baaack!” She yells, coming into their apartment with a pirouette. Jani looks up from her screen and Hexmaid sits right in her lap, showing off her goods, both the stolen bag of purses and her inflated tits. “See something you like?” She titters, pushing her chest towards her face.

“I’m glad you are having fun,” she replies. “But I am trying to work here…”

“But Jani!” She pouts and her left hand starts to knead her lover’s neck. “I’m so, like, horny…”

Jani rolls her eyes and taps on the keyboard, then she puts the bags away and starts to knead Hexmaid’s pneumatic funbags. She giggles as pleasure begins to spread through her chest at Jani’s expert touches.

“You always know what to say,” Jani purrs.

“I’m like, the best!” The new and improved Hexmaid giggles, leaning forward to capture Jani’s lips in a kiss.

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