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(Matt Pov)

Shortly after Aphrodite's suggestion, Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon return back from seeing the fates each with a grave expression. Seeing their faces the others gods become nervous as what we said is true. Ares becomes even more excited about a war with Chaos, truly living up to his realm.

"Hvítrnár and Sýnmyrkr we would be honored to join an alliance with your people. Can I ask who else is part of this alliance, or who else you may ask to join us?" Zeus says to us.

"We have the Mayan and Asgard already allied with us, my brother by bond, Thor has already gathered both to help start building the city," I say to them and he nods his head.

"Let us feast in celebration to the official alliance we have formed and if the others are going to help build a city with you, we will as well. Athena when the feast is over go to the location where the city is being built and make us our section," Zeus says to everyone and commands Athena who just nods her head.

Then Zeus claps his hands, as many servants of all sorts of Greek mythological creatures start to bring in food. Tables form in the cleared area between the thrones, all the gods reduce their size to ours, as we all sit as we all eat what food and drinks the servants bring. After a few hours of eating and drinking the gods asked us many questions about ourselves, and we did the same with them.

"I will take my leave now and see the city we are making for our children," Athena says as she stands and bows her head to Alice and me before teleporting to Greenland.

"Now that the feast is over, I want to see how strong a primordial is," Ares says once Athena leaves.

"Ares! These are our guests and allies, do not offend them!" Hera says scolding her son, though everyone else is curious as well.

"Very well, where shall we fight?" I say with a shrug and Ares smiles in excitement as everyone has a shocked expression.

"The arena for the gods," Ares says smiling and we all teleport to the arena in Olympus. The structure is just like the ancient Greek Olympic arena.

Once everyone takes their seats and many minor gods showed up, as somehow the word spread. The arena quickly filled within minutes.

"Hvítrnár please don't hurt him too much," Hera says nervously for Ares, in case I'm pissed at him. Ares just shoots his mother an annoyed glance.

"He won't beat me that easily!" Ares says confidently.

"You shouldn't hold back or the fight will end before it can even really begin," I say to him and he nods his head taking this seriously. Letting his full power lose, he is just slightly weaker than the 'big three'. I'm sure though should war break lose, especially a big one, like the World Wars, his power could reach the 'big three' level. Zeus and Thor are at the same level of strength, so Ares is not much of a threat to me at all, even when powered up fully by war.

Charging me once fully powered up,  armed and armored he thrusts his favorite weapon at my chest, a spear. His armor reminds me of the ancient Spartans, which I guess were his favorite group of people when they existed. I sidestep his spear thrust, grabbing it and pulling him toward me. His experience shows as he releases the spear and jumps back from me, sweating nervously as he now realizes how much I outclass him. But the nervousness disappears as quickly it came, replaced with excitement.

"You are truly too powerful compared to us 'normal' gods. No wonder Primordials look at us gods, the same way we gods look at humans!" Ares says in excitement, though many of the minor gods watching have shocked expressions hearing him.

"Are you done jerking me off?" I ask with a chuckle and he laughs too.

Then Ares charges toward me this time with a look of no retreat in his eyes. He throws his shield at me as he charges forward. I toss his spear away ducking underneath the shield as he brings both his first down on my head. I can tell all his power is behind that strike, I ignore it letting it hit me, then grab both his arms so he can not escape again.

"Shit," I hear Ares say as he sees what I'm going to do next. I Spartan kick him in the chest sending him flying across the arena, with enough power to break his ribs but not permanently injure him. He then crashes into the wall with a loud thud as the whole arena shakes on impact.

"I'd say the fight is over unless he wants more broken bones," I say as Ares collapses to the ground with his golden blood leaking from his mouth.

"So would I," Zeus says with a chuckle, as Hera shoots him an angered look for laughing as their son is injured. The whole arena then evacuates as everyone leaves other than the Olympians.

"You Primordials pack quite the punch or kick in this case," Ares says as he sits on the ground and Aphrodite comes over tending to his wounds.

"You're lucky my husband held back or you'd be more than just broken," Alice says skipping over to me and hugging me, lecturing Ares.

"Just how powerful are you two?" Apollo asks hearing Alice.

"We stand at the very top, just below Law and Chaos. Only a handful of other beings stand on equal power with us," I say and they each have a shocked but understanding look on their face.

"No wonder I stood no chance," Ares says with a defeated chuckle, coughing up a little golden blood.

"If it makes you feel any better, Thor lasted as long as you did. Maybe a little less since he was more reckless in his attacks," I say with a chuckle. Ares knows Thor stands above him in power so he nods his head with a smile.

"Next time I see the drunk warrior I'll let him know," Ares says with a smirk.

"What are the chances of Hades coming here for me to meet him? Should I just show up uninvited there?" I ask everyone with a curious look as I have a few things to discuss with him.

"Slim to no chance for him to show his face here. Though he might be pissed at your unexpected arrival, there is nothing he could really do about it. Especially since you both are this powerful," Poseidon says and everyone else nods their heads in agreement.

"Well, in that case, was nice meeting you all. We should meet Hades as I have something I want to discuss with him," I say to them.

"Yeah was fun meeting you guys! You all are welcome in our home anytime!" Alice says before we both teleport to the front gates of Hade's palace in the underworld.

As soon as we appear Cerberus, jumps up at our arrival and growls at us. However, it can sense my power as I'm leaking some of it to alert Hades of our arrival. Cerberus is very nervous but doesn't move from its spot growling at us.

"You are so cute! Please let me pet you!" Alice says slowly approaching Cerberus who is still growling nervously.

"Maybe don't make it attack us," I say with a sigh as Alice is ignoring me to pet the three headed dog.

Alice with a soothing voice and releasing her power slightly, Cerberus surprisingly calms down enough for the three heads to sniff her. Once they each sniff her, the three heads stop growling and lick her. Alice giggles at that and begins to pet Cerberus as it rolls on its back letting her pet its belly.

"You're just a big loveable doggie aren't you!" Alice says laughing as she pets him, much to Cerberus's happiness.

"So it seems, not the best guard dog. Though I shouldn't be too surprised as two Primordials are here in my realm. What can I do for you both?" Hades says to us as he appears from his palace, I can tell he is nervous at our unexpected arrival. Persephone his wife, is standing next to him also looking at us nervously.

"Don't be mad at him. He just needed some attention!" Alice says and the two gods look at her with confused looks but nod their heads.

"We are here because I wanted to talk to you about your realm, as you can tell I'm one of the Primordials of Death. That and we recently made an alliance with your Patheon, though I'm sure you don't care what your siblings are up to," I say to them and he nods his head in understanding.

"Yeah, we don't come in aggression, 'cause if we did we wouldn't be talking right now. Also, does the doggie here have siblings or puppies I can take?" Alice says annoyed at their tension but quickly becomes curious at the answer to her question.

"No, he doesn't have any…..puppies, though he does have a sibling known as the hydra. Not sure you want that as a pet, but maybe you do, I wouldn't know," Hades says taken back at Alice's questioning.

"You are a breath of fresh air in this place," Persephone says as she laughs at Alice's personality.

"If you want I can show you the other creatures we have in our realm, while our husbands discuss whatever it is they are going to," Persephone says to Alice who thinks for a few seconds.

"Sure! Can Cerberus come too?" Alice says walking over to Persephone as Cerebus has a sad look seeing Alice leave.

"Sure I don't see why not," Persephone says calling Cerebus to follow them as the three walk away to explore the Greek version of Hell. Leaving Hades and me staring in surprise at how our wives just became friends out of nowhere.

"I guess come with me and we can talk in my home," Hades says turning to me once the three leave us. Nodding I follow him inside his palace which is made from marble too, but everything is naturally darker in color to match the atmosphere of this place.

He brings us to a small patio overlooking the landscape of his realm, which is beautiful in its own right. Maybe not beautiful like mother nature or Olympus, but still has its own sense of mythical beauty. Some undead servants bring us drinks and food.

"So what do I owe the pleasure of meeting with a Primordial?" Hades asks me once we sit with the food and drinks served. Looking I can see Alice and Persephone playing with Cerebus in the distance in what looks like the plagued fields.

"I wanted to see if you want to become a champion of mine," I say to him and he just chokes on his drink a bit looking at me shocked. Primordials can choose one being to become their champion, which gives them a connection to their realm. If Hades becomes my champion it would empower him to become three times as strong as he is now and the realm of his would become a sub-realm of mine.

"Why me?" Hades says after clearing his throat and looking at me with a scrutinizing gaze.

"Two reasons, first before I became a god I always liked your story from the history passed down. Second, it would be better for me to choose a god that has already an established realm of the dead. Out of all the choices I had, I figured you would be the best choice," I say while sipping my drink and watching the two goddesses play fetch with Cerebus.

"Can I think on it?" Hades says after a few moments of silence.

"I don't need an answer right away, but with the war of Chaos coming soon, I would like an answer before the year is up," I say to him and he nods his head.

"Wait a war with Chaos?!" Hades says shocked hearing that. I then begin to explain to him what I know and what happened with his siblings before we came here to meet him.


AN: No chapter tomorrow, as I will be celebrating the holiday with my family. After that, one chapter a day will resume.