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Turns out, she does.

“Ahh, uhn, uhnn, hmmhf, hmh,” that’s all she’s able to say, bent over the pond as she spreads her legs for me. “Ah, deeper faster harder please!”

I’m happy to oblige. Maybe it’s just this big fat dick I receive thanks to my deal with the Morningstar, but it apparently is a real bitch breaker. The little huntress shakes and gasps as I slide my fat cock up her lubed pussy.

It’s just been a couple hours since I first got my way with her, and she’s already in heat. Maybe my spunk is just that arousing. I should test that theory with some other girl, but for the time being I want to enjoy this to the fullest.

And speaking of being full, I slide my fat cock past herpuffy labia until the base of my newly-aquired organ presses against her clit, something that immediately cuts her breath.


“That’s it. Isn’t it good? And you can have it all day, every day, if you tell me who sent you…”

“Ah… I have… I was… I can’t talk,” she protests. I lean forward and start fondling her tits. No much there, but what there is feels soft and perky. Her nipples are already rock-hard. I rake my talons against her back, soft enough to not break skin, but hard enough to make her scream.

“That’s it. And there’s more from where that came, if only you start being a honest girl and telling me the truth.”

She shivers and her pussy gets even warmer and tighter. I definitely can understand males now. I feel like I could fuck and impregnate every girl in a hundred miles radius, and to be frank that’s precisely what I am going to do… or at least what my dick keeps telling me to do.

Deeper deeper, fuck her fuck her fuck her stick it in stick it in stick it in.

I can’t seem to think about anything other than pussy and frankly it is a little shocking.

But that’s how it is going to be from now on so I’m not really mad. It’s great having a dick.

I slap the girl’s toned ass. She cries out in pain and arousal and I love to hear it. I am starting to feel that knot of pressure growing at the base of my dick. I have heard about premature ejaculation before but I don’t really give a fuck about premature anything.

She’s getting the dick no matter how it is, wet or dry. And besides it’s not like coming makes my dick grow any softer. It looks like I keep my female endurance!

“Yes, that’s right, moan you little slut. That’s what happens when you try to kill people and when you trespass without permission and when… ah… so fucking tight!” I feel like I’m running out of options. “And when I am taking a bath and you… ah… you know what? I don’t fucking care, just take this dick!”

“Uhhhn!” She cries out, cumming again. It’s like she can’t do anything to stop that, my dick is just too fat and too big for her, hitting all the right places. Her eyes roll back and she goes slack, presenting her butt which I keep fondling and slapping. To be frank I do prefer it to her tits.

I keep fucking her even as she weakly protests. She’s probably growing overstimulated.

But I don’t really care, and I am ready to bet she does not, either.

I keep fucking her until she cums again, and again, and again.

After the fourth time I am growing satisfied. Not tired, but I feel pretty good in my stomach I think we’re sort of even now.

The huntress is a shadow of her former spunky self. Or maybe spunky is what she is now, her thighs and stomach painted white.

“I think I got enough fun out of you,” I grin, slapping her soft butt again. She groans, unable to do anything not just to stop me but even to realize or register what is going on. I pick her up and I slide out of her tired pussy, which is still so tight around my cock it feels as if it’s trying to keep it inside her forever. “You have a greedy pussy. Let’s see how loose your tongue is.”

I sit on the pool’s edge and I hold the little huntress right above my cock. I level my twitching dick with her asshole. I am not going  to lube it up much. I am confident that all the spunk coating my cock is going to be more than enough for her. Besides, she’s going to enjoy it even more if I am a little rougher with her, I just know it.

“Now, how about you tell me a little more about yourself, hm? What do you like to do late at night…” she whimpers adorably when my dick’s tip starts to press against her hole. I bet it’s going to be so tight. Oh, fucking her up her ass is going to be the best, I just know it. “What’s your favourite colour. And who sent you.”

“Hnnnhhaha…” she groans, finding enough wit to finally struggle a little bit once again. “I can’t… I can’t tell…”

Her voice turns into a mewl as I slowly slide her against my cock and the tip begins to slide inside her.

“Nhho, nhhhoo, it will not fit, it will never fit,” she pants, trying to escape, but I’m holding her far too strongly too allow her to.

“You better start talking, because I don’t think I can hold you up for long.”

It’s an obvious lie of course, I could keep her up in the air like this for a whole day and I wouldn’t even mind, but she does not need to know that.

“I… I… have a duty, I…”

“Time’s up.” I slowly release the grip on her legs and my dick starts to slide inside her. She clenches, but between her own weight and my spunk making my dick slippery and wet, she doesn’t have a chance.

“Haaaa! It was Lady Burian!”

“Hmm, that makes sense.”

I might have stepped on the wrong toes. I know Lady Burian is a powerful figure around here, and she practically rules the nearby city, right where I need to find a home to continue my hunt.

It looks like my quest has become a little harder all of a sudden.

“Thank you for your support,” I whisper to her ear as she keeps shaking and panting. She looks relieved I stopped short of sliding my dick all the way in, only a couple inches spreading inside her.

“I… ahh… I did it…”

“I don’t really feel like supporting you anymore, though.”

She realizes what I mean and her eyes widen in panic.

“What? No, don’t…!”

I let go. She falls and impales herself straight on my dick.

“Hnnhh!” I groan at the sudden pressure against my organ. It’s so tight and so warm, maybe even better than her pussy.

“H-h-aa-…” she gasps, her eyes rolling back into her head.

And then she cums from her butt, straight away, just at the beginning of my penetration.

“You’re too… tight, you will… hmn!” I shudder as her ass milks me for all it’s worth and I cannot hold it in anymore. I feel the knot at the base of my dick unravel once again and I flood her pussy with my milk, again and again. She leans back, her warm sweaty body falling against mine.

I keep spurting for a little while longer, enjoying the incredible warmth of her ass.

As for our little assassin, she’s completely gone, she can just pant and shiver.

As I come down from my climax, I slowly withdraw my dick which finally starts to grow softer.

“You know, you are one lousy assassin, but you are a great fuck,” I whisper to her ear.

She doesn’t reply.

I think I broke her.

Grinning, I pick her up and slowly lay her into the pool, holding her against my body as I start to pour warm water all over, waiting for her to recover.

I still have more questions, of course. And a little proposal that I am sure she will appreciate.




Two days later, I think her pussy is never going to forget about my dick.

The little assassin squirms as she looks up at me. She licks her lips while she tries to put on a respectable face.

But she’s still too flushed in her cheeks to be at all believable. I think she’s just too horny to function now.

Hey, good thing she is not an assassin anymore.

“Let’s review the plan,” I say coiling one lock of hair around my finger. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m… I’m going back to town, Mistress.”

Ah, I love that word. Mistress. Her eyes keep darting towards my cock. I know she doesn’t want anything more than to go down on me or have my bitch breaker spread her apart a little more.

But she has a mission to accomplish, and I want to see it complete.

“Great. You work for me now. Go back and learn all you can about your former employer. Find where she lives, what she eats, who she likes to fuck, the works. And then report back to me in a week.”

“I will!” She states, nodding. “Hmmm, before I go…”

I roll my eyes. Oh, it’s hard to say not to that tight body, though.

“Can I give it a lick? Just the tip, please…” she pleads squirming her thighs together.

“Just the tip,” I agree, beckoning her over, knowing that before long I’m going to push my dick all the way down her throat.

It will be hard going back to jerking off for a few days, but definitely worth it in the end. And when she comes back, I’m going to enjoy her holes to the best of my ability.

It’s great to have a fuckdoll laying around.

And that’s the end. For now - and maybe for a bit longer. I have two more Arc written and edited, but I am not sure when I am going to release them. Or even if I am going to at all. While I do enjoy writing erotica from time to time, I am starting to feel the burn out. So I might need to take some time off.

At any rate, thank you so much for reading, commenting, putting a like and purchasing my books during the last year. There used to be a time when I was mortally afraid of publishing something like this, and your support has been incredible. So thank you all for everything.

Links below for those who want to read further - in the meantime, I will be in your care. 

Au revoir.

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