Chapter 47: Nipple
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“Oh wow, such a surprise attack.” Sam giggles while rolling around on the futon with me.
“Kitty ninja.” I use the momentum to put Sam on her back again.
“Super cute.” She stops rolling and lifts her head to kiss me.
“No you.” I smile and kiss her back.
“Should we undress so we can hug beneath the sheets?” She slightly tugs the sleeve of my shirt.
“Great idea.” I start taking off my shirt while sitting on top of Sam.
She laughs and easily pushes me down on the soft futon instead, “Naughty.” and gets up to undress herself further.
I do the same and it doesn’t take long before we are both back to the futon.
“Hey Sam, can you turn around for me for a second?” I ask when we are both settled in our cozy snugglefort.
“Eh, sure?” She looks a bit funny at me before turning her back to me.
“I have been wondering how this feels out of the water.” I start tracing the scales on her back, paying the most attention to the place where her scales meet her skin.
“I-it feels p-pretty nice.” I can hear Sam’s voice breaking up a little.
“Good.” I trace my finger even lower done her back, feeling Sam shiver a little when I do so.
“A-Ami…” She stutters.
I continue, following her scales down her thighs.
“Ami!” She calls out semi-loudly, turning around and slamming my hand against the futon. “Oh, now you’ve done it.” The warmth of her heavy breathing caressing my face.
I gulp. “Did I wake the dragon?”
“You can bet your ass you did.” She takes her other hand to my butt and gently pulls my tail.
She completely pushes me down on the mattress. “Touching my scales like that, how dare you.” and goes in for a very long and passionate kiss.
I squirm with pleasure, still being held down by her beautiful figure.
“Like you didn’t like it.” I gasp in between the kissing.
She blushes but continues to kiss me into submission.
I don’t think I need to mention that during this entire ordeal I’ve started to purr profusely, also signaling to Sam that I am definitely not disliking what is happening right now.
After some making out Sam’s kisses leave my lips and start going down my neck, past my collarbone and onto my chest. She diverts to the right where her soft lips land on my nipple. She halts for a second and sucks, making me yelp before moving to the other side and doing the same.
She moves down even further but once she reaches my belly button I grab her hand.
Sam looks up to me. “Right, sorry babe, I got a bit excited.”
“D-don’t be.”
“Boobs were okay, right?”
I blush and give her a nod.
“Alright.” She gently smiles and snuggles back up to me, one of her hands softly massaging my breasts, her tail brushing my legs. “Don’t ever be afraid to tell me to stop, ok?”
“I won’t. Thanks for understanding, Sam.”
“No problem.” She kisses my neck again. “I think I’m going to miss this tail after we leave the game.” Her tail wraps around my leg.
“You can make a similar character in Turn of Destiny, you know. Sexy, cute and cool dragon lady.”
She giggles. “That’s a lot of adjectives.”
“I couldn’t decide.” I giggle with her.
“I think I’ll definitely take this race then.”
“Sounds great.” Now it’s my turn to kiss her neck. “I think I’d miss your tail too.”
Without words her tail leaves my leg alone and searches for my tail, wrapping around each other when they both meet.
A couple of minutes later Sam starts massaging my breasts and takes her hand to my chin, planting a soft kiss on my lips. “All this cuddling made me very tired.”
“Mhmmm.” I nod. “We should get some sleep in so we can get Charlie home safely tomorrow.”
Sam gives me one final kiss. “Wanna be my little spoon, kitten?” She whispers in my ear.
“Any time.” I giggle and turn my back towards her.
She then pulls me towards her, feeling her boobs pressed against my back, her arms tightly wrapped around me.
“Ni ni, Ami.”
“Good night, Sam.”

I purr us both to sleep and wake up still wrapped in Sam’s arms in the morning.
Just in time because just when I open my eyes I hear a soft knock on the door.
“Hey girls, are you awake?” Hilda’s voice sounds from behind the door.
“Good morning Hilda.” Sam replies, apparently she was awake already too. “Morning, love.” she whispers to me.
“How did you know?”
“Your tail gave you away.” She softly giggles.
“Good morning, Sam, we are going to have breakfast in like ten minutes. So can you wake up the kitty cat?” Hilda replies.
“I’ll try.” Sam laughs.
I close my eyes again and Sam pokes me.
“What are you doing Ami? Breakfast is ready.”
“Still sleeping.”
“Are you now?”
She starts tickling me while also kissing my neck.
“Hahahaha, Sam, no, please, stoooop!”
“Awake now or are you sleeptalking?” she continues tickling me.
“I’m awake! I’m awake!” I sit upright, still giggling from the tickles.
“Silly kitten.” she gives me a pat on my head.
I stick out my tongue “Love you, Sam.”
“Love you too.”
We prepare ourselves and head out to breakfast five minutes later, Sam didn’t even need to tickle me more to get me to hurry up.
“Good morning!” Nikki calls out to us when we enter the main room. She’s energetically setting up the last parts of our breakfast.
“Good morning to you too, Nikki, you look well-rested.” I sit down next to my sister who swiftly pats my head as well.
“Mhm, I slept incredibly well.”
I suspiciously look over to Élise.
“She fell asleep like a brick the moment I started purring.” Élise explains.
“It’s so incredibly comfy, Amicia. Is this how you feel as well, Sam?” Nikki asks.
Sam nods. “I know what you mean. It’s so calming.”
“Can’t you turn your sister into a catgirl in real life as well?”
“I’d have to ask Veanya.” I laugh. “Having to hide it is pretty annoying though.”
Élise agrees. “We can always come back to this game when you want to have a purrfect night’s sleep, babe.”
“Ok then.” Nikki pouts. “Sam, you are one lucky girl if you ask me.”
“I know.” Sam kisses my cheek.
“Where’s Charlie?”
“She went outside with Hilda for a moment. To catch some fresh air.”
“Should we start eating already or should we wait?”
“Waiting won’t be necessary.” Hilda walks in with Charlie close behind her. “Morning air is the best.”
“How was your sleep, Charlie?” Sam asks, already opening one of the MRE bags.
“Pretty good. It was nice to be able to sleep in safety for once.”
“Hilda didn’t snore?”
“Only a little.”
“Lies! Slander! Propaganda!” Hilda comically protests.
Charlie laughs. “Haha, no, she was perfectly quiet.”
“Let’s finish our breakfast so we can take you home to your father.” I smile at her.
“That’d be great.” She smiles back at me.
“It shouldn’t be such a long walk. I’d guess like 4 hours.” Hilda also starts eating her breakfast.
“Cool beans.” I say.
“No, I’m pretty sure this is egg.” Sam comments, with a devious smirk.
I facepalm and the rest of the group starts laughing. 

When dinner is finished we say our small piece of paradise farewell, pack up our things and leave towards the city.
“Do you think we’ll run into more bandits?” I walk up front together with Hilda.
“Possibly but we are already quite far away from the encampment so I doubt it. Still need to be cautious though.”
“Just in case?”
“Just in case indeed.” She smiles.
Sam and Charlie are walking right behind us with Nikki and Élise closing off the back of our group.
“Hey, wait a second.” Sam calls out a couple of minutes later.
“What do you see, Sam?” Hilda stops the rest of the group.
“Just a thing I promised to keep an eye out for.” She runs over to a nearby car wreck and pulls out something from the back seat.
“What is it?” Charlie calls after her.
“I promised you I’d teach you how to play ball if I found one right?” She walks back over to the group.
“Wow, did you find a basketball?” Charlie jumps up and down enthusiastically.
“Yes!” Sam shows it to us. The ball is almost completely deflated.
“Doesn’t look very ball-like to me.” Charlie’s enthusiasm drops a bit.
“Ah, it just deflated. I don’t see any holes in it, I just need to fill it with air and it’ll be ready to go.”
“Yay! I’m looking forward to it!”
Sam hands over the ball to Charlie who immediately embraces it like her biggest treasure as we continue towards the shielded city.

Hmm, I wonder if they would have bitterballen? 

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