Chapter 3 Dinnertime Talk
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After they had entered they placed their luggage near an empty spot next to the stairs leading upstairs. They didn’t dare to go upstairs as long as Erin wasn’t around.

They moved to the table, which had been prepared with 4 sets of knives and forks and a cup. Before siting down both Charles and Henry unequipped their weapons and helmets. Then they placed them on a nearby chair making sure to have them in reach. They did this more out of habit and not because they didn’t trust Baras judgment. After that they sat down and started waiting for their dinner.

Bara simply sat down and started waiting for dinner. The moment she had sat down her weapons vanished from her leaving no trace that would suggest, that she had been the most armed out of the three.

They sat there in silence waiting for their dinner to arrive. From time to time they took a sip from the cups, but most of the time they spent observing the Inn or absorbed in their own thoughts.

After a while the door next to the counter opened and Erin, accompanied by the small of food stepped out holding two plates with food. Quickly she placed them in front of the two knights before returning to the kitchen to bring the dinner for Bara and herself. Then she sat down.

Lets eat first and talk later. I think your all hungry. I promise I won’t do anything strange.”(Erin)

Having said that, she started eating her dish not waiting for an answer from the others. However they didn’t object and started to eat themselves. Their dinner was rather simple and consisted only of three parts: three meat skewers, potatoes and a brown sauce with some green herbs. They ate in silence without haste. After a while they were finished and everyone seemed as they wanted to ask something, but nobody wanted to start. In the end Erin decided to make the first move.

How was the dinner and the drink?” (Erin)

It was good, but nothing exceptional. Maybe a bit bland.” (Charles)

I have to agree. My main point of critic however is the juice we had, it’s a bit to wattery for my taste.” (Bara)

Still it was way better than our ration and that everything that matters!” (Henry )

Understandable. I don’t have any spices out here. Just some medical herbs with a bit of taste. But I’m happy that it is edible on repeatable basis. I’m going to quickly clean up. In the meantime you can come up with some questions.” (Erin)

With that Erin stood up and collected the plates, cups, knives and forks and left for the kitchen. After a short amount of time she returned, sitting down on the chair once again waiting for their questions.

So what have you been up to since you have arrived here? (Bara)

Nothing much, really. I wandered around for a bit and then I decided to have an Inn and started building one.” (Erin)

On your own? How long did it take you?” (Charles)

I don’t know exactly how long but definitely more than ten years. I had to rebuild it once because I accidentally burned it down once.” (Erin)

How long exactly have you been here?” (Bara)

Around fifty years I think, but it is definitely inaccurate. I Have counted the time based on the assumption that one fullmoon appears every thirty days. From this I counted the fullmoons and added them together to years. I’m not sure, if I have counted every fullmoon that has transpired and that I haven’t counted any more than once.” (Erin)

Have you met anybody during your time here?” (Bara)

No. I’ve only been in the wilderness. You are the first I have met. May I ask what as let you here?” (Erin)

We’re on our way to save the world.” (Henry)

Hearing this Erin tensed up and raised her eyebrows not really believing what she just had heard. Seeing her reaction Charles started to laugh before he began to explain.

Hohoho! We are not saving the World. Henry is just exaggerating. We are just traveling to a town to discuss if we are going to protect these countries from the Demonlord.” (Charles)

Well protecting isn’t the right word either. We’re going to discuss if we’re going to do a preemptive strike against the Demonlord and invade his territory and kill him before he can bring war into the countries on this end of the continent.” (Bara)

I see nothing for which I have to leave the plains. That reminds me you where hostile towards me. Has it something to do with the Demonlord?” (Erin)

I am again sorry for that. But yes the Oni have allied themselves with the Demons and are considered to be as dangerous ad the Demons.” (Charles)

I SWEAR, if they have allied themselves with the Demons just because they are Oni, I am not going to let them into my Inn until they have broken their alliance!” (Erin)

That's probably why they allied themselves. After all the Highelves are also a bunch of egoistical pricks just because they are Highelves and not because they can justify it in some capacity.” (Bara)

THAT’S IT!! I am NOT going to serve these fuckers till they got their head screwed on right! Following the Demons just because their Onis!!! (Erin)

Erin and Bara where about to start cursing and badmouthing Highelves and Oni having found a common ground. Henry and Charles sensing what was about to happen prepared themselves to change the topic before Erin and Bara could fully descend into a heated eveningtalk full of insults against Onis and Highelves.

Erin, you have lived here for roughly fifty years do you no why the Wyverns are late this time araound? (Henry)

Exactly, have you an idea why they could be late?” (Charles)

Huh” (Erin)

Startled by their sudden intervention stopped the two from further rambling and managed to calm them down. Henry and Charles sighed in relive having avoid the worst. Erin went silent for a few moments before starting to speak, having calmed down and accepted the change of topic.

Now that you say it. They are late. Though I don’t know exactly why. All I know is that I haven’t felt any changes in my surroundings. Maybe something happened in their other grounds.” (Erin)

Whatever it is I hope they don’t cause any problems for us or you.” (Henry)

Don’t worry they won’t come near my Inn. I have thought them a lesson on respecting the Inn.” (Erin)

You … WHAT!? You scarred them away?! How?” (Henry)

Both Henry and Charles were shocked by what they heard, looking at Erin. Erin just smiled with a bright grin exposing her teeth. Exposing her for massive canine teeth, whose tips where still hidden behind her lips despite her opening her mouth quite a bit.

Remember, she is from the same place as I.” (Bara)

Oh … Right … I see.” (Henry)

Anything else to ask?” (Erin)

What are you going to do in the future, if I may ask? (Charles)

Continue to operate the Inn and serve everyone who finds their way here. Except Oni!” (Erin)

But Demons are ok?” (Herny)

As long as they behave, Yes.” (Erin)

If its possible I would like to have a duel with you once the matter with the Demonlord is over. Is it possible?” (Herny)

Eh … Um that’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m no warrior, just a half baked mage, who nos the basics about katana.” (Erin)

What your no warrior, but a mage!?” (Henry)

Both knights looked at Erin with a surprised face not believing, what they just had heard. Bara didn’t seem to be shocked by this reveal. For both, Henry and Charles, however it was a big surprise. Oni were known as a race, which had given up magic in order to become warriors of almost unmatched strength and agility. That the impressive Oni before them was a mage and not a warrior just sounded ridiculous.

Once again, remember: She is from the same place as I.” (Bara)

Henry and Charles kept their surprised expression for a short while, before simply accepting the fact, that this Oni completely abnormal and as predictable as Bara.

Alright that is enough for today! We should rest. Objection?” (Charles)

Nobody said anything. They simply nodded in agreement. All were getting tired and they had nothing important to say anymore. With that Erin stood up promting the others to folllow.

Follow me. I’ll show you your rooms.” (Erin)

The three companions went to their luggage and picked it up, before following Erin up the stairs into a small hallway with a fair amount of rooms.

You can choose whichever room you like. The stairs on the other side of the hallway lead down to the bathroom and related rooms.” (Erin)

Thanks for letting us stay. We will leave tomorrow after lunch.” (Bara)

Have a good sleep.” (Erin)

With that they parted ways. Bara, Henry and Charles started to move their luggage into their own separate rooms. Erin turned around and started walking towards the stairs leading to the dining hall.

before I forget: There is a slight possibility that we are followed by a bunch of demons. So be warned.” (Bara)

Bara said remembering a somewhat important fact. Before vanishing into her room.

Erin didn’t even bother to turn around. The Demons would be her second guest, if they came and if they behaved. If not she would take care of them. She wasn’t worried

And so they all went to sleep. With that that the lights in the Red Oni Inn went out, for the first time whilst being inhabited by guests.

I have yet to check this chapter for any errors in grammar and writing.

About the plains and the Wyverns:

The plains are regulary visited by the Wyverns around every ten years. The Wyverns migrate here for unknown reasons to mate. After they have mated, the females stay behind until the younglings are capable of flight. 

The plains are uninhabited because of the regular occurance of the Wyverns, making it impossible to create a lasting setlement.

There are several reasons why the plains aren't usually traversed even during the Wyvernless times:

On the offchance that you encounter a Wyvern, you are dead.

There are well known routes around the plains, having even trading towns.

The time when the Wyverns appear is once every ten years, but has varied up to five years in the past.

Currently sixteen years have passed since the last mating of the Wyverns in the plains.