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The Terran Traveller
The Terran Traveller
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Subject 513 -- a man of unknown origin and name, arrived in the new world broken; a man with a mind reconstructed with memories of remorse and tragedy; a man that belonged neither to Earth nor the new world.

How will he survive without the aid of outside forces? How will he live in a world where humans aren't apex predators? How will he cope with loneliness and despair? How will he overcome his inability to adapt to the new world’s laws?

Join Subject 513 on his journey of struggle, misery, and search for purpose.

What to expect:
-Psychological elements
-Multiple character focus
-Underpowered MC
-Non 'traditional' isekai/transmigration story

Chapter Titles:
"CH : X - XXXX"- Indicates main story
"INTERLUDE : XXXX" - Provides world building, lore, and an overarching direction of the story
"SUPPLEMENTARY : XXXX" - Additional information for the readers (character sheets, monster profiles, maps, journal entries, etc.)

Author's Notes:
My first story
Release cycle: Every two weeks
Discord server:

Beasts Character Growth Conditional Power Contracts Curses Dark Delusions Depression Dreams Dungeons Empires Fantasy World Gore Hunters Kingdoms Living Alone Loneliness Magic Monsters Multiple Transported Individuals Mutated Creatures Scientists Survival World Invasion World Travel
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