Chapter 59: Wacky
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With the laundry all folded up nicely me and my sister decide to chill a bit on the sofa and play a game until Nikki gets home.
“Oh, you are clearly getting better, sis.” My sister comments when I almost overtake her in the penultimate round. “But not good enough!” She launches a coconut behind her, making my car spin out of control.
“Noooo!” I cry out as the rest of the cars overtake me.
“Haha!” My sister laughs, but because of her loss of concentration she accidentally takes her turn too wide and veers off the side of a cliff.
“Drat, drat and double drat!”
I smirk when I drive past her that’s still floating in midair. “See you at the finish line, sis.”
The race was over and I had won from my sister, but at what cost. We were 11th and 12th respectively out of 12 drivers. 

Well in my opinion it was definitely worth it.

As I’m still basking from my victory over my sister I start petting Mochi and Pocky who’d both taken place next to us on the sofa while we were playing. The three of us all looked at the door when we heard a sound coming from the hallway.
Élise giggles. “I guess Nikki is back.” She moves to the front door to open it for her girlfriend.
“Hey there sweetie.” Nikki’s voice calls out from the hall.
“Hey babe.” Élise gives her a welcome kiss as she walks past her.
“Ah, got out of school already, Amicia?” Nikki puts a bag of groceries on the kitchen island.
“Mhmm, we only had two lessons today.”
“You should see her sketches, they are really good!” Élise helps unpacking the groceries before carefully showing Nikki the sketches.
“They are really nice indeed!”
“And do you want to know which kind of oopsie Ami had today too?”
Nikki looks over to me with a curious look on her face. “Is this about the blue-haired catgirl?”
“Yes and no.” Élise continues to tell what happened to me today. 

“Well, at least they responded well to it…” Nikki thinks for a second. “So, for a date that’ll fit best… what about tomorrow?”
“Isn’t that a bit soon?” My sister comments on Nikki’s proposal.
“I would rather meet them as soon as possible to be honest. This is a pretty important matter after all.”
“That’s true.” My sister concedes. “Can you tell them, Ami?”
I nod and take out my phone. “I’ll text them right away.”
After I text them my sis pokes my shoulder. “By the way, I’ve got something to tell you when Sam gets here as well. I think it’s important the two of you know this going forward.” My sister sounds quite serious.
“Is something wrong?”
“Hmm, I wouldn’t say wrong, but it is important you know, that’s all.”
“You’re really making me curious now…”
“Yeah, I know… Sorry sis.” She pats my shoulder.

What could be so important that she wants the both of us to know? And why doesn’t she want to say it to me now…?

I decide to let it go and hang out with my family and our cats a bit more. This time Nikki also joins our game, wiping the floor with both me and my sister. Her winning streak didn’t end even when Sam finally got home to us.
“Is she really that powerful?” My girlfriend asks as she takes a seat next to me.
“Mhmm. Why don’t you try to beat her?” I offer her my controller.
“I can try.” She hesitantly takes it.
The race starts and Sam manages to somewhat keep up with Nikki.
“So, how was it at your parents’ place?” Nikki asks while brutally murdering one of the NPCs.
“Pretty okay, my parents were just asking if I wasn’t being a burden for you people.”
“You never are.” My sister replies, almost getting hit by one of Nikki’s traps as well. “Phew, that was close.”
“I know, but you’ll probably have to tell that to them yourself, they won’t believe me.”
“We can go over one day, it’s only natural for your in-laws to do so, right?” My sister winks at me but drives into the wall while doing so.
“Better keep your eyes on the road, sis.” I giggle.
“Yeah, yeah.” She sighs. “It’s not like I’ll be able to win from this road monster anyway.” My sister takes a last minute consumable from one of the trapezoids floating above the road’s surface. “But… there is one thing I can do!” She smirks as she gets the green coconut, the consumable she gambled on getting. “I’ll probably have to sleep on the couch for doing this!” She launches it at her girlfriend who almost manages to dodge it, but not quite, making her car explode. “Go Sam, go!”
Sam races past Nikki’s respawn smoke and enters the last straight.
Nikki quickly manages to catch up, but the delay my sister caused for her proves to be too much. Sam passes the finish line and wins the race. I give her a congratulatory hug while Nikki is shooting a deadly glare at her girlfriend.
“Ami, please help. She scary.”
“Your sacrifice will be remembered.” I salute her while putting my head on Sam’s shoulder.
Nikki jumps my sister and starts mercilessly tickling her.
“I’m gonna dieeeee!” Lise can only barely catch her breath.
“You bloody deserve it!” Nikki smirks and kisses my sis on her cheek, finally leaving her alone. 

Once my sister has recovered she coughs a couple of times to address Sam and me.
“So, I have to tell you two something. We were discussing it this morning but I doubt the two of you heard it.” She looks really serious now. “It has something to do with Ami’s catgirlness.”
“What exactly?” Sam has a concerned look on her face.
“This is all just speculation but we talked to Hilda about it and… well... according to her it is possible that at one point in time you might go into heat…”
“Wait, what?” My mouth drops open from this revelation. “A-and what does that entail?” I gulp.
“This has never happened to a player but according to the lore, Nekote tend to lose their speech and have a drastic change in mannerism during it.”
“But because I’m practically a real Nekote and not a player…”
“It’s quite possible this will happen to you…”
“If we knew this earlier we could’ve asked Gamma…” Sam rubs the back of her head
My sister looks down at her feet. “Now you say so, that girl was such a whirlwind it didn’t even dawn on me either.”
“She was here as well?”
My sister and Nikki nod. “Yeah…”
My breath starts picking up and I feel a panic attack incoming.
Sam notices and immediately takes me in for a big squeeze.
“It’ll be okay Ami.” Sam comforts me.
“It is definitely not set in stone.” My sister continues. “But we thought it was best that you knew, so if it happens you can act accordingly. Especially when it happens at school.”
“In that sense it is quite good your friends found out about you already, so they can help you too.” Nikki follows up.
“So Sam, if something ever happens, just bring her home, okay?”
Sam squeezes me yet again and gives an affirmative nod to my sister. “Of course.”
My sister smiles and comes a bit closer to the two of us, giving me a pat on my head.
“You okay, sis?”
The panic that I felt coming up has receded a bit. “Hmm, it’s just a bit scary.”
“I can understand that.” Élise takes my hand and squeezes it gently. “We are all here for you, so don’t you worry, okay?”
“Let us prepare some food. Because you girls already had a warm meal, are sandwiches good for you?” Nikki moves over to the kitchen.
“Fine for me.” Sam agrees.
“T-tuna sandwich?” I hesitantly ask.
“Of course I’ll make you one.” Nikki laughs. “I’ll also put on some tomato soup.”

Me and Sam continue to cuddle on the sofa with Mochi and Pocky while my sis and Nikki work on the food. In the meantime Carol and Hailey have replied positively to the request to meet tomorrow and Sam got a message from Max saying it was also good for her.
Nikki and Élise call us to the table five minutes later for lunch. The Tuna sandwhich was outright delicious and almost made me forget the conversation we just had.
“Ho ho, slow down sis. Don’t want you choking on a piece of bread.” My sister comments on me shoving down my food.
“Ah, sorry. It’s just so tasty.”
“That’s alright.” Élise laughs. “Just don’t forget to chew.”
“And, Sam, are you ready for Turn of Destiny?” Nikki asks.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Sam nods. 
“Already have a character build in mind?”
“Yep.” She looks over to me and gives me a wink. “Can’t wait to go on another adventure with my girlfriend to be honest.”
“I can definitely understand that.” My sister drinks some of her tomato soup. “You gotta love FDVR for making this all possible.”
The entire table hums in agreement.

It definitely has turned my life upside down in a good way. 

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