Oneshot 🔞 – Girl processed into a f*tanari
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Very NSFW one-shot. Contains body modification, mind control, non-con and light ryona.

The girl struggles against the chains, but to no avail. Her muffled cries fill the stale air of the room, and nobody is there to answer her. She does not even know what she did wrong, or who attached her to this devilish contraption. 

She squirms, trying to get her voice out. But whoever secured her to the thing did a thorough job. A vice of metal holds her head in a pinch, forcing her to look ahead at all times. Her large blue eyes are filled with fear and red with tears. She’s naked, save for a few straps of soft fabric that secure her to the contraption, together with the chains that hold her wrists behind her back and force her legs open in a very compromising position.

“Hhhllhease,” she grumbles through the metal bite strapped against her lips. Something sharp scratches against the side of her neck and maybe it’s a good thing that she’s held like this, because otherwise she would risk wounding herself on the needles that brush just to the right of her neck. “Hhheeeasssee, hhhoomeone.”

But nobody comes.

She’s all alone with the machine, and the machine does not listen. She looks down, trying to look for a way to escape, but all she can see is the metal piston lined up with the entrance of her pussy and a weird needle attached to a green vial. 

Then a low humming noise starts to fill the silence. She shudders, feeling the chains and the metal  unyielding against her soft body. The needles that until now lingered against her neck push forward and prick her skin. 

“Hhhhhhhgggahhhiii…!” She squeals through the bite. Her instinct and her fluttering, frightened heart plead her to keep her neck away from the thin metal that’s piercing her skin, but she can do nothing to fulfill that desire. Her muscles twitch, making her legs and arms ache as the needles start to inject her with something, some sort of liquid she doesn’t understand.

A weird heat spreads from the point of contact to her body, making her head spin and her breath grow labored. She shivers as some of that heat slithers down to her stomach and then rests between her thighs like a disquieted snake, its spires stirring needs from deep inside her body. She almost cries when she feels her pussy begin to react, pulsating and then squeezing against something. Something that’s not there yet. 

Not there to fill her. 

To spread her lips and make her whole. 

“Hnnhgghu-nhhuu-nhghu,” she groans, her panic turning confused and mixed with growing arousal. Her nipples are also starting to grow stiffer, standing out from her small and round breasts, now glistening with sweat. 

The heat keeps pooling inside her body, and it starts to fill her breasts, until it feels like she put them in a low-powered oven. 

“Hhhahgii?” She asks, begs. The machine has no answer, only a protocol. 

And now that her body has been primed for the rest of the procedure, the vice that holds her head delivers a few electric shocks, flashes of white and blue arching between its bolts. Her eyes roll back as she spits through the bite and her body shudders, each of her muscles tightening and releasing out of turn, like an orchestra that has forgotten about its conductor. 

Her pussy’s muscles might be the only ones that still retain some control, because they squeeze, squeeze so hard - against nothing. She feels so hot and so wet, to the point that with each shock and each cry squeezes tiny droplets of her juices that now start to flow down her shivering thighs. 

“Hhhnhhhoo,” she uselessly laments. The electricity flares a few more times, and she finally learns not to talk. She just pants between broken breaths as the machine keeps doing its job. 

The piston leveled with her pussy starts to whirr closer. Its rounded and cold head presses against her opening and slides inside. Just a couple inches at first.

“Hhhaaa…” she groans through the bite. Just a reflex at this point.

Her pussy is on fire, her tits are on fire, and by now she starts to move her hips to welcome the metal invader, so that it may spread her pussy further. 

It does.

Soon the piston takes up a rhythm. It slides in and out of her pussy, and the girl shudders and groans and coos and gasps each time. Each time a little deeper, each time a little faster. 

Her breasts wobble and pulsate each time the piston pushes faster inside her, but even with all the stimulation going on, she’s unable to cum. Something is going on with her chest, but she can’t look down, and at this point why should she care?

She feels good.

“Haa-ha-haaah…” she keeps moaning. 

The piston then slowly stops moving, withdrawing from her pussy. She lets out a disappointed whine. Why no more?

Her pussy drips with arousal and small drops fall on the metal floor like heated, musky rain. 

The syringe connected to the green liquid then pushes forward, its thin needle touches her clit and seeps through her skin - a bolt of hyper-compressed pleasure run through her body, so tight it might as well be just pain. If she were still aware of what’s happening to her body, she would try to break the chains bolting her to the contraption, but the chemicals, the electric shocks and her own arousal as doing an excellent job. 

The needle vibrates and delivers its payload against her clit. Then it withdraws, letting whatever it just injected into her body do its magic. 

“Hnhhheee…” it’s all she manages to mumble. The heat in her crotch grows to the point it is unbearable. She starts to pant and keeps shuddering while her clit shudders, contracts and then slowly expands, pushing against its clitoral hood, which withdraws, clearing the path for her developing clitoris.

She can feel the cool air against her stretching organ, and it’s enough to send he recoil into her own head, stunned by pleasure ad pain and the wretched child of the two. A line of spit drools from the side of her mouth and falls down her neck onto her plump chest, now a little firmer and rounder than she might remember it. 

But the real star of the show is her clit, which keeps stretching and growing with each breath. The smooth red skin starts to wrinkle as it grows as large as her thumb - larger, larger, thicker. “Hhhuuu…” she mewls. By now, each inch of growth it’s like having a blast of pleasure squeeze through her whole body, but she’s still away from that true climax, that brain-bursting orgasm. Her body wants it. Needs it. 

And her clit keeps growing. It widens at the base and by now it’s about four inches long. Its head flares out like a mushroom, separating from the shaft which skin turns even softer until she has a properly-shaped dick. 

One more inch, one more - her clit-dick opens up at the top, her head forming the hole that will connect her through its shaft to her crotch to… another center of pleasure that’s now growing between her thighs, just beneath and behind her pussy. 


She can’t understand what’s going on. Her now fully-formed dick throbs, growing and spreading longer and thicker. It’s now about as fat as her wrist at the base and seven inches long, ending in a flared angry head. And at the other end of this new pleasure apparatus, her new prostate is filling up rapidly with pre-cum, like a soft and needy fruit sponging up night’s dew.

“Hhiii-hheeiee…” she groans, now fully delirious. She’s changed so much in such a short time. Her breasts are rounder and firmer, and they are larger than they had been when she was tied to this contraption. Her dick is mature and ready to go, but there’s something there, something that… still holds her from completely bursting through and cumming her brains out. 

She squeezes her pussy muscles. Cum. Cum. She wants to cum! That need fills her head and grips her every thought, pushing against her skull and pounding through her throbbing dick. 

The piston seems to heed her plea, because it whirrs itself alive and pushes against her perineum, that thin bridge of sweaty meat between her pussy and her anus. 

Just an inch away from her bloated prostate.

The piston pushes harder.

It squeezes her newly-grown organ. 

And it pops.

“Hhhhhheeeuuu!” She chokes on her own spit as the orgasm finally bursts through her like a blast furnace going off. The poor girl, now more beautiful than a girl could ever hope to be, shudder and shakes. The chains tinkle at the rhythm of her panting groans. Her painfully-thick dick shoots ropes of clear cum, bursting through her tip as they splash all over the floor. 

“Hhhuu. Hhuuu!” She keeps moaning. And her cock keeps shooting ropes of cum, each of them a little thinner and a little more watery. The last one dribbles down on her still-hard length as heat and release spread through her body.

She is ready.


Some time later, the girl pushes down yet another of the prisoners. She kisses her forcefully. The other girl is scared and confused, her mind addled by the pheromones the newly-minted futa is filling the air with. 

With each frightened breath she’s breathing more in, until her pussy is so drenched it’s starting to stain her pants dark. 

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” the futanari says, but it’s a bit of a lie. She’s not really sorry. How can you be sorry when you fuck a wet cunt so deep, so hard? She pushes her down, pressing her too-large, too-firm breasts against the other girl’s soft and unprocessed ones. Her hands reach for the flimsy damp fabric of her pants and rip it open, revealing her musky pussy. “Just the tip. I’ll put in just the tip.”

She drives her hard dick towards the entrance, lines it up with her and pushes inside.

She leans forward until the girl’s pussy squeezes the root of her dick. 

“But you said…!” 

“Sorry. Sorry, it’s my head. It’s this cock! It keeps telling me to stick it in, stick it in! I can’t stop it! Hnnh!” Still pinning the other girl to the floor, she plunges deep, shaking her hips until she can’t think of anything but rutting. She’s a fucking animal and it feels to good for any shame. 

Why would she be ashamed anyway?

“It’s your fault! It’s your fault for having such a fuckable pussy!”

She squeezes her thighs to stimulate her prostate, and she spurts deep into her, filling her pussy with cum that then dribbles down her thighs. 

“Your fault… your fault…” she pants, as she falls over the girl, exhausted and relieved.

For the time being, at least.



Hope you liked this. It's been a while since I have worked on a satisfying piece of erotica and I felt like sharing it for free.

This was inspired by these two amazing - very NSFW -  pics (first, second) by incredibly-talented artist iuui.
I liked those pics so much to take them for a literary spin.

I hope you enjoyed this little addition to the Corrupted Heroines anthology. 
If you'd like to read more, you can find one of my books with futanari transformation right here.

At any rate, thanks for reading!