Arc 5 🔞 – The F*ta demon of the woods 1.1
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As a newly-reborn demon, I try to keep a low profile.

This has nothing to do with my magic powers or certain parts of my anatomy. After spending my old life being ashamed of who I am, I want  to enjoy this new life to the fullest.

No, I try to keep to myself because I still need to understand this new body a little better, and before going back to civilization, to settle the score with the trio of adventurers who betrayed me years ago, I need to be prepared.

That’s why I am trying to train by myself, even though I still get… visitors.

Take that morning, for example. I am laying inside a pond, taking a good look at myself and at my new form, admiring how being reborn in this world (again: long story), has changed me.

I certainly don’t look like that shy and insecure girl anymore. I am a completely new person, and what matters the most, I am incredibly sexy.

The consequences of my reincarnation left me looking like a tall young woman whose skin is a pleasant tan, patched by golden hexagonal scales like I’m trying to turn into a serpent or anything. My hips are pleasantly thick, just a tad wider than my shoulders, to give me that extra sexiness. My trim waist gives way to a pair of large and rounded breasts, capped by golden nipples, and as I coil my shiny black hair around my fingers, capped by sharp nails, I feel on top of the world… and that’s not even the best part.

My fingers leave my hair to reach for my crotch.

“I still can’t believe she left me with this thing…” I chuckle. In truth, the newest addition to my form has been growing on me. In more than one sense, given that this tool is definitely a grower. I have yet to find a way to give it a proper test run, but for the time being I am enjoying it a lot.

This new body looks astoundingly feminine, but my demon anatomy has a nice and thick penis right above my slit. I am using to having on, after all before being reincarnated I lived with one for eighteen years.

But having a cock…

“Oh, you are awake already?” I grin as it starts to get aroused. My thick cock is about as wide as my wrist and it must be at least seven inches long, probably a little longer when I am really really aroused. And let me tell you, suddenly growing a cock makes your new life full of horniness! “You are so fucking thick.”

I try to circle the base with my hand, but I can’t reach all the way around it at all. It stands up above the water level, dripping with spring water and already with a few drops of clear precum. I shudder as I give it one good stroke, moving my fingers from its hard base all the way across the bulging shaft, pleasantly-bulging with hardness, all the way to the angry tip, already flared and almost purple, like a flower about  to burst.

“Hmmm, I want to burst inside a nice tight pussy.” This is something that would have made me shudder with shock back when I used to be a lonely girl who was always forced to pull for the short straw, but now I’m gorgeous, I’m sexy and I know what I want… and the voice in my head keep urging me to take this nice dick and stick it inside a wet hole, preferably some girl’s lubed quim.

I cannot yet, so for the time being I have been forced to take care of my horniness by myself, rubbing one off every few… hours or so.

Seriously, this thing gets you horny like, constantly.

I start to moan as my hands pick up pace, stroking my big dick while I lay in the pond, making the water ripple and my breasts start to wobble. My other hand reaches to play with my left nipple and those have become much more sensitive too…

“That’s… ohhh… the Morningstar doesn’t fuck around with this stuff,” I mumble, thinking about my reincarnation once again. I had no idea it could feel so good, and bending a cute girl over to breed her is going to be even better. I need to get a girlfriend when I am ready.

“Hmmm, getting close!”

I can feel it, I am going to cum with my new dick. Orgasming with this rod is different from rubbing at your clit or fingering your pussy, it’s much more direct and explosive, it’s… I love it!

“Ahhh, I’m almost the-”

Something wheezes through the air. It’s only thanks to my supernatural reflexes that I manage to duck my head and the arrow hits the rocks behind me, splintering in a shower of wooden fragments.

“Whoa! What the fuck?” I shout, looking around. My golden eyes can easily see in the dark, but it’s still afternoon, so I don’t exactly get any advantage. “Who’s there? Show yourself!”

I stand up and flip out of the water. I’m naked, but I don’t care. I’m naked and dangerous. My black wings unfurl, covering most of my body. When another arrow comes the right, I swat it off with my wing, right before it could pierce my skull.

“Alright, now I am starting to get really mad…” I extend my nails into claws and take off as more arrows pierce the air, thankfully I am fast enough to slip through them. As I look down, I can see a shadowy form holding a crossbow, moving between the trees. Whoever they are, they didn’t think I could fly and are now trying to gain a better position.

Well, too bad for them, because they are in the perfect position for me.

I raise a hand and with a baleful word I summon a golden flame. It sizzles in my palm, growing from something that could come from a candlewick to a torch, to a fireball the size of my head.

It’s getting my head fuzzy just to maintain the flame – I am still new to this body, after all, and I am far from adept at using magic, but I am confident this will be more than enough.

“Get a load of this!” I shout from above.

The hunter turned their head up and freezes. I release the fireball, which speeds towards the ground and explodes in a burst of flame, light and burning wooden fragments.

I flap my wings and reach for the crater, trying not to show how much effort that has taken me.

I may have two more blasts like that left in me before I drop from exhaustion. I feel like a newborn trying to move her first steps, and my body aches around the joints from that single spell.

But it might have been enough.

The assailant lies prone on the ground, their robes charred by the blast, though they managed to shield themselves from it for the most part.

I walk towards them and pin the hunter against the tree, taking off their hood to reveal… a surprisingly-cute girl?

She looks at me with disdain in her emerald eyes, her dark hair cut to her hears. She wears the typical clothes of the hunting guild, so she must come from the city… her burned clothes reveal her perky breasts, capped by delicious pink nipples, a trim waist that flares into thick and trained hips, and long strong legs covered by ragged leggings.

She’s dirty and shaken and dizzy, and the tanginess of her sweat and fear smells so good.

What is it about female bodies that gets me so hot nowadays? Maybe it’s how soft and round and pliable they look? I never noticed it about myself back in my old life, but nowadays everything about this girl… her soft lips, large eyes and deliciously-curvy body is screaming at me to bend her over and teach her a lesson.

She wanted to pierce me? How about I return the favour…

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