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Author’s Note: Main story will resume after personal journal entries.


Journal Entry Day 1 + x

I decided to make a journal documenting my stay in this world. Thus far, I have been met with several life changing and life threatening events. Luckily, I am still alive.

Today marks the first day and first entry in this journal. The numbering convention reflects the current day, plus the number of unknown days I have already spent in the world. 

Honestly, it was my own fault for not counting the number of days, but truthfully, my own survival was more important. 

Now, however, the triviality of counting down my days may prove fruitful in understanding the length of seasons.

When the day arrives that I am able to discover the true length of time I have lived in this world, it will be reflected in the title entry. Until then, this current system will be used.

I hope this winter season is not too long...

That aside, I managed to kill a monstrosity three days ago. It was a tough fight, but I finished before sundown. 

The monster was a creature of true horror. It was like a hybrid caterpillar-centipede with crab-like legs. When it lifted its grubby body off of the ground, it reminded me of a grotesque version of a cloud. Thus, I have decided to name this creature a 'Lentipede'. 

I pray that I do not cross another one of its kind in the future...

I hauled many great and questionable loot from that monster, as well as from the corpses it had killed...and the animals that had died around the area. I’m not letting a golden opportunity go to waste.

I even collected an abundance of these objects I named 'Jewelstones'. I know the name is tacky, but it is self-evident. Unfortunately, I still don't know their purpose or use, but I am convinced they can be traded.

As for the other materials I have gathered, I will make use of them in some way.

My biggest quandary is where the unblemished weapons and armors came from…I netted a decent amount...

Let's not acknowledge their existence for now.

Journal Entry Day 2 + x

I went back to the scene of my last fight again. There are still many materials that can be salvaged, including the strange trees with a single branch.

For some reason, they died as soon as the mist cleared-up. Maybe they can't live without the mist? Anyway, I decided to name these strange trees 'Whipperwood'. I wanted to call them tentaclewood...but that name was too lewd.

I wonder how useful they are.

Journal Entry Day 3 + x

My right leg has healed completely! 

I was extremely nervous after the fight with the Lentipede since I really didn't want to experience Trauma Healing again. 

That dreamworld is just too much.

Journal Entry Day 4 + x

I finally finished collecting all the materials, now the problem will be future storage.

Luckily, snow has yet to fall, but the skies above my basecamp have progressively darkened with each passing day. 

I fear that snow will arrive soon.

I must continue building-up my base before things get out of hand. 


Journal Entry Day 10 + x

Since I started using animal skins as a medium to write on, I decided to take-up cartography as well.

I have re-travelled many of my routes and created a system of map making that uses a grid system.

Since it's difficult to measure long distances, I have decided to use my own natural stride as a base unit of measure. Of course, terrain will cause issues with true distance, but it cannot be helped. Instead, I decided to mark each 100-step grid-block on my maps with a symbol indicating simple changes to elevation. I also included a pretty heft tolerance of ±5 steps.

I know that my skills in cartography will improve in-time. And I am certain it will be of huge help in the future.


Journal Entry Day 16 + x

It hailed today. Luckily not the large type of hail. 

Because of this, I decided to alter my schedule. Instead of performing daily excursions into the thickets, I have reduced it to once every other day. I foresee more changes in the future, depending on weather.

Today, I am reinforcing some of the structures in my basecamp, while demolishing and rebuilding others. 

With the use of drawn-out plans (blueprints), I can neatly assign where to construct specific structures.

In the meantime, I have converted the smoke pit into a temporary shelter while I build something more permanent to live-in.

As for food, I have plenty of smoked and cured meats for consumption, as well as a few clay baskets full of wild edibles like berries, tubers, edible mushrooms, and surprisingly some root vegetables like wild onion.

If you were to ask how I was able to procure my food stock, well...aside from the meat, I spent a long time acquiring the rest.

I stalked some small game and watched their eating habits. I gained insight on what items were edible and inedible. Of course, I made sure to only look for food that several species of small game would eat. This was a decision I made to exclude animals with specialized appetites -- their food could be poisonous.

However, I am uneasy. I don't know how long winters last in this world. I must prepare for the worst and harvest more food.

Journal Entry Day 17 + x

Another section of land mapped! 

Some of the areas looked familiar, perhaps I walked through them during my early days.

After lunch, I decided to set up a training area to practice my fighting skills. A real opponent would be better, but also more risky. With a dummy made-of wood, I could practice precision techniques and movements without worry.

This is not to say that I didn't practice in the past, but at least now I have a designated location for it inside my basecamp.

It would be a shame if I was forced to leave this place.

Journal Entry Day 18 + x

There was some weak snow today. None of it stuck to the ground, even though the ground is frozen.

In other news, the base for all my structures have been laid out. It is strange, but for some reason, the speed of construction has improved by a significant amount. At this rate, I'll be finishing a project that should take several dozen days, in no time.

Speaking of which, I've also gotten much stronger and faster than before. I've already accepted that I am beyond what would be considered human, but the changes I'm experiencing are just...too quick?

I don't know how to explain it properly. I just feel like my growth is too unnatural. Or maybe my understanding of natural growth doesn't apply in this world?

So long as these changes help me survive this place, I welcome it. But I am sure they come with a price.


Journal Entry Day 27 + x

I found something unexpected today. Webs. Lots of it.

I still can't help but involuntarily shiver when I think about it. Those fucking spiders I met when I first woke-up in this world...

I used a stick to remove some of the webs...the stick broke. These webs are tough, but eventually I extracted some after using my spear to cut them away from the trees.

Maybe I can use these webs for something good…

Next time, I'll bring fire.


Journal Entry Day 31 + x

Found a spider carcass today. Looks like the bastard died from some pretty gnarly injuries.

After ripping open some of the nearby cocoons recently wrapped by the now-deceased spider, I found an interesting beast. It was a pig with quills all over its body. It was a meter tall and a meter wide. Pretty big bastard.

Such an interesting creature. It shed all its quills the moment it got free, then ran away. 

I didn't give chase since I wasn't interested in hauling meat all the way back to basecamp.

After examining the large quills, I walked over to the spider carcass to see what had killed it. Quills. Quills from a pig had destroyed the spider.

These quills are pretty darn sturdy, and are shaped pretty ingeniously. They are like natural arrows, but the size of a javelin or throwing spear.

After throwing a few to test their ability, I saw their potential. It also shed light on why they could easily kill a spider. 

But how were they thrown? The pig I saw didn't have human hands. Did the assailant shoot them out of its body?

I thought it would be wise to collect all the quills, so I did.

As for naming the pig...well, let's just call it a 'Quillen Boar'.

Journal Entry Day 32 + x

All structures have, more-or-less been completed. Just need to install roofs.

I continued testing the quills today. They are pretty destructive. They have some strange properties that cause them to burrow deeper into their targets.

It's like a second burst of thrust occurs when the quill's tip hits a solid object.

Even a half-hearted throw gave destructive results: the quill buried itself half a meter into the test stump.

I spent the rest of the day pulling meter-and-a-half long quills out of the test stump…I was sweating the entire time, afraid that if I pricked myself with one of the quills, I'd lose a limb or more.

Journal Entry Day 33 + x

I returned to the sight of the spider carcass. I would prefer not to do this, but I need to wipe-out any potential dangers I'll face in the future, and the spiders are encroaching on where I live.

It's been quite some time, but I also heard the chiming of children's laughter in my head again. 

I have confirmed that it's an early warning sign for danger.

Two spiders attacked me. I killed one from a distance using the quills as javelins. It wasn't the best performance I could give, but it worked. As for the other, I injured it enough from a distance using the quills. The injuries it received slowed its movements, so it tried to flee. I chased after it and cut-off its legs with my spear before stabbing it to death.

However, even if it starts to snow, I'm unsure if the spider's advances will be impeded. I'm not even sure if snow can reach the ground inside the thickets.

I must resolve this.


Journal Entry Day 47 + x

I've been fighting the spiders whenever I go-out on my expeditions. They haven't really gained any ground, but that doesn't mean I won't be surrounded eventually.

Luckily, the early warning system -- the laughter -- has helped me get-out of some pretty dire situations. Although it is a little unsettling, I'm hoping this ability isn't temporary.

Journal Entry Day 48 + x

It started snowing pretty heavily today, but only for a short period. A fingernail's worth of it stuck.

I have fashioned a few quills with crystal cores near the tips. I plan to set them on-fire and use them as torches when I go on my expeditions. I also plan to light those spiders on fire when I stab them with the quills.

Journal Entry Day 49 + x

It worked! 

They gave-off pitiful screams as they died, which attracted more, but I killed them all pretty easily. 

The fire quills are definitely an asset worth carrying around. As soon as a spider was hit with one, they were set ablaze.

I'm glad I practiced my throwing skills.

However, these spiders are a little too good at burning-up. I'm afraid that an uncontrollable fire might erupt if I am not careful. It is a good thing it's winter.

Now that I've become accustomed to hunting them down, I wonder what type of materials I can harvest from them?